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a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet Table of contents 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 2. FEATURES 3. SYSTEM APPLICATIONS 4. PIN ASSIGNMENTS… RTL8103E(64-PIN)… PACKAGE IDENTIFICATION RTLSIO3EL (48-PIN) 4.4 PACKAGE IDENTIFICATION PIN DESCRIPTIONS 5.1. POWER MANAGEMENT/ISOLATION 5.2 PCI EXPRESS INTERFACE…… 5. 3. EEPROM 4455666777 5. 4. TRANSCEIVER INTERFACE CLOCK 5.6 REGULATOR AND REFERENCE 5.8 POWER AND GROUND 5.9 GPIO 5.10. NC(NOT CONNECTED)PINS AND TEST PINS 6. FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION PCI EXPRESS BUS INTERFACE 7888999gg 6. 1.1 PCI Express Transmitter 6. 1.2. PC1 Express Receiver. 6.2. LED FUNCTIONS........ 10 6.2.1. Link Monitor 6.2.2. Rx LED 10 6.2.3.TLED.. 62.4 ToRx LED 6.2.5. Customizable leD Configuration…… 2 6.2.6. Deep slumber Mode msmpr& v2 63. PHY TRANSCEIVER……… 6.3.. PHY Transmitter 13 6.3.2. PHY Receiver,… 4. EEPROM INTERFACE ······ 6.5 POWER MANAGEMENT 6.6. VITAL PRODUCT DATA(VPD ).. 6. 7. RECEIVE-SIDE SCALING RSS) 18 6.7.1. Receive-Side Scaling(RSS) initialization 18 6.7.2. RSS Operation 19 7. CHARACTERISTICS 7. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS 7. 2. RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS CRYSTAL REQUIREMENTS 20 7.4 TRANSFORMER CHARACTERISTICS 20 OSCILLATOR REQUIREMENTS 20 THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS 20 7.7. DC CHARACTERISTICS 21 Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express i Truck D:JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet 7.8. AC CHARACTERISTICS 22 7.8.1. Serial EEPROM Interface Timing 79 PCI EXPRESS BUS PARAMETERS 7.9.1 Differential Transmitter Parameters 7.9.2. Differential Receiver Parameters... 7.9.3. REFCLK Purumeters 24 7.9.4. Auxiliary Signal Timing Parameters ··· 8. MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS 29 RTL8103E (64-PIN QFN) 8.2. RTL8103EL (48-PIN LQFP) 8.3. MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS NOTES(RTL8103EL 48-PIN) 9. ORDERING INFORMATION Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D:JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet List of tables TABLE 1. POWER MANAGEMENT/ISOLATION TABLE 2. PCI EXPRESS INTERFACE TaBLE 3. EEPROM TABLE 4. TRANSCEIVER INTERFACE TABLE 5 CLOCK TABLE 6. REGULATOR AND REFERENCE 677778 TABLE 7. LEDS TABLE8. POWER AND GROUND…… TABLE9, GPIO PINS… TABLE 10. NC (NOT CONNECTED) PINS TABLE 11. LED SELECT (IO REGISTER OFFSET 18H-19H) TABLE 12. CUSTOMIZED LEDS TABLE 13. EEPROM INTERFACE 14 TABLE 14. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS 0 TABLE 15. RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS..............19 TABLE 16. CRYSTAL REQUIREMENTS 20 TABLE 17. TRANSFORMER CHARACTERISTICS …20 TABLE18. OSCILLATOR REQUIREMENTS…… ………20 TABLE 19. THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS 20 TABLE 20. DC CHARACTERISTICS ……,,………, 2 TABLE 21. EEPROM ACCESS TIMING PARAMETERS 2 TABLE 22. DIFFERENTIAL TRANSMITTER PARAMETERS TABLE 23. DIFFERENTIAL RECEIVER PARAMETERS 甲甲甲 TABLE 24. REFCLK PARAMETERS 24 TABLE 25. AUXILIARY SIGNAL TIMING PARAMETERS 28 TABLE 26. ORDERING INFORMATION List of figures FIGURE I. PIN ASSIGNMENTS (RTL& 103F64-PIN) 4 FIGURE 2. PIN ASSIGNMENTS(RTL8103FL 48-PnN) FIGURE3.RⅹLED 10 FIGURE 4. TX LED FIGURE 5. TX/RX LED... FIGURE 6 SERIAL EEPROM INTERFACE TIMIN 22 FIGURE 7. SINGLE-ENDED MEASUREMENT POINTS FOR ABSOLUTE CROSS POINT AND SWING figure 