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icense.html,http:/ agreements/fuse-message-broker-v-5-3-license-agreement;http:/;;http:/ 2002/copyright-software-20021231;,!copyright.html;http:/i; licensehtml;http://www.php.nev/license/301.txthttp://srp.stanfordeduilicense.txt;;http:/;http:/;https:/;http://web.mitedu/kerberos/Krb5 current/doc/mitk5license.html ThisproductincludessoftwarelicensedundertheAcademicFreeLicense(http://www.opensource.orghlicenSes/afl-3.0.php),theCommonDevelopmentandDistribution icense(,theSunBinaryCodeLicense AgreementSupplementalLicenseTerms,theBsdLicense(,thenewBsdLicense(http.// icenses/bsd-3-clause),theMitLicense(,theArtisticLicense( license-1.0)andtheInitialDevelopersPublicLicenseVersion1.0(http:/ This product includes software copyright 2003-2006 Joe WaInes, 2006-2007 XStream Committers. All rights reserved. Permissions and limitations regarding th softwarearesubjecttotermsavailableathttp:/!Lab Forfurtherinformationpleasevisithttp://www.extreme.indianaedu This product includes software Copyright (c) 2013 Frank Balluffi and Markus Moeller. All rights reserved Permissions and limitations regarding this software are subject to terms of the mit licens This Software is protected by U.s. Patent Numbers5,794,246:6014670;6,016501;6029,178;6,032,158:6,035,307;6,044,374;6,092,086;6,208,990:6,339775; 6,640,226:6,789,096;6,823,373;6.850,947;6895,471:7,117,215;7,162,643;7,243,110;7,254,590:7,281,001;7,421,458;7,496,588;7,523,121:7,584,422; 7,676,516:7,720,842;7,721270;7774,791;8,065,266:8,150,803;8,166,048;8,166,071;8,200,622;8,224,873;8,271,477;8,327,419;8,386,435:8,392,460; 8,453, 159: 8, 458, 230; and RE44, 478, International Patents and other Patents pending DISCLAIMER: Informatica Corporation provides this documentation "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the.n Is implied warranties of noninfringement, merchantability, or use for a particular purpose. Informatica Corporation does not warrant that this software or documentation is error free. The information provided in this software or documentation may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors the information in this software and documentation is subject to change at any time without notice NOTICES This Informatica product(the"Software")includes certain drivers(the"Data Direct Drivers")from Data Direct Technologies, an operating company of Progress Software orporation (DataDirect")which are subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. THE DATADIRECT DRIVERS ARE PROVIDED AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO. THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THE ODBC DRIVERS, WHETHER OR NO CT 2. IN NO EVENT WILL DATADIRECT OR ITS THIRD PARTY SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE TO THE END-USER CUSTOMER FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRE INFORMED OF THE POSSIBILITIES OF DAMAGES IN ADVANCE. THESE LIMITATIONS APPLY TO ALL CAUSES OF ACTION INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION BREACH OF CONTRACT BREACH OF WARRANTY NEGLIGENCE STRICT LIABILITY MISREPRESENTATION AND OTHER TORTS Part Number: PC-GEs-96100-000-0001 Table of contents Preface Informatica rest tica My Support porta Informatica documentation Informatica web site Informatica How-To Library Informatica Knowledge Bas Informatica Support You Tube Channel Informatica Marketpl Informatica∨ elocity Informatica Global Customer Support Chapter 1: Product Overview Introduction So Targets Informatica domain Service Manager. Application Service Power Center Repository. Informatica administrator Domain Page Security Tab Domain configuration PowerCenter client PowerCenter Designer. Mapping Architect for Visio Repository Manager. orkflow Manager flow monit 12 Power Center Repository service 13 Power Center Integration Service 14 Web services hub 14 Data analyz 15 Data Analyzer Components 15 Metadata manager Metadata Manager components 16 Chapter 2: Before You Begin Before You Begin Overview 18 Table of contents Getting started Jsing Informatica administrator in the tutorial 19 Using the PowerCenter Client in the tutorial 19 Informatica Domain and the PowerCenter Repository Domain Administrator PowerCenter Repository and User Account Power Center Source and Target. .21 Chapter 3: Tutorial Lesson Creating Users and Groups 23 Logging In to Informatica Administrator .23 Creating a Group. 24 C g a Us Creating a Folder in the PowerCenter Repository Folder permissions 26 Connecting to the Repository Creating a Fold 27 Creating Source Tables Chapter 4: Tutorial Lesson 2. 00001 Creating Source Detinitions Viewing Source Definitions Target Definitions and Target Tables 34 Creating Target Definitions 34 Creating Target Tables 36 Chapter 5: Tutorial Lesson 3 38 ng a Pass-Through Mapping Creating a Mapping Connecting Transformations Creating Sessions and Workflows 41 Configuring Database Connections in the Workflow Manager g a Reusable Session Creating a Workflow. Running and Monitoring Workflows 47 Opening the Workflow Monitor Running the Workflow 48 Previewing Data Chapter 6: Tutorial Lesson 4 Using Transformations g a Target Definition and Target Table of contents Creating a Target Definition Creating a Target Table 54 Creating a Mapping with Aggregate Values Creating a Mapping with T_ ITEM SUMMARY Creating an Aggregator Transformation Creating an expression transformation Creating a Lookup Transformation Connecting the Target ....61 Designer Tips Using the Overview Window 62 Arranging transformations Creating a Session and Workflow Creating the Session Creating the Workflo 63 Running the workflow iewing the Logs 65 Chapter 7: Tutorial Lesson 5 ,,,,66 Creating a Mapping with Fact and Dimension Tables Creating Targets 67 Creating the Mapping Creating a filter transformation Creating a Sequence Generator Transformation 70 Creating a Stored Procedure Transformation Completing the Mapping 73 Creating a Workflow 74 Creating the workflow 75 Adding a Non-Reusable Session 75 Defining a Link Condition 75 Running the Workflow 77 Chapter 8: Tutorial Lesson 6 sing XML Fil Creating the XML Source Importing the XML Source 80 Editing the XML Definition 82 Creating the Target Definition Creating a Mapping with XML Sources and Targets Creating an Expression Transformation Creating router Transformations Completing the Mapp Creating a Workflow. 