Win7下编译openjdk8源代码 完整版本 原创

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1、步骤(确保 windows英文系统,请依次) (0)、下载 openjdk8的源代码 (1)、安装vs2010 (2)、安装 bootstrap-jdk(即 oracle的jdk) (3)、安装SDK71 (4)、安装 cygwin (5)、安装 freetype28 (6)、编译 openjdk的源代码 (7)、编译 hotspot虚拟机(jvm.dl) 3/21 2、实战 环境如下: 软件: vmware workstation12,32位英文版win7,Vs2010 ultimate英文版 嗄件:2线程+2GB内存+40GB硬盘 所有需要软件(除ⅴs之外)都已提供下载地址。 (0)、下载源代码 到htt:/ download. download/ ytfrdfiw/9956042下载源代码 (1)、安装vs2010(不需要安装sp1) L2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 U ltimate Setup-Start Page OoVisual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup lcasc cxit all applications bcforc rcfuly rcac and undcrstand all tc rants and rc3'rictions dcacrib terms, Ycu must accept the license errs before you can install FT SOFTWARE LCENSE TERMS p will insta I the f。‖ owing component=! ogo=t Appl Corina 0Rudu∈(x5。 They appy tc he software named above, whlch incudes the meda or whch VC IU L RLntire (x86) received it apply to any MicroS icr。 sot ET Framew uPdates. Microgo=t visual stud o 2010 Ultimate fmo ess tme Fage Down key b see more text. I have read and accept the lIcense terms. DIdu nul duuepL Uie license LerIns. r nrnduirt key, where Next> Cancel E Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup- Options Page Yo Visual Studio 2010 Ulirate Setu Select featuires to install Feature deaton Complete sud studo instalation heal d his option allows you to select which features you want to programming languages and tods nstl o Custom Select which progranming languages and tools n ingal on thare过pag 路径中不要有空格 C:operjckws2010 D印是qemn 图1.1:ⅴs2010安装路径的选择 4/21 a Micrcscft Visual Studio 2010 Uitimate Setup-Cptions P. @visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup select features to install Heature descrition 回兰 Microsof visual studio2010 Uitimate Indudes the x 64 comp ler, tools, and libraries or the CFun- Time (CRT) Standard C++ Library, Microsoft foundatio? Class(MFC], AcLiVt-t' nlpldle Lils dt y (ATL), Op= MP, dnu X ranum Compiers anc Tsals parallel computing □x×4 Compilers and Tools □Xⅵ wual c# X Visual F# □ X Viaual Wcb Dovclepcr X GraPhics Library IX Mcrosofl Ofice Developer Tools x86) X Dotfusc-tor Software Serrices-Ccmmunity Feature install path: LX Mcrosofl SQL Server 20(8 Express Service \uperjuk \s 2010\vC Browse 口X瞌 crosoft Share Point Developer Tools 图1.2:vs2010模块选择 .2 Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup-Install Page isual Studio 2010 Ult mate Setup tion error R E VC 9.0 Runtime (x86) C10.0 Runtime (E6) Microsoft visual st rto Macrops s object Model (x86 u Microsoft visual studio 20l0 u tmate microsoft visual stdio 2010 Tools for office Run-ime(2861 I Miur usJfL SOL SeI wer CuInIpdCL 3.5 SP2(x85) ENJ isual shuLi_ 2010 Touls for SoL Ser ver CutrIUdEL 3.5 SP2 ENU icos oft visual dio 2010 Pe-formarce collec ols (xOc) oft sQL server syetem CLr typee microsoft oL Microsoft col server 2008 R2 Data-ier Apcl caton franework Inst aling Micncaoft Application Error Reporting 图13安装过程 Ha Miercaoft Visua Ctucio 2010 Ultimate Setup finish roge viSual Studio 2010 Ultimate Setup Success LJ Secirity Notice: Highly Re commendEd vIsual>aHd|∠U⊥ u ras b Ir≤ talked and secur IUeu uidL yuu t lOuse Lu upt il Microsc ft Update receIve all the avallable updates for th s and S Read the securi e vIew he rade notes P y that integrate with visual Studio to further Help is just a click away! cw will launch the he configuring loc al halp fcr visual studio. Mor K Pevious.... Cancel 图14安装结束東 5/21 (2)、安装 bootstrap-jdk 如果你要编译 open jdk1.8,则安装jdk1.8,否则版本不·致时会导致最后在 vs2010中调试 class文件抛异常。 M Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 144- Ch nge Folder lava Browse to the new destination folder cpenjdkl' 1.8\ OK Carcel 图2.1安装 bootstrap-JD的路径选择,路径名不要有空格 6/21 (3)、安装SDK71 下载地址:htt:!