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Ubuntu core overⅰeW What is Ubuntu core? a minimal version with the same bits as today s ubuntu t Ubuntu Core with transactional updates Applications confined by technologies led by canonical A Safe, reliable, worry free updates with tests and rollback Amazing developer experience with snapcraft B Easily extensible B Easily create app stores For all your devices Transactional app snap app writable area update and os writable area rollback os Snap ernet snap kernel writable area Transactional updates Ubuntu Core apps and ubuntu core itself can be upgraded atomically and rolled back if needed Delta change is applied when updating from different versions. Snaps can be easily uninstalled(by deleting the snap package) a bulletproof approach that is perfect for deployments where predictability and reliability are paramount It's called "transactional"or image-based"systems management Ubuntu Core architecture Automatic updates Software Secure by design Snap Snap Snap Snap Innovators Automatic backups Automatic rollback All in snaps Canonical Ubuntu Core pPs Kernel Hardware Kernel and Hardware Capabilities Gadget Snap OS novator Gadget classic snappy app writable app writable any package can area area write to any file app app os writable files writable spaces per snap read-only Snaps kernel config filesystem kernel Docker process Containers Snap application Containers Snap extends host Host Linux Filesystem Apps confinement: Trust model By default all application snaps are untrusted by the os and they Cannot access other applications data Cannot access non-app-specific user data Cannot access privileged portions of the os Trusted by the OS Untrusted by the OS

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