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mportant Information Warranty The media on which you receive National Instruments software are warranted not to fail to execute programming instructions, due to defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of 90 days from date of shipment, as evidenced by receipts or other documentation. National Instruments will, at its option, repair or replace software media that do not execute programming instructions if National Instruments receives uninterrupted or error free A Return Material Authorization(RMA)number must be obtained from the factory and clearly marked on the ontside of the package before any cquipment will bc accepted for warranty work. National Instruments will pay the shipping costs of returning to the owner arts which ar covered by warranty National instruments believes that the information in this document is accurate. the document has been carefully reviewed for technical accuracy. In the event that technical or typographical errors exist, National Instruments reserves the right to make changes to subsequent In no event shall National Instruments be liable for any damages arising out of or related to this document or the information contained in it EXCEFI AS SPECIFIED HEREIN. NATIONAL INSIRUMEN'IS MAKES NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS UR IMPLIED, AND SPECIHICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE CUSTOMER S RIGHT TO RECOVER DAMAGES CAUSED BY FAULT OR NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF DAMAGES RESULIING FROM LOSS UF DATA, PROFITS, USE OF PRODUCIS, OR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE PUSSIBILITY THEREOF. This limitation of the liability of National Instruments will apply regardless of the form of action, whether in contract or tort, including negligence. Any action against National Instruments must be brought within one year after the cause of action accrues. National Instruments shall not be liable for any delay in performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control. The warranty provided herein does not cover damages, defects, malfunctions, or service failures caused by owner's failure to follow the National Instruments installation, operation, or maintenance instructions; owners modification of the product; owncr's abuse, misuse, or negligent acts; and power failure or surges, firo flood, accident, actions of third parties, or other events outside reasonable control Copyright Under the copyright laws, this publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storing in an information retrieval system, or translating, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of National Corp Trademarks NI-DAQ, NI FGEN and SignalExpress are trademarks of National Instruments Corporation Product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies Members of the National Instruments Alliance Partner Program are business entities independent from National Instruments and have no agency, partnership, or joint-venture relationship with National Instruments Patents For patents covering National Instruments products, refer to the appropriate location: Help> Patents in your software, the patents -xt file on your CD, or ri. com/patents WARNING REGARDING USE OF NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS (1)NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS ARE NOT DESIGNED WITH COMPONENTS AND TESTING FOR A LEVEL OF RELIABILITY SUITABLE FOR USE IN OR IN CONNECTION WITH SURGICAL IMPLANTS OR AS CRITICAL COMPONENTS IN ANY LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS WHOSE FAILURE TO PERFORM CAN REASONABLY BE EXPECTED TO CAUSE SIGNIFICANT Ⅰ NJURY TO A HUMAN (2)IN ANY APPLICATION. INCLUDING THE ABOVE, RELIABILITY OF OPERATION OF THE SOFTWARE PRODUCTS CAN BE IMPAIRED BY ADVERSE FACTORS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO FLUCTUATIONS IN ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPL.. AND DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE USED TO DEVELOP AN APPLICATION INSTALLATION ERRORS. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY PROBLEMS. MALFUNCTIONS OR FAILURES OF ELECTRONIC MONITORING OR CONTROL DEVICES, TRANSIENT FAILURES OF ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS (HARDWARE AND/OR SOFTWARE). UNANTICIPATED USES OR ISUSES, OR ERRORS ON THE PART OF THE USER OR APPLICATIONS DESIGNER (ADVERSE FACTORS SUCH AS THESE ARE HEREAFTER COLLECTIVELY TERMED"SYSTEM FAILURES"). ANY APPLICATION WHERE A SYSTEM FAILURE WOULD CREATE A RISK OF HARM TO PROPERTY OR PERSONS (INCLUDING THE RISK OF BODILY INJURY AND DEATH)SHOULD NOT BE RELIANT SOLELY UPON ONE FORM OF ELECTRONIC SYSTEM DUE TO THE RISK OF SYSTEM FAILURE. TO AVOID BECAUSE EACH END USER SYSTEM IS CUSTOMIZED AND DIFFERS FROM NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS" TESTING