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Precision Operational Amplifiers <50MHz Overview/Technology Primer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Low Offset Voltage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Low Power . . . . . . . .
Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Signal Chain NCLUDES Burr-Brown Products from Texas Instruments Amplifiers Hot Special DSP and Digital Outputs Swap Functions FPGA Power Power POWER MANAGEMENT REF ges ●● Analog-to Digita Converters DAC Pages 69-76 Amp Pages 94-97 Operational Amps pg 6-14 High-Speed Amps pg 15-19 Video Amps pg 20-22 Digital-to- Clocks Trimers Analog Converters High Performance Power Pages 69-74 Analog Power Amps and Monitoring and ifers pg 42-43 Conti Current PWM Voltage Steering Driver Pages 75-76 References PWM Valve Solenoid drivers speaker Drivers pg 44 Temperature Sensors Analog Monitoring Page 69 and Control Audio DACs Pages 77-80 Pages 98-100 High Reliability Products INTERFACE PCI 1394 UARTS GTLP/ VME Technical Support Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide 4 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Table of contents Precision Operational Amplifiers <50MHz Overview/ Technology Primer Low Offset Voltage Low Power 7890 Low Noise Low Input Bias current Wide b 2 Wide Supply voltage Single Supply Voltage 111 High-Speed Amplifiers >50MHz Overview 15-19 Video 20-22 Comparators 23-25 Difference Amplifiers 26-27 Current shunt Monitors Overview 28 Analog Output Current Shunt Monitors 28-29 Digital Output Current Shunt Monitors 77-80 Instrumentation Amplifiers Overview 3031 Single supply Dual Supply Digitally Programmable Gain Amplifiers Voltage-Controlled Gain Amplifiers 35-36 Audio Amplifiers 37-41 Power Amplifiers and Buffers 42-43 Pulse width modulation power Drivers Sensor Conditioners /4-20mA Transmitter ...45-46 Logarithmic Amplifiers Integrating Amplifiers Isolation Products 49 Amplifiers for Driving ADCs 5051 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide able of contents Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) by Architecture Delta-Sigma(△∑)ADCs Wide bandwidth a∑ADCs Intelligent ADCs SAR ADCS Pipeline ADcs 64-68 Analog monitoring and control (adc and dac 77-80 Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) by Architecture Industrial Bipolar Delta-Sigma(△∑)DACs High-Accuracy, Industrial Bipolar and General-Purpose DACs 74 Current Steering Au Analog Monitoring and control AMC Products 77-79 Digital Current Shunt Monitors 80 Voltage References. .......................................81-82 Temperature Sensors 8385 Quick Reference Selection Tables for Data Converters Quick reference adc selection Tables 86-93 Quick Reference dac selection Tables 9497 Quick Reference Touch Screen Controllers with/without Audio Selection Tables..98 Quick Reference audio Converters selection tables 98-100 Design and Evaluation Tools TINA-TIM/Spice Module Ampl DE poItiers Design Filter ProM saRdriverPro M and mDacBuffer Pro m Digitally Calibrated Sensor Signal Condition and 4-20mA Evaluation Modules... 103 Signal Chain Prototyping System 104-105 Evaluation Boards and adcPro M Software 106 Data Converter Plug-In(DCP) for Code Composer Studio.....107-110 Application Repor 111-114 Reference Designs 114 Device index 115-118 Worldwide Technical Support 119 Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Amplifiers Texas Instruments(Tl) offers a wide range of op amp to achieve low distortion, excellent current FET-Input and CMOs op amps op amp types including high precision linearity, good gain accuracy, gain flatness generally provide very low input bias current micro Power, low voltage, high voltage, high or other behavior that is influenced by feedback factors Slew rate-the maximum rate of change