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VMware Paravirtual RDMA for High Performance Computing.pdf
论文研究-Task scheduling algorithm based on greedy strategy in cloud computing.pdf
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论文研究-Energy-Efficient Tasks Allocation in Cloud Computing.pdf
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A Conceptual Framework for Designing Data Governance for cloud computing.pdf
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NIST Standard-Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing.pdf
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Optimizing Data Partitioning for Data-Parallel Computing.pdf
Privacy-Enhanced Bi-Commun in the Smart Grid using Trusted Computing.pdf
ISSCC2021_Session_13V_Cyro-CMOS for Quantum Computing.pdf
Next Generation SOA A Real-World Guide to Modern Service-Oriented Computing.pdf
CUDA for Engineers An Introduction to High-Performance Parallel Computing.pdf
ARM DynamIQ The future of multi-core computing.pdf
论文研究-Fleet Management Based on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.pdf
FLASH - Towards a higher level of abstraction in parallel graph computing.pdf
论文研究-Learning from Wireless: a Prospective Approach to Human-Centered Computing.pdf
论文研究-Time-efficient Task Caching Strategy for Multi-server Mobile Edge Cloud Computing.pdf
论文研究-An Extensible Embedded System Architecture based on Client-Server Computing.pdf
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Research and Implementation of a Distributed Network Measurement System Based on Cloud Computing.pdf
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