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Agenda 1. Webapps on Ubuntu platform 2. How to create an online webapp 3. Develop a local application using HTML 5 and Javascipt 4. Build a Cordova application on Ubuntu 5. Online account APl 6. Application securit Webapps overview 2图川常4口1848 〈⊙优酷-中国领先视频网站,提供视频 三 Webapp types on Ubuntu platform youKu优酷 频道 索登录记录 Q搜库 首页电视剧电影综艺音乐 ● Online webapps 谢楠早产另有隐情吴京愧疚放弃挚爱 215万四710 22:15 更新至 <封神英雄2>百变狐 江湖学院>天上掉 7,484万2.5万 957万4,401 Local HTML 5 web apps though they can ⊙困常画+10:30 Article call online resources o Cordova html 5 Canonical Sprint in Malta Last week i was invited by Canonical to their o non-Cordova html 5 Client Sprint in Malta among five others community Core Apps developers Andrew Hayzen and Victor Thompson: Music App developers Riccardo Padovani: Calculator/Reminders App developer Kunal Parmarl: Calendar App developer Nekhelesh Ramananthan: Clock App develope HTML 5 APIs on Ubuntu platForm Device and sensors Platform services org. apache. cordova. battery-scatus AlarmApi org. apache. cordova. camera ° Contenthub org. apache. cordova. device Onlineaccounts org. apache. cordova. device-motion org. apache. cordova. inappbrowser org. apache. cordova. media-capture org. apache. cordova. network- org. apache. cordova. vibration information Graphical Interface Multimedia Ubuntu org. apache. cordova. media org. apache. cordova. dialogs org. apache. cordova. splashscreen Language Types org. apache. cordova. globalization Webapps architecture Mobile Webapp container Online Webapps Accounts aPi Accounts Content Hub Content hub apl WebApp Code Push service Media ap Media-Hub etc Push apl etc HTML5 Local files Apps webapps System access QML/JS bridge Direct apis to Download mgr Oxide etc Chromium Web engine( google) c)2014 Canonical Online WebApps on Ubuntu What you should know about online webapps Super simple and easy to create and publish Extend your websites into converged Ubuntu as apps S URL patterns control what can be opened in webapp and what goes to browser while enabling complex apps drawn from multiple Urls Security: Links to other URLs open in browser, so user cannot be spoofed Containment: Webapps use isolated cookies, history, etc that is not shared with any browser Integration with Ubuntu/ Unity shell: Found as an app launched as an app, displayed as app Click packaged and distributed through the Ubuntu Software Store Runs on Oxide, a state-of-the-art web engine based on blink/ chromium optimized for Ubuntu Referencehttp://developer.ubuntu.com/web, How to package Webapps are click packages; you need manifest json(click package and app definition description":Ubuntu app for example. com", framework":ubuntu -sdk-1404 hooks":i example ":i apparmor:app.Json J desktop":app. desktop app desktop(app launcher) [Desktop Entry Name=example. com Comment=webappforexample.com Type=Application Icon=app. png Exec=webapp-containeRhttp://m.example.com app. png(icon) app json(security policy groups template":"ubuntu-webapp", policy groups":["networking", audio",video",webview","content exchange" policy version": 1.2

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