infiniband network architecture

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a very good to introduce infiniband, from whole architecture.
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Harlow, England Menlo Park, California New York· Don mills,, Ontario· Sydney BOnn· Tokyo· Amsterdam· Mexico City. Seoul San juan· Madrid. Singapore· Paris· Taipei· Milan Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their prod- ucts are claimed as trademarks. Where those designators appear in this book, and add ison-Wesley was aware of the trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial capital letters or all capital letters The authors and publishers have taken care in preparation of this book but make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. no liability is assumed for incidental or consequential damages in connec tion with or arising out of the use of the information or programs contained herein Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data ISBN:0-201-726823zz Copyright 2002 by Mind Share, Inc All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy ing, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher Printed in the United States of America. Published simultaneously in Canada Sponsoring editor Project manager Cover Design Set in 10 point Palatino by MindShare, Inc 123456789-MA-999897 First Printing, September 200077 Addison-Wesley books are available for bulk purchases by corporations, institutions and other organizations. For more information please contact the corporate govern ment, and Special Sales Department at(800)238-968 Find a-w Developers Press on the World wide Web at http://www/ At-a-Glance Table of Contents Part 1, Core Concepts introduces basic concepts and terminology and consists of the following chapters Chapter 1-Basic Terms and Concepts on page 9 Chapter 2-Intro to Attributes and managers on page 25 Chapter 3--QP: Message Transfer Mechanism on page 31 Chapter 4 - Intro to Transport Types on page 61 Chapter 5--Intro to Send/Receive Operations on page 77 Chapter 6-Division of labor on page 105 Chapter /-Subnet-Local Addressing on page 131 Chapter 8--Global Addressing on page 141 Chapter g-Intro to the Managers on page 159 Chapter 10-Intro to Connection establishment on page 183 Chapter 11--PSN Usage on page 205 Part 2, QP Creation and Operation, begins the portion of the book that pro- vides detailed information about the infiniBand technology part 2 provides a detailed descripion of the creation of, the management of, and the basic opera- tion of the various types of Queue Pairs. Part 2 consists of the following chap ters Chapter 13--WRS, WQES, and CQEs on page 259 ge Chapter 12--QP Verbs and QP State Machine on page 219 Chapter 14--Asynchronous Events and Errors on page 291 Part 3, Protection Mechanisms, introduces memory management, memory pro tection, and the various other protection mechansims available in the infini Band environment. Part 3 consists of the following chapters Chapter 15-Memory Protection on page 297. Chapter 16--Other Protection Mechanisms on page 315 Part 4, Detailed Description of the Transport Services, provides a detailed description of the four iba transport services as well as the raw Ipv6 and raw EtherType services. In addition, it also provides a detailed description of UD Multicasting, Automatic Path Migration, and Static rate Control. Part 4 consists of the following chapters Chapter 17-RC Transport Service on page 351 Chapter 18UC Transport Service on page 443 Chapter 19--RD Transport Service on page 461 Chapter 20--UD Transport Service on page 523 Chapter 21-Raw transport Service Types on page 537 Chapter 22-Multicasting on page 563 Chapter 23--Automatic Path Migration on page 575 Chapter 24--Static Rate Co n page 589 Part 5, Link and Physical Layer Descriptions, provides a detailed description of the Link layer and the Physical Layer and consists of the following chapters Chapter 25--Detailed Description of the link Layer on page 599 Chapter 26--Detailed Physical Layer Description on page 681 Part 6, The SM and the SA, provides a detailed description of the SM and the SA, as well as the interfaces to the sm and the sa: the smi and the gsi in addi tion it discusses the issues related to multiple sms in a subnet and the discov ery (i. e, the configuration) process. Part 6 consists of the following chapters Chapter 27-The smi on page 761 Chapter 28--Detailed Description of MAds on page 779 Chapter 29--SM Methods and Attributes on page 809 Chapter 30-Multiple SMs on page 851 Chapter 31--Discovery on page 871 Chapter 32The GsI on page 909 Chapter 33--Detailed Description of SA on page 917 Part 7, General Services, provides a detailed description of the General Services ts of the followin g chapters Chapter 34-Baseboard Management on page 987 Chapter 35--Performance Management on page 1019 Chapter 36--Communications Management on page 1069 Chapter 37-Device Management on page 1117 Glossary on page 1133 Contents Chapter 1: About This book Who Needs This book? ···命·命··命· 1 The mind share architecture series Cautionary note.......... Specifications This Book Is Based On....…………3 Specification Is the Final Word Organization of This book Documentation conventions .. Hexadecimal notation Binary notati 4 Decimal notation 4 Bits versus bytes notation 4 Bit Fields logical groups of Bits or Signals Visit Our web site We Want Your feedback 5 Part 1: Core C ncepts Chapter 2: Basic Terms and Concepts Definition of the Acronym“IBA"…….….……..….……9 Packet Field documentation Convention InfiniBand Advantages... 10 Some Preliminary Terminology. ....10 Definition of a subnet ····4···· 12 Packet Addressing Basics…… 14 Every packet Contains a bth 15 Channel Adapters…...…..…,…………………,15 CAs Are the Real Players (Switches and routers Are Just Traffic Cops) 16 Ene le= ca 16 Role of switches and routers 16 Repeater’ s Role 18 It's All about Message Passing.………………… 18 Specification Usage of "Message"and"Packet .18 Three Types of message Transfers ::. 18 Writing a message to the remote cas memory Reading a Message From the Remote CA's Memory 19 Performing an Atomic RMW in the remote Ca' s Memory.…………19 What's in a Message?........ 20 Example disk read request 20 Step One: Disk Read Issued Via a Message Send Operation………20 Contents Step two: Data Read From Disk 20 Step Three: Read Data Sent Back Via RDMA Write …21 Step Four: Upon Receipt of RDMA Write Request 21 How Big can a message be 21 What Is the Maximum Size of a Packet's Data Payload Field 21 Large Messages Require Multiple Packet Transfers 21 Each Packet Contains an Opcode Field Some Request Types Require a Response While Others Don't Single- and Multi- Packct Send Opcrations…………………………………22 Single Packet Send……… 22 Multiple-Packet Send Single- and Multi-Packet RDMA Write Operations 23 Single Packet RDMA Write 23 Multiple packet rDMA Write 23 RDMA Read operation …23 Atomic Operation.... 24 Chapter 3: Intro to Attributes and managers Why talk about attributes and managers now? 25 Who Accesses Attributes9?......……………… Definition of an attribute …26 MAs Handle Access requests…......….26 MA'S Response.... 27 Managers Use Special Packets Called mads.…… 7 Request mal.……….….… 27 Response mad…… 28 Attribute format and documentation Conventions 29 Attribute and element Designation Chapter 4: QP: Message Transfer Mechanism Introduction 31 A QP Is a bi- Directional Message Transport Engine………….….32 QP Consists of Two Queues 32 A CA Contains Multiple qps 32 Request and response packets. Packet Sequence numbers ∴…….3 Overview of QP Types.………… RC (Reliable Connected)QP OP Setu Private Comm Channel .33

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