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"A number of fixes and improvements."[r 153] New extension UI The CSS Paint API allows you to programmatically generate an image The Server Timing API allows web servers to provide performance timing information via HTTP headers The new CSS display: contents property can make boxes disappear Fixed a bug that affected some timestamps The syntax for specifying HSL and HSLA, and RGB and RGBA coordinates for the color property now match the CSS Color 4 spec There's a new feature policy that allows you to control synchronous XHRs through an HTTP header or the iframe allow attribute[r 154] Last version available for OS X 10.9. Android version: Set language preferences for web content in Settings > Languages Turn on the prompt for simplified view for all supported articles in Settings > Accessibility settings Share and delete downloads more easily on the Downloads page[r 155] Disable screen capture on incognite mode [4]

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Google chrome browser 65.0.3325 9积分/C币 立即下载