of speed and rail-to-rail in several different process technologies. TI has developed the the amplifier output. It is important when industry's largest selection of low-power and Power (o requirements)a significant issue driving large signals to high frequency. The low-voltage op amps with features designed in many applications. Because op amps can vailable large signal bandwidth of an op to satisty a very wide range of applications have a considerable impact on the overall amp is determined by the slew rate To help facilitate the selection process, an system power budget, quiescent current, SR/.707(2NV interactive online op amp parametric search especially in battery-powered applications, is a key design consideration Package size-T offers a wide variety of engine is available at amplifier.ti. com/search microPackage, including WCSP, SOT23, with links to all op amp specifications Rail-to-rail performance-rail-to- rail SC70 and small, high power-dissipating output provides maximum output voltage PowerPAD IM packages to meet space- Design Considerations swing for widest dynamic range. This may be sensitive and high-output drive requirements Choosing the best op amp for an application particularly important with low operating Many I single-channel op amps are involves consideration of a variety of inter voltage where signal swings are limited available in sot23, with some dual related requirements. In doing So, designers Rail-to-rail input capability is often required amplifiers in SOT23-8 must often consider conflicting size, cost and to achieve maximum signal swing in butter Shutdown mode--an enable/disable performance objectives. Even experienced (G=1) single-supply applications. It can be engineers can find the task daunting, but it useful in other applications, depending on function that places the amp in a high need not be so. Keeping in mind the following amplifier gain and biasing considerations impedance state, reducing quiescent current issues, the choices can quickly be narrowed in many cases to less than 1HA. All designers to use wide bandwidth op amps in to a manageable tew Voltage noise(VNI-amplifier-generated noise may limit the ultimate dynamic range lower power applications, enabling them Supply voltage()tables include low accuracy or resolution of a system. Low only when they are needed voltage (<2/V min) and wide voltage range noise op amps can improve accuracy, even in ( 5V min) sections. Other op amp selection slow DC measurements Decompensated amplifiers--for plications with gain greater than unity criteria (e.g. precision) can be quickly exam- Input bias current(lB)can create offset gain(G>1), decompensated amps ined in the supply range column for an error by reacting with source or feedback provide significantly higher bandwidth, appropriate choice. Applications operating impedance. Applications with high source improved slew rate and lower distortion over trom a single power supply may require impedance or high impedance feedback rail-to-rail performance and consideration their unity-gain stable counterparts on the elements(such as transimpedance amplifiers same quiescent current or noise of precision-related parameters or integrators)often require low input bias offset voltage(Vos) and its change wT Precision--primarily associated with inpu Common Op Amp Design Questions respect to temperature drift, PSRR and CMRR. It is generally used to describe op What is the amplitude of the (CMRR). Common-mode voltage will induce amps with low input offset voltage and low input signal? additional offset voltage input offset voltage temperature drift To ensure signal errors are small relative to the input signal, small input signals require Power supply variations affect the ary? Does the power supply voltage vi Precision