ISM O DAMAGE INJURY OR DEATH. THE USER OR APPLICATION DESIGNER MUST TAKE REASONABLY PRUDENT STEPS PROTECT AGAINST SYSTEM FAILURES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO BACK-UP OR SHUT DOWN MECHANI COMBINATION WITH OTHER PRODUCTS IN A MANNER NOT EVALUATED OR CONTEMPLATED BY NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS. THE USER OR APPLICATION DESIGNER IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING AND VALIDATING THE SUITABILITY OF NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS WHENEVER NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS ARE INCORPORATED IN A SYSTEM OR APPLICATION INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION. THE APPROPRIATE DESIGN PROCESS AND SAFETY LEVEL OF SUCH SYSTEM OR APPLICATION Contents About this manual Conventions Related documentation Chapter 1 Introduction to SignalExpress SignalExpress for the design Lab Extending SignalExpress Projects with Lab ViEW ·········· 1-2 SignalExpress and the Express Workbench Chapter 2 Installing signalExpress Limitations of the SignalExpress上 valuation software…………… Minimum System requirements Installing SignalExpress Chapter 3 Working with projects Loading a project Running a Project and Displaying Signals…………………… guring a step Moving and deleting Steps....... Handling Errors and warnings Chapter 4 Working with signals Graphing Signals……….…….……… mporting a Signal from a File. Aligning and Comparing Signal!…… Signal types in signalexpress 4-6 Exporting and Printing Signals.........4-7 Exporting Signals to Microsoft Excel..... Printing Sigr Saving signals as Images……… 4 c National Instruments Corporation V Getting Started with SignalExpress Contents Chapter 5 Performing sweep Measurements Defining Sweep ranges and Outputs..... Plotting Sweep Results… Running Multi-Dimensional Sweeps Chapter 6 Extending Signal Express Projects with LabvIEW Importing LabⅤ IEW VIS into SignalExpress as Steps…… .6-1 Converting SignalExpress Projects to Lab VIEW Block Diagrams 6-4 Chapter 7 Where to go from here SignalExpress Sample projects 7-1 Using Hardware with SignalExpress 7-1 Web r 7-1 Appendix a Technical Support and Professional Services Getting Started with SignalExpress n. com About this manual Use this nanual to familiarize yourself with SignalExpress interactive measurements and the basic SignalExpress features that you use to acquire and analyze signals This manual contains exercises that help you begin working with SignalExpress. These exercises teach you how to run projects, configure steps, work with signals, configure sweep measurements, and extend SignalExpress with LabVIEW Conventions The following conventions appear in this manual The symbol leads you through nested menu items and dialog box options to a final action. The sequence File> Page Setup>Options directs you to pull down the File menu, select the Page Setup item, and select Options from the last dialog box bold Bold text denotes items that you must select or click in the software, such as menu items and dialog box options bold text also denotes input and output names, parameter names, dialog boxes, sections of dialog boxes, and menu names italic Italic text denotes variables or cross references monospace Text in this font denotes text or characters that you should enter from the keyboard. This font is also used for the proper names of disk drives, paths, directories, programs, subprograms, subroutines, device names, functions operations, variables, filenames, and extensions Related documentation Refer to the NI Express Workbench lelp, available by selecting Help>> Express Workbench Help, for more information as you read this manual c National Instruments Corporation Getting Started with SignalExpress Introduction to signalExpress National Instruments provides innovative solutions for scientists and engineers to build automated measurement systems based on industry-standard computers and platforms. National Instruments develops robust, industry-leading programming environments for automating measurement systems, such as Lab VIEW for graphical development, Lab windows/CvI for ANSIC programming, and Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio programming. You can use these programming tools with national instruments measurement hardware and interfaces to traditional instruments to build custom advanced virtual instrumentation systems SignalExpress optimizes virtual instrumentation for design engineers by offering instant interactive measurements that require no programming You can use SignalExpress interactively to acquire, generate, analyze, compare, import, and save signals. You can compare design data with Measurement data in one step SignalExpress extends the ease of use and performance of virtual instrumentation to those who must acquire or analyze signals