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Design thinking is a methodology for innovation SAP Fiori UX is a paradigm shift in enterprise software Finance Procurement Human CRM Resources Fiori Design Principles R○ E- BASED ADAPTIVE SIMPL COHERENT DELIGHTFUL 2 SAPFIORI2O reddot award 2015 wInner SAP Fiori launchpad My Homo Uscful Apps tonal Salos Representative Manage Accounts My APpointments 12 hours go Nn Map: Moni gring waFT设调旧品》师 Accounts Products August 21, 2016 Notication Manage Salus parat ve Annual Totals Tean Calendar APProve Travel Heme My Home Useful Apos Intemal Sales Representatives Leave Requests Manage Procucts My Appointments Strategic Freight overview Emergency I00ay. SaPNMS 国 Monitor Responses Acounts Augus. 21. 20t6 Ma lage salek CoI ara Mwe Alru al Tokle Team Celer: ar Approve Trel ② 35 emulative Taals My Leave Les vn Requests ViEW Aop Feed:ack By Quarter stategic Freight overview Emergency Aea?12 Monitor Fesponse UseFul Apps Viewport Sarah . anes By Daw w By Typa Ey Priary My Home Speier Manegamed Purchasing Ar alytks asing Purchase D? Proessing oeArtvit es Mange Souras OfManeg- -bo TIEs Fa cyrene ap 9 123 Aoo Fae sends Eat HoTe tI assago Recently Used Ey Only UprM习e 24d3a PruCUre IF Overview -gge My Putchesiy DuxuTieil ilu/ts 24s当 PuRest appu Uwpuchusa w uston ttose976 Purchasing Aa yics M37300 Puicraso Contracts s minutes 300 Carat e>ary Moco Prco Apron Purse Purcnacrg spen Manago Proauc's M31300 PurcraEc R-cUlsitons lIll uvb EU E507 lidsay 240,19。100。“123 wy Purchsing Documant Item NnT-Mananed Canter"perd Purchase Easton l Types 24d2a3 9125 0.5410 211 Me area Workspace Notification Area Me area The left area of the Viewport contains the me area Replaces the former User Menu from the top right corner Sarah Jones My Fore surn n Wagerer PlICIEs n Alu lts PuIca3n User image and sign out umler Vammen Maage Duesncns t/onpl Resoon Minder 3:t0ng5 Lait I lome □ Retally Lyel Generic options: Access to Procure en. ueMew page Suppler Valar為 Wataga Salat Cn'ract Frary Invoca ptre Approue Purchase nrte m= a-0 FR州相时山 App Finder, Settings dy P irc hs ing Document Itoms F:501 10层 200,15 m: nuIc a.o 元C Context specific. Manage Pu"-hase Contracts 3 nalle a:o Edit Home Page(only on Home Page) Manage Pil hAse Renuisifinns 100。“12391,320.54100 App Settings (only on App with settings) My PJl chasin: Document leIS About and Give Feedback(only on App) Manage AtN ti 211 Recently used apps and searches hAnbok h mnuS B-0 (up to 30 entries, newest on top) Manage Proucts Notifications (1) By Cale By Fe By Pr ority H FIoPsaing Places nn Alaysis Navigate to the source of the notification a days ag 69 Act directly on individual notifications se approve the pa r《P垂 suave [ ruwaI collapse Act on multiple notifications at the same time Purchase Orders requiring your approva x11 AROV:RUNd 91,320,54100 Cotas Pensee Reeuaten rtam Type:

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