op amps are required when amplifying tiny signals from thermocouples high precision (e.g, low offset voltage) offset voltage. This may be especially and other low-level sensors. High-gain or amplifiers. Ensure that the amplified output multi-stage circuits may require low signal stays within the amplifier Important in battery-powered applications offset voltage output voltage Precision Application Examples Gain bandwidth product (GBW-the gain High gain circuits (G>100 Will the ambient temperature vary? bandwidth of a voltage-feedback op amp Measuring small input signals Op amps are sensitive to temperature determines its useful bandwidth in an e.g., from a thermocouple variations, so it is important to consider application. The maximum avalable bandwidth off set voltage drift over temperature Wide operating temperature range is approximately equal to the gain bandwidth circuits (i. e, in automotive or divided by the closed-loop gain of the applica Does the common-mode voltage vary? industrial applications) tion. For voltage feedback amplifiers, GBW is Make sure the op amp is operated Single-supply≤5 V data- acqui」 sition a constant. Many applications benefit from within its common-mode range and has an systems where input voltage span choosing a much wider bandwidth/slew rate adequate common-mode rejection ratio is limited Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifiers 7 Technology Primer impedance is low, such as a thermocouple amplifier, and where voltage errors, offset Op Amp Rapid Selector Understanding the relative advantages ot voltage and drift, are crucial to accuracy basic semiconductor technologies will help in The tables on the following pages selecting the proper device for a specific ow IB FET Amps--when input impedance is have been subdivided into several application very high, FET-input amps provide better over- categories to help quickly narrow the CMOS Amps--when low voltage and/or low precision than bipolar-input amps because alternatives power consumption, excellent speed/power ratio of very low input bias current. Using a bipolar amp in applications with high source imped Precision Offset Voltage ral-to-rail performance, low cost and sma ance (e.g, 500MQ2 pH probe), the offset, drift Vos≤500p4) packaging are primary design considerations and noise produced by bias currents flowing choose microPackaged CMOS amps boasting Low Power the highest precision in the industry through the source would render the circuit virtually useless. When low current errors are (o<500uA High-Speed Bipolar Amps--when the highest required, FEI amps provide extremely low Low Noise speed at the lowest power is required, bipolar input bias current, low offset current and (N s 10nV/HZ Pg.10 technology delivers the best performance high input impedance Extremely good power gain gives very high Dielectrically Isolated FET(Difet Amps- Low Input Bias Current output power and full power bandwidths on Difet processing enables the design of p≤10pA) Pg the lowest quiescent power. Higher voltage extremely low input leakage amplifiers by requirements are also only satisfied in bipolar Wide bandwidth precision eliminating the substrate junction diod technologies GBW> 5MHz present in junction isolated processes. This Pg.12 Precision Bipolar Amps--excel in limiting technique yields very high-precision, low Wide voltage Range errors relating to offset voltage. These amps noise op amps. Difet processes also minimize (±5sss±20V) 13 include low offset voltage and temperature parasitic capacitance and output transistor drift, high open-loop gain and common-made saturation effects, resulting in improved Single Supply rejection. Precision bipolar op amps are used bandwidth and wider output swing Ns(min)s 2.7V Pg.14 extensively in applications where