8. SINGLe-ENDED MEASURMenT POINTS FOR DELTA CROSS point 26 FIGURE 9. SINGLE-ENDED MEASUREMENT POINTS FOR RISE AND FALL TIME MATCIIING FIGURE 10. DIFFERENTIAL MEASUREMENT POINTS FOR DUTY CYCLE AND PERIOD FIGURE 11. DIFFERENTIAL MEASUREMENT POINTS FOR RISE AND FALL TIME FIGURE 12. DIFFERENTIAL MEASUREMENT POINTS FOR RINGBACK 7 FIGURE 13. REFERENCE CLOCK SYSTEM MEASUREMENT POINT AND LOADING 28 FIGURE 14. AUXILIARY SIGNAL TIMING Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet 1. General Description The Rcaltck Rtl8103E(L/RTL8103E(L)-VB Fast Ethernet controller combines an IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T compliant Media Access Controller(MAC), PCI Express bus controller, and embedded One-Time-Programmable (OTP)memory. With state-of-the-art DSP technology and mixed-mode signal technology, the rtl8103E(/RTL8103EL)-VB offers high-speed transmission over CAT 5 UTP cable or Cat 3 UTp(1OMbps only)cable. Functions such as Crossover Detection auto-Correction, polarity correction are implemented to provide robust transmission and reception capability at high speed d error correction, adaptive equalization, cross-talk cancellation, echo cancellation, timing recovery The device supports the PCI Express l I bus interface for host communications with power management and is compliant with the ieee 802,3u specification for 10/100Mbps Ethernet. It also supports an auxiliary power auto-detect function, and will auto-configure related bits of the pci power management registers in PCI configuration space. The rtlg103E(L)RTL8103E(L)-VB features embedded One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory to replace the external EEPROM(93C46/93C56/93C66) Advanced Configuration Power management Interface (ACPI)power management for modern operating systems that are capable of Operating System-directed Power Management(OSPM)is supported to achieve the most efficient power management possible. PCI MSI(Message Signaled Interrupt)and MSI-X are also supported In addition to the AcPI feature, remote wake-up (including AMD Magic Packet and Microsoft e Wake-up frame) is supported in both ACPI and APM (Advanced power Management)environments. To support Wol from a deep power down state(e.g, D3cold, i.e., main power is off and only auxiliary exists), the auxiliary power source must be able to provide the needed power for the rtl8103E(L) RTL8103EL)-VB The rtl8103E(L/RTL&103E(L)-VB is fully compliant with Microsoft NDIS5, NDIS6(pv4, Ipv6 TCP, UDP)Checksum and Segmentation Task-offload Large send and Giant send) features, and supports IEEE 802 IP Layer 2 priority encoding and ieee 802.1Q Virtual bridged Local Area Network CVLAN). The above features contribute to lowering CPU utilization, especially benefiting performance when in operation on a network server The rtl8103E(L)/RTL8103E(L)-VB supports Receive Side Scaling (RSs) to hash incoming TCP connections and load-balance received data processing across multiple CPUs. RSS improves the number of transactions per second and number of connections per second for increased network throughput The device also features inter-connect PCI Express technology. PCI Express is a high-bandwidth, low-pin-count, serial, interconnect technology that offers significant improvements in performance over conventional PCI and also maintains software compatibility with existing PCI infrastructure. The device Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet embeds an adaptive cqualizcr