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Key Features Gets you up and running with Swift programming without any prior iOS development experience. A fast paced guide showing best practices and lets you get up to speed with Swift to quickly build your own iOS applications A unique practical approach to make your life with Swift easy. Book D
Swift essentials second edition Table of contents Swift essentials second edition Credits about the author Acknowledgments about the reviewer www.Packtpub.com Support files, eBooks, discount offers, and more hy subscribe Free access for packt account holders Preface What this book covers What you need for this book Who this book is for Trademarks Conventions Reader feedback Customer support Downloading the example code Errata piracy Questions 1. Exploring Swift Open source Swift Getting started with Swift Numeric literals Floating point literals String literals Variables and constants Collection types Optional types Nil coalescing operator Conditional logic If statements Switch statements Iteration Iterating over keys and values in a dictionary Iteration with for loops Break and continue Functions Named arguments Optional arguments and default values Guards Multiple return values and arguments Returning structured values Error handling Throwing errors Catching errors Cleaning up after errors Command-line swift nterpreted Swift scripts Compiled swift scripts Summa 2. Playing with Swift Getting started with playgrounds reating a playground Viewing the console output Viewing the timeline Displaying objects with Quick Look Showing colored labels Showing images Advanced techniques Capturing values explicitly Running asynchronous code Playgrounds and documentation Learning with playgrounds Understanding the playground format Adding a page Documenting code Playground navigation documentation Text formatting Symbol documentation imitations of playgrounds Summary 3. Creating an iOS Swift App Understanding iOS applications Creating a single-view ioS application Removing the storyboard Setting up the view controller Swift classes, protocols, and enums Classes in swift Subclasses and testing in Swift Protocols in swift Enums in Swift Raw values associated values Creating a master-detail iOS application The appDelegate class The master view Controller class The detail view Controller class Summary 4. Storyboard Applications with Swift and iOS Storyboards, scenes, and segues Creating a storyboard project Scenes and view controllers Adding views to the scene Segues Adding a navigation controller Naming scenes and views SWIIt and storyboards Custom view controllers Connecting views to outlets in Swift Calling actions from interface builder Triggering a segue with code Passing data with segues USing Auto Layout Understanding constraints Adding constraints Adding a constraint with drag and drop Adding constraints to the Press me scene Adding missing constraints Summary 5. Creating Custom Views in Swift An overview of uiⅤiew Creating new views with Interface Builder creating a table view controller Showing data in the table Defining a view in a xib file Wiring a custom view class Dealing with intrinsic size Creating new views by subclassing UIView Auto Layout and custom views Constraints and the visual format language Adding the custom view to the table Custom graphics with draw Rect Drawing graphics in draw Rect Responding to orientation changes Custom graphics with lavers Creating a Progress View from layers Adding the stop square Adding a progress bar Clipping the view Testing views in Xcode Responding to change Summary 6. Parsing Networked Data Loading data from URLS Dealing with errors Dealing with missing content Nested if and switch statements Networking and user interfaces Running functions on the main thread Parsing json Handling errors ParsingⅹML Creating a parser delegate Downloading the data Parsing the data Direct network connections Opening a Stream-based connection Synchronous reading and writing Writing data to NSOutputStream Reading from an NSInput Stream Reading and writing hexadecimal and utf8 data Implementing the Git protocol isting git references remotely ntegrating the network call into the UI Asynchronous reading and writin Reading data asynchronously from an NSInputStream Creating a stream delegate Dealing with errors Listing references asynchronously Displaying asynchronous references in the UI Writing data asynchronously to an NS OutputStream Summary 7. Building a Repository browser An overview of the github apl Root endpoint ser resource Repositories resource Repository browser project URI templates Background threading Parsing json dictionaries Parsing json arrays of dictionaries Creating the client Talking to the GitHub API Returning repositories for a user Accessing data through the AppDelegate Accessing repositories from view controllers adding users mplementing the detail view Transitioning between the master and detail views oading the user's avatar Displaying the user's avatar Summary 8. Adding Watch Support Watch applications Adding a watch target Adding the githubaPi to the watch target Creating watch interfaces Adding a list of users to the watch Wiring up the interface Adding an image Responding to user interaction Adding context and showing repositories Adding a detail screen Populating the detail screen Best practice for watch applications UI thread considerations Stored data Appropriate use of complications and glances Summary A. References to Swift-related Websites, Blogs, and Notable Twitter Users anguage Twitter users Blogs and tutorial sites Meet Afterword Index

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