the source High Speed BW≥50MH Operational Amplifier Naming Conventions annels Amp Class Amp Class Single- No Character TLV- Low THS= High Speed Dual 2 TLC= 5V C Voltage THS(01 OPA (363 T278 Amplifier Type Channels and Shutdown Options 30- Current Feedback. Base model 0= Single with Shutdown 1= Current Feedback 10C-FET 40=voltage Feedback ≡Sngc 200= Bipolar 41=Fully Differentia OC= CMOS (s Dual with Shutdown 42= Voltage Feedback 400= High Voltage(>40 43= Fast Voltage Feedback 50C- High Power(>200mA) 5= QLad with shutdown 45= Fully Differentia GOC= I ligh-Speed(>50MHz 46= Transimpedan 70C= CMOS(12V 60= Line receiver 800= High- Speed (>50MHz 61 =Line Driver 73= Programmable filters Recommended Recommend Supply Voltage Design Requirements Typical Applications Process TI Amp Family Rail-to-Rall, Low Power, Precision, Small Packages Battery powered, Handheld CMOS OPA3XX. TLVXXXX Vs≤16 Rail-to-Rail, Low Noise, Low Voltage Offset, Precision, Small Packages Industrial, Automotive OPA3x, TLCXXXX, 0PA7XX .ow Input Bias Current, Low Offset Current, Industrial, Test Equipment, Optical Networking FET DIfet m OPA1xx, OPA627 High Input Impedance (ONET), High-End Audio Vs≤+41 ow Voltace offset, Low drift Industrial, Test Equipment, ONET, High-End audio Bipolar OPA2XX, TLEXXXX ±5Vto±15 v High Speed on Dual Supplies XDSL, Video, Professional Imaging. Difet, High-Speed OPA6Xx*, OPA8XX' Dual Supply Data Converter Signal Conditioning Bipolar, BICOM THSXXXXR 2,V≤Vs≤5 High Speed on Single Supply Consumer Imaging, Data Converter Signal High-Speed CMOS OPA35X, OPA6 Single Supply Conditioning, Safety-Critical Automotive THSxXXX* OPABXX' See High-Speed section, Page 15-19 Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide 8 Amplifiers Precision Operational Amplifiers 1.8V, Zero-Offset, Zero-Drift, Ultra-Low-Power, RRIO, CMOS Amplifiers OPA333. OPA2333 NEW Getsamplesdatasheetsandappreportsat:www.ti.com/0pa333andwww.ti.com/sc/device/0pa2333 Key Features The OPA333 series of CMOs operational amplifiers are optimized for low-voltage, single-supply Low offset voltage: 10uV(max) operation and combine TI's proprietary zero-drift techniques to provide very low offset voltage Zero drift: 0.05 I V/oC(max) (10V max) and near-zero drift over time and temperature. These miniature, high-precision, low 0.01Hz to 10HZ noise: 1.1HVpp quiescent current amplifiers offer high-impedance inputs that have a commonmode range Quiescent current: 17PA 100mv beyond the rails and rail-to-rail output that swings within 50mv of the rails Single-supply operation: 1.8V to 5.5V Rail-to-rail input/output R EX micro Size packages: SC70 and SOT23 +5V Applications R RV Temperature measurement RR · Electronic scales OPA333 Medical instrurnentation OUT Battery-powered instruments Handheld test equipment R OPA333 low power bridge sensing unit. Low Offset Voltage Operational Amplifiers/os 500pV la per Slew Vos Vos VN at VsVs Ch.I GBW Rate(25 C) Drift IBCMRR1kHz (V)MV(mA) (MHz)(V/us)I (mVI (uv/CI (pA)I (dB)I (nV/Y) Single to Device Description/Technology Ch.I(min)(max)(max)(typ)I(typl(max)(typ) (typ)Supply Rail Package(s) OPAy334/5 Zero-Drift, SHDN, CMOS 1.2275.50352160.00500220011 Y Out SOT-23, MSOP, SOIC S1.00 0PAy734512 V Auto-Zero, SHDN CM0s1,2271207516150.0050012001151100utS023,s0Cs1.25 0PAy33 POwer, Zero Drift, CM0s1218550050350160.01002200106Y10Sc70,s023socs095 PAy277 Precision, Bipolar 1,2,443608251080020.11001308NNS0N,s0c,PDP0.85 0PA378 Low Power, Wideband 12 18 5.5 0.100 0500250.110010015 0SC70,S0T-23,S0C$095 0PAy380 Auto-Zero,85MHz,TACM0s1,227558.8908000250035010110 Out MSOP SOIC, SSOP S1.95 0Ay381 Precision,19MHz,TAcM0s1,22,755118120.025035010110Y0utMS0Ps0N$1.45 TLC2652A Low Offset, Chopper Stabilized 1 16241.93.10.0010003100120 23 N N OPAy211 Low Offset Drift, Bipolar 1, 2 4.5 36 3.6 58 27 