Visual SLAM 15年发展历程(高清版)

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Visual SLAM 15年发展历程(高清版)
My Pre-2000 Visual SLAM Work o SLAM with Active Vision(with David Murray, OXford ). 5HZ real-time loop on a 100MHZ PC Predict, move, measure, update o generalised system at AIST, Japan and first SceneLib open source code 4口4问44Q Earlier Inspirations and building blocks o DROiD(Harris, late 1980S, feature-based vO) o Off-line SFM moving towards sequence processing(e.g Fitzgibbon, Pollefeys) o EKF SLAM with non-visual sensors(Durrant-Whyte Leonard, etc. o Laser scan matching(e.g. Gutmann and Konolige) o The mobile robotics community had almost completely turned away from vision o The computer vision community had almost completely turned away from real-time and robotics 5杂 The move to 3D Monocular SLAM Chiuso, Favaro. Jin Soatto MfM sequential SFM 2000 o My work on 3D motion of a wheeled robot; experiments with general 3D tracking ■■ 4口4问44Q Key Applications for Single Sensor SLAM len o LoW-cost robotics o Agile robotics(e.g. MAV) o Smartphone/personal/wearable. AR/VR inside-out tracking; gaming 4口4问44Q MonosLAM: Sparse Feature-Based SLAM(2003) n12 o EKF estimation sparse map of high quality features tight measurement loop with active prediction. Solid 30FPS performance on a laptop Collaboration with lan Reid, Nick Molton, Walterio Mayol and others o Live demos at ICCV 2003. ISMAR 2003. CVPR 2004 BMVC 2004, many others o Thanks particularly to Walterio mayol and ISMAR for pushing me to demo it 4口4问44Q Intermediate Years z representation =0.5 0.01 o 2003 /4 Nister Visual Odometry joint CVPR 2005 Tutorial) o 2003 Jung and Lacroix aerial SLAM o 2005 Pupilli and Calway(particle filter)+other Bristol work o 2005 Robert Sim RBPF visual SLAM 2006-2008 with Montiel, Civera et al Zaragoza Inverse depth features and better parameterisation 4口4问44Q Towards Large Scale Consistent Mapping o 2006 Ho and Newman: then Cummins and Newman FAB-MAP: image retrieval for loop closure detection o 2006 SLAM Summer School: real joining of graph/BA optimisation methods into sLAM; particular dellaert and Konolige 4口4问44Q Big Improvements in Small Local Monocular SLAM landmarks arks last camer position keyframes o 2007 Relocalisation in MonosLAM (Williams, Klein, Reid) o 2007 PTAM, Klein and murray o 2007 Eade and drummond information filter method MonosLAM clearly beaten by PTAM! 4口4问44Q

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