93 Table of contents Appendix A: Naming Conventions Suggested Naming Conventions Naming convention 95 Appendix B: Glossary. Index ■1首盖B 1 1圆面1■ 115 iv Table of contents Preface PowerCenter Getting Started is written for the developers and software engineers who are responsible for implementing a data warehouse. It provides a tutorial to help first-time users learn how to use Power Center PowerCenter Getting Started assumes you have knowledge of your operating systems, relational database concepts, and the database engines, flat files, or mainframe systems in your environment. The guide also assumes you are familiar with the interface requirements for your supporting applications Informatica resources Informatica My Support Portal As an Informatica customer, you can access the Informatica My Support Portal at The site contains product information, user group information, newsletters, access to the Informatica customer support case management system(ATLAS), the Informatica How-To Library, the Informatica Knowledge Base, Informatica Product Documentation, and access to the Informatica user community Informatica documentation The Informatica Documentation team takes every effort to create accurate, usable documentation. If you have questions, comments, or ideas about this documentation, contact the Informatica Documentation team documentation. Let us know if we can contact you regarding your comments The documentation team updates documentation as needed. to get the latest documentation for your productnavigatetoProductDocumentationfromhttp:/ Informatica web site YoucanaccesstheInformaticacorporatewebsiteathttp:/www.informatica.comThesitecontains information about Informatica, its background, upcoming events, and sales offices. You will also find product and partner information The services area of the site includes important information about technical support, training and education, and implementation services Informatica How-To Library As an Informatica customer, you can access the Informatica How-To Library at http:/mysupport.informaticacomTheHow-toLibraryisacollectionofresourcestohelpyoulearnmore about Informatica products and features. It includes articles and interactive demonstrations that provide solutions to common problems, compare features and behaviors, and guide you through performing specific real-world tasks Informatica Knowledge base As an Informatica customer, you can access the Informatica Knowledge Base at http://mysupport.informaticacomUsetheKnowledgeBasetosearchfordocumentedsolutionstoknown technical issues about Informatica products. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions, technical white papers, and technical tips. If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the Knowledge Base, Informatica Support You Tube Channel YoucanaccesstheInformaticaSupportyoUTubechannelat Informatica Support You Tube channel includes videos about solutions that guide you through performing specific tasks. If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the Informatica Support You tube channel contacttheSupportYouTubeteamthroughemailatsupportvideos@informatica.comorsendatweetto @INFASupport Informatica Marketplace The Informatica Marketplace is a forum where developers and partners can share solutions that augment, extend, or enhance data integration implementations. By leveraging any of the hundreds of solutions available on the Marketplace, you can improve your productivity and speed up time to implementation on yourprojectsYoucanaccessInformaticaMarketplaceat Informatica Velocity YoucanaccessInformaticaVelocityathttp://mysupport.informaticacomDevelopedfromthereal-world experience of hundreds of data management projects, Informatica Velocity represents the collective knowledge of our consultants who have worked with organizations from around the world to plan, develop deploy, and maintain successful data management solutions. If you have questions, comments, or ideas Informatica Global Customer Support You can contact a Customer Support Center by telephone or through the Online Support Online Support requires a user name and password. You can request a user name and password at The telephone numbers for Informatica Global Customer Support are available from the Informatica web site at Preface CHAPTER 1 Product overview This chapter includes the following topics Introduction Informatica domain 4 PowerCenter Repository, 5 Informatica administrator. 6 Domain Confiquration, 7 PowerCenter Client. 8 PowerCenter Repository Service, 13 PowerCenter Integration Service, 14 Web services hub. 14 Data Analyzer, 15 Metadata Manager, 16 Introduction Power Center provides an environment that allows you to load data into a centralized location, such as a data warehouse or operational data store(ODS). You can extract data from multiple sources, transform the data according to business logic you build in the client application, and load the transformed data into file and relational targets Power Center also provides the ability to view and analyze business information and browse and analyze metadata from disparate metadata repositories Power Center includes the following components Informatica domain. The Informatica domain is the primary unit for management and administration within PowerCenter. The Service Manager runs on an Informatica domain The Service Manager supports the domain and the application services Application services represent server-based functionality. The domain supports powercenter and Informatica application services. Powercenter application services include the PowerCenter Repository Service, PowerCenter Integration Service, Web Services Hub, and SAP BW Service. Informatica Services include the Data Integration Service, Model Repository Service and the Analyst Service Powercenter repository. The Powercenter repository resides in a relational database. the repository database tables contain the instructions required to extract, transform, and load data

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