0.25 0.2 15,000 114 1.1 N Out SOIC, MSOP, SON $3.45 OPAy227/28 Low Noise, bipola 1,2,4536388230.0750.110001203 NN SOIC, PDIP S1.10 OPA827 Precision, FET Input 1,28364.51822025131084.5NNS0C,Ms0Ps575 TLE2027 /37 Wide Supply, Low Noise, Bipolar 83853135028,750.104900010025NN SOIC. PDIP S090 OPAy234 Low Power, Wide Supply, Bipolar 1, 2, 4 2.7 36 0.3 0.35 0.2 0.1 0.5 25000 96 25 NN MSOP, SOIC $1.05 OPA627/37 Ultra-Low THD+N, Difet 936 16550.10.4 065.2 NN PDIP SOIC s12.25 0PAy336 pOwer, CMOS 1,2,42.355003201003012515108040Y0utS0T-23,S0|C$040 0PAy727/8 e-trim M, Precision CMOS 24124320300.150310086 23 NN MSOP SON s095 0PA35 Wideband, Zero-crossover1,22.25555025021101005Y0S0T2580C$0.95 OPAy241 IPower, Bipolar 1,2.42.7360030.0350.010250.4200080 Y Out SoIC. DIP 1.15 OPAy251 Pcwer,±15 V bipola 2.42.73600380.0350010.250.5200010045 Out SOIC. DIP 115 OPA124 Wide bandwidth, Bipolar 1036351516 .251 1008 NN s395 TLC1078 CMOS 17010850.0320.451.16007058NNS0cDPs230 TLV2211 Low Power 10V. CMOS 27100025006500250.450515070 22 Y Out S0T23 S042 Suggested resale price in U.S. dollars in quantities of 1,000. New products are listed in bold red. Preview products are listed in bold blue. Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifiers Precision Operational Amplifiers Ultra-Low-Power, 1HA, RRIO, Zero-Crossover Operational Amplifier OPA369 PREVIEW Getsamplesdatasheetsandappreportsat:www.ti.com/sc/device/0pa369 Key Features The OPA369 family of operational amplifiers combines the TI's rail-to-rail input/output Zero- Ultra-low supply current: 1Ha (max) Crossover input topology with ultra low power to offer excellent precision to single supply RRIO Zero-Crossover input topology applications. Designed with battery powered instrumentation in mind, the OPA369 features ● Excellent cmrr:100dB 1mv offset voltage, 10kHz bandwidth and linear input offset over the entire input range Low offset voltage: 1mv(max) of the 1.8V to 5.5v supply range Excellent GBW for low power: 10kHz microPackage: SC70-3, SOT23-3, MSOP 1/2 0PA2369 Applications Battery-powered instruments c RE RE ● Portable devices R High impedance applications W R Medical instruments R Precision integrators Test equipment OPA236 R OPA369 as low-power gas-detection circuit. "Expected release date 30 200 Low-Power Operational Amplifiers/a< 500pA) Selection Guide Io per Slew VosOffset Vs Vs Ch. GBW Rate(mv)I Drift lB CMRR 1kHz Rail ()I(V)(mA)(MHz)(V/Hs) (25 C) (uV/C) (pA)I(dB) (nV/H2) to ipti Ch.I(min)(max) (max)(typ)I (typ)I(max)(typ)I(max)(min)(typ)Rail Package(s) TLV240x 25V, Sub-uPower, SS, CMOS 1,2,425160.009505500251.2330063 10 MSOP, PDIP, SOIC, SOT23, TSSOP $0.65 TLV24 x Low Voltage,1uASs.cM0s1242512000120005002335055 10 MSOP PDIP SOIC SOT23 TSSOP SO.60 OPA369 Lowest Power Zerg Crossover 12185.50001001000512 1001600 s095 OPAy349 1HA, SS, CMOS 1,2185.500000700210101552 0 SC70. SOIC. SOT23 s075 0PAy33 pOwer, S,RR|0,Zero- Drift, CM0s12185500250350.1600105200106600 SC70,S0T23,S0|c S095 0PA3791.8V, Ultra-Low Power, CM0S1,2,418550050.1003152.7509080W0sC70,S023,S0305 TLC1078 Low Voltage, Precision bipoli 2141600170.08500320451160070680ut SOIC. PDIP s230 0PAy241 Bipolar, pOwer, High CMRi,12,4273603503501025042000080450ut PDIP SOIC s115 OPA7D3/4 12V, RRIO, General Purpose 1,2,4412021060两5410704510Ms0PS0C, TSSOP PDIP$040 OPAy336 POwer, SS, CMOS 1,2,423550032010030125151080400ut SOT23 SOIC s040 OPAy347 Power, Low Cost, SS, CMOS 1,2,4235.500340350.1762107060V0S70,S0T23,S0C,PD|P$048 TLV245 x Power,Ss,CM0s12427600350220.121.50350064510S0T23S0CPDP$060 OPAy251 POwer, Precision, Bipolar 1,2,42736003800350010.250.52000100450u SOIC. PDIP s115 OPA378 Wide Bandwidth, microPower, e-trimIM 1,2 1.8 5.5 0.10 1 0.5 0.025 0. 