/ download download/ ytfrdfiw/9956913 Install Locations Software Development Kit Windows SDK Setup will install centent te the fellowing locationg To install to these folders, click Next. To install to a different felder click Browse and select another folder 路径不需要修改,默认即可 Dest nation Folder for Took C\Pogram Files M crosoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1 arose Destination Folder lof Samples G\Program Files\ Mcrosoft SoK Windowshv71\Samoles Back N Cancel 图31SDK7.1安装路径可以默认值即可 7/21 (4)、安装 Cygwin 下载地址: 双击运行 setup-x86.exe E Cygwin Setup- Choose Installation Type Choose A Download Source Choose whetherto nsta or download from the tenet ar nsta from fles n alocal drect o nalla intemet downloaded fles w be kept for future re-use) O Downlead Wthout hsts Hallion Local Lieder OE Ned>Cance 图4.1安装包的获取方法选择 路径直接写c: cygwin,省去后面不必要的麻烦。 E Cygw n Setup -Choose Installation Directory x Select Root Install Directory SElect the directory where you want to install Cygwin. Also choose a few 匚 instEllation parameters Root Directory install For Al WEre(R三 COMMENDED Cygwin will be availab e to all users of the system O Jus Me Installer infomation are anly available to the current user. Only select tris t you lacrnnnrtanf Cygwin will s+ill he avnilahle to al users. h t eshton loans. Cygwin Menu Entries, and Administrator privileges or if you have speciic needs < Back Ned≥ Canc 图42安装根目录选择 8/21 171:57AMAi|=+lk E Cygwin Setup -Select Local Package Directory Select Local Package Directory Select a directory where you want Setup to store the installation files it 匚 downloads. The directory will be created if it does not already exist Local Package Directory C: openjdk \cygwinpackag日 Browse 这个可以随意目录 BackNext>[Cancel 图4.3下载包的存储路径 如果这一步连接不了国外的 cygwin服务器也没有关系,直接将163的镜像加, 然后选择163的镜像做为下载地址ttp:/ E Cygwin Setup -Choose Download Site(s) ch。 EE A DoYT。adst Choose a site from this list, or add your own sites to the list vaiable凵 ownload5tca h。:/! cygwin. mimor constant.c。m http:/ ftp// http-//mirrorclarksonerii User UbL Add < BackNext>[ Cancel」 图4.4包下载服务器的选择 点击add按钮后,mirrors.163.com的site就会在下面的列表中出现,选择163, 点击next 9/21 E Cygwin Setup -Choose Download Site(s) Choose a download site Choose a site from this list, or add your own sites to the list 匚 Ayailable download sites ftp: //ftp. ml tecnico lisboa. pt ftp: // mimor goren. ga http://cygwin.mimor.globotech ftp: //tp. cse yzu.ed ftp: //ftp yzu. tto / /Tt User Url. Add Back Next Cancel 图45包下载服务器的选择 将 open jdk源代码压缩包解压,查看 cygwin需要的包,这个文件就在 open jdk 源代码的根目录,如下所示:癸 随 MEs bialds hn ccw The OpenlDK build requires CYGWIN version 17 16 or newer. Information about CYGWIN can be obtained from t By default CYGWIN doesn't install all the tools required for building the Open/DK, Along with the default installati need to install the following tools 分与包名都已写好,但实际在 cygwIn的安装过程中有些区 别,如fe就不属于utls类,而是deve类 Binary Name Category I Package pescription ar rexe Devel binutils he GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities make exe pevel make he GNU version of themake utility built for CYGWIN terpreterdl m4 NU implementation of the traditional Unix macro processor utils pio A program to manage archives of files gawk.exe utils awk Pattern-directed scanning and processing language file. exe utils file determines file type using ' numbers 单 xe Archive即减ked( ompress( archive)files unap.es0 Archive unzip Extract compressed files in a ZIP archive freeexe System props display amount of free and used memory in the system 图4.6额外添加的 cygwin包名 主要有:awk,file,zip, unzip, props与上面的描述不尽相同,如下4个图所示: 10/21

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