Ubuntu core introduction

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CAN○N|CAL Overview 》 We are the company behind ubuntu Canonical and Ubuntu Introduction Ubuntu is an open-source operating Canonical is the commercial sponsor For system, currently established on server Ubuntu since 2004, and is developing the cloud, desktop, mobile devices loTs OS alongside a large ubuntu community 2004 700+ 30 FOUNDED EMPLOYEES COUNTRIES London Boston Beijing◎◎Toko Shanghai C◎O Taipei ubuntu is evervwhere Ubuntu in your everyday life G 20 million mE|z凵 T三5LF launches of ubuntu instances in 2015 in: Ubuntu phones from Meizu and BQ George UBER neXus Hotz lyR public cloud private cloud bare metal ○_○ AWS. Microsoft Azure Open Stack -Including Ubuntu at scale on bare Google Compute Engine some of the world 's metal with mAAs Anyone can install Ubuntu on Google Are all running on Ubuntu Rackspace, Oracle Cloud, gest private clouds, Nexus tablet or phone ubuntu' VMware ke deutsche Telekom Empowering social media Yep. More Ubuntu There s also plenty of Ubuntu in s everywhere ●●● 0(9(圖 ●●● Snapchat Interest Reddit Instagram Running within Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry and Heroku the International ac e s Enabling your daily tasks Walmart Bloomberg Behind the largest supercomputer In November 2015 Ubuntu Cloud instances hopping at Walmart? Ubuntu is serious Paypal and Dropbox Tianhe-2. 33.86 PFLOPS 67000 Ubuntu Cloud instances Everyday prices. business for are both served launched in 24 hours Everyday Ubuntu. Bloomberg by Ubuntu All crunching on Ubuntu 28,000 Ubuntu Cloud instances launched in 1 hour NETFLIX 0=::#:#:)(0=: 2 46 Ubuntu Cloud instances Watching a movie? 8-18 billion page WETA Digital and views per month million launched each minute Netflix run Ubuntu and hosted Approx. 1 Ubuntu Cloud instances on Ubuntu Controlling BYU new Ubuntu Cloud aunched each second Mars Rover instances launched Ubuntu core overview What is Ubuntu core? A minimal version with the same bits as today's Ubuntu t Ubuntu Core with transactional updates Applications confined by technologies led by Canonical A Safe, reliable, worry free updates with tests and rollback E Amazing developer experience with snapcraft C E asily extensible Easily create app stores for all your devices Transactional updates Ubuntu Core apps and ubuntu core itself can be upgraded atomically and rolled back if needed Delta change is applied when updating from different versions. Snaps can be easily uninstalled (by deleting the snap package p a bulletproof approach that is perfect for deployments where predictability and reliability are paramount it's called"transactional"or mage-based systems management

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