1 1000 100 15 0 SC70, SOT23, SOIC s085 OPAy244 POwer, SS, Low Cost, Bipolar 1,2,42736005024011.54250008422NMS0P,PD|PS0C,S0T23,TSs0P$055 OPAy348 High Open-Loop Gain, SS, CMOS 1, 2, 4 2.1 5.5 0.065 10.5 5 2 10 70 35 V0 SC70, SOIC, SOT23, CSP $0.45 OPA345 Wideband, Single-Supply 1,24275.50.25440.52.1080320 SOT23 SOIC MSOP s120 OPA137 Low Cost, FET-Input 1,2,44.5360.71353151007645N SOT23, SOIC. DIP s060 OPA234 Low Power Precision 1,2,4273603035020.0.5250009624N MSOP SOIC 105 OPAy334/5 Zero-Drift, Precision, CMOS, SS, SHDN 1, 2 2.7 5.5 0.35 2 0.5 0.005 0.02 200 110- Out MSOP, SOIC, SOT23 $1.00 Suggested resale price in U.S. dollars in quantities of 1,000. New products are listed in bold red. Preview products are listed in bold blue Texas Instruments 30 2007 Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Amplifiers Precision Operational Amplifiers 1.InV/Hz Noise, Low-Power, Precision Bipolar Operational Amplifier OPA211 OPA2211 PREVIEW Getsamplesdatasheetsandappreportsat:www.ti.com/0pa211andwww.ti.com/sc/device/0pa2211 Key Features The oPA211 and OPA2211 use proprietary design techniques combined with a high voltage Low noise voltage: 1.1n V/HZ at 1kHz isolated silicon germanium process to deliver outstanding noise performance, (1.1nV/HZ) 100nVpp input voltage noise: 0. 1Hz to10Hz precision(100HV)offset voltage and wide supply range from 4. 5V to 36V single supply operation Low offset voltage: 100HV(max or +2.25V to +18V. Devices have a specitied temperature range of-40 C to +125C and Low offset voltage drift: 0.2uv/oc (typ) operating temperature range of -55'C to +150%C. This performance is available in very small Unity gain bandwidth 58MHz packaging 3mm x 3mm 8-pin dFN and the 8-pin MSOP Wide supply range:±2.25Vto±18V +4.5Vto+36V Rail-to-rail output +15V Outout current: 30mA 3.maLo Shutdown: 20HA (max 10pPA211 Applications t/20m Low-noise signal processing High-performance ADC drivers Active filters Ultrasound amplifiers 1. 1nV/Hz Professional audio preamplifiers Hydrophone amplifiers 1k IRI and cat scan Frequency(Hzl OPA211 noise density vs frequcncy. "Expected Rcleasc Datc 40. Low-Noise Operational Amplifiers(Vy s 10nV/ Hz) ho Pe Sle VsI Vs Ch. GBW Rate(25 C)I Drift IBCMRR1kHz Rail (VI(V)ImA)I(MHz)I (V/us)(mV) (pV/C)(pA)I (dB)I(nVlVH2) Singlet Device Description/ Technology Ch. I (min) Imax)(max)I(typ)I Ityp)I(max)I(typ)I(max)(min)I(typ) Supply Rail Packagelsl OPAy211 Ultra-Low Noise, 1.283636 80 27 0.1 0.215000114 N MSOP SOIC. SON $3.95 n Precision TLE2027 Wide Supply, Bipolar 1 8 38 5.3 13 2.8 900010025NN SOIC S090 OPA300 Very wide bandwidth 12755121508025 NJNNN Y Ou YNN 0utS0T23-6,s0C-89125 OPA227 High Precision, Bipolar 1, 2, 4 5 36 3.8 30.0750.11000120 SOIC PDIP S1.10 OPA228 High Speed, Precisio 1,2,45363833100.0750.11000120 SOIC. PDIP $1.10 OPAy827 Ultra-LoW THD+N 1,28364.518220.25 4.5 MSOP, SOIC $5.75 High-PrecISIOI OPAy350 Excellent ADC Driver 1.2.4275575 76 MSOP 085 OPA365 High Speed, Zero Crossover 1, 2 2.2 5.5 5 50 25 0.5 101005Y10S0T23,s0890.95 oPA353 Good ADC driver ,2,42.75584422851076 Y0S0T23,S091.0 LoW THD+N CMos OPA376 Low Offset 5MHz l,2,42.2550955 10 0SC70,S0723,MSDP,$0.95 General Purpose S08, TSSoP 0PA62737 Precision, High Speed,19367516,8055,1350.1041106 52 N SOIC s1225 Difetm OPA376 Low Power rrio 1,2,42.255095540052108075Y10SC7,S023909 OPA121 Precision Difet S1036452 s0|C8 OPAy277 High Precision 1,2,44360.825108 0.11000130 NN SOIC PDIP S0.85 OPA124 LoW Noise, Precision 110367.515160.25 N PDIP s395 bipolar TLC220x Precision Low Power 1,24.616151.82505 Out S0|C,PD|P91.65 OPAy132 Wide Bandwidth, FET-Input 1, 2, 4 4.5 36 4.8 8 20 0.5 2 50 96 N SOIC $1.45 Suggested resale price in U.S. dollars in quantities of 1, 000 New products are listed in bold red. Preview products are listed in bold blue Amplifier and Data Converter Selection Guide Texas Instruments 30 2007

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