without programming applications. You also can extend the functionality of SignalExpress by importing a custom virtual instrument (VI created in Lab vIew or by converting a SignalExpress project to a Lab view block diagram so you can continue development in the Lab view environment Signal Express for the Design Lab SignalExpress is ideal for engineers who use an Electronic Design Automation(EDA)software tool to design and simulate a developing product. Although design engineers primarily focus on designing products often designers also must perform measurements. For example, the typical designer must do the following Complete designs and validate them rapidly against prototypes Invest time in designing rather than programming Perform measurements to verify that prototypes work as expected Perform detailed characterization and validation measurements on designs c National Instruments Corporation Getting Started with SignalExpress Chapter 1 Introduction to SignalEXpress You can use SignalExpress to import signals from a SPICe simulator and compare them with physical measurements on the same graphs. You can configure sweep measurements to measure the performance of a design across frequency, amplitude, or supply ranges. You also can export signals to asCII files or spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis. You can accomplish all these actions within an interactive virtual instrumentation environment without needing to program EXtending SignalExpress Projects with LabVIEW You can extend the functionality of SignalExpress with lab vieW in the following way You can build VIs with Lab ViEW and import them into SignalExpress and the built-in measurement optic You can convert SignalExpress projects to Lab view block diagraMs to continue developing the application. By doing So, you can use the interactive tools in SignalExpress to define measurement procedures, then convert the sequence into a Lab view block diagram to build automated test applications Refer to Chapter 6, Extending SignalExpress Projects with Lab vIew, for more information about these two options Signal Express and the express Workbench The express workbench is an interactive framework that can host multiple National Instruments tools and assistants. SignalExpress is the first interactive software tool hosted within the Express Workbench. Other tools further extend the capabilities of the Express Workbench. Refer to the National Instruments web site at ni. com/info and enter the info code expwrk for the most up-to-date information on the Express workbench Getting Started with SignalExpress 1-2 nL. com Installing SignalExpress You can use the SignalExpress Development CD or the SignalExpress Evaluation CD to install SignalExpress and complete the exercises in this manual Limitations of the signalExpress Evaluation Software The SignalExpress Evaluation CD provides full functionality for 30 days After 30 days, the SignalExpress evaluation version runs with the following limitations: You can no longer save projects, so you cannot convert projects into Lab view block diagrams You can run projects for only 10 minutes per session Refer to the National Instruments Web site at ni. com/signalexpress to purchase a licensed copy of SignalExpress Minimum System Requirements alExpress requires a minimum of 128 MB of RaM and a pentium lll or later or Celeron 600 MHz or equivalent processor, but National Instruments recommends 256 MB of RaM and a Pentium 4 or equivalent processor. c National Instruments Corporation 2-1 Getting Started with SignalExpress Chapter2 Installing Signa/EXpress Installing SignalExpress Complete the following steps to install SignalExpress on WindOws 2000/NT/XP Note If you want to import LabVIEW VIs into SignalExpress or convert SignalExpress projects to Lab view block diagrams, you must install Lab VIEW 7. I or later before you stall signale 1. Disable any automatic virus detection programs before you install Some virus detection programs interfere with the installation program 2. Log on as an administrator or as a user with administrator privileges 3. Insert the SignalExpress Development or Evaluation CD and follow the instructions that appear on the screen By default, SignalExpress installs in the program Files\ National Instruments\signalExpress director 4. After installation, check the hard disk for viruses and enable any virus detection programs you disabled The example projects you use with this manual are located in SignalExpress\Examples\ Tutorial. The solutions for each exercise are located in SignalExpress\Examples\ Tutorial\ Solutions If you use signalexpress with National Instruments data acquisition or modular instrumentation hardware, you must install Ni-daQmx 7.3 or later, NI-SCOPE 2.7 or later, or Nl-FGEn 2.2 or later. SignalExpress includes a National Instruments