in thc PCie Phy for casc of systcm integration and exccllent link quality The equalizer enables the length of the PCB traces to reach 20 inches The rtl8103E(L)/RTL8103E(L)-Vb is suitable for multiple market segments and emerging applications, such as desktop, mobile, workstation, server, communications platforms, and embedded applications Built-in linear regulators provide the rtl8103ELRTL8103E(L)-VB's core power, as well as reducing layout area and external BOM costs. The Rtl8103E/RTL8103E(L)-VB supports the Deep Slumber Mode(dsm) power saving V1/v2 feature. See the separate dSm application notes for details(the Rtl8 103EL docs not support thc DSM fcaturc) Note: RTL8103 model differences are listed in section 9 Ordering information, page 31 Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet 2. Features Integrated 10/100 transceiver Serial eeprom Auto-Negotiation with Next Page capability Embedded otP memory can replacc the Supports PCI Express 1 external eeprom Supports pair swap/polarity/skew correction Transmit/Receive on-chip buffer support Crossover detection Auto-Correction Supports power down/link down power savin ng Wake-On-LAN and remote wake-up support ■ Built- in regulator ■ Customizable led Supports PCI MSI (Message Signaled Microsoft ndis ndis checksum Interrupt)and MSI-x Offload (Ipv4, Ipv6, TCP, UDP)and cementation Task-offload ( Largc send and Supports Rcceivc-Sidc Scaling(RSS Giant send) support Embeds an adaptive equalizer in PCi express Supports Full Duplex flow control (Ieee PHY(PCB traces can reach up to 20 inches) 802.3x) Supports Deep Slumber Mode(dsm) power Fully complies with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u saving vl/2 features (VI for RTL8103E (QFN64), and V2 for RTL8103E(L)-VB only) Supports ieee 802. 1P Layer 2 Priority Encoding 64-pin QFN (rTL8103E)& 48-pin LQFP (RTL8 103EL) Green package I Supports ieee 802. 1Q VlAN tagging 3. System Applications PCI Express Fast Ethernet on Motherboard, Notebook, or Embedded system Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet 4. Pin Assignments 41.R8103E(64-Pi) 山一 叨山山 29 H∽u mu 廿山山心山山山山山山山山L 48474645444342414039383736353433 DVDD 12 49 32 GPl 50 31 EGND GPo□51 30 HSON HSOP VDD 33 53 28 EVDD12 LED 3 54 27 REFCLK M LED2□55 R78103E 26 REFCLK P LED1□56 EGND LED O 57 HSIN DVDD 12 23 HSIP Nc 59 22 CKXTAL 1 0 LLLLLLL TXXXV I 21日m2 CKXTAL 2 61 PERSTB NC 62 19 65 GND(Exposed Pad) LANWAKEB VCTRL12 D 63 18 APIN 1 RSET 64 MAPINO 8910111213141516 agz♀222222s 2 5 Figure 1. Pin Assignments(RTL8103E 64-Pin) 4.2. Package Identification Green package is indicated by a'G' in the location marked'T" in Figure 1 The version is shown in the location marked 'V3 Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6 a之 REALTEK rtlS1oE rtl8103EL Datasheet 4.3.RT8103B148-mm 山山 品 m山一 mu c 山山山 588 Q 8 出 2 Z Y 可回出苦9 凵凵凵凵凵凵凵凵L凵廿 363534333231302928272625 VDD33 24匚Nc LEDO 23 NC NC REALTEK 22 GNDTX NC 40 21 HSON CKXTAL1 RTL8103EL 20 HSOP CKXTAL2 42 19 VDDTX Nc 43 18 REFCLK M NC 44 LLLLLLL 17 REFCLK P VCTRL12D 45 16 HSIN RSET 46 TXXXV TAWAN 15 HSIP GND 47 14 GND VCTRL12A 48 13 DVDD 12 123456789101112 ∏∏口∏∏∏∏∏∏几 足昱2岩呈 s 5 Figure 2. Pin Assignments(RTL8103EL 48-Pin) 4,. Package dentification Green package is indicated by a 'G' in the location marked"t'in Figure 2 The version is shown in the location marked 'v Integruted Fust Ethernet Controller for PCT Express Truck D: JATR-1076-21 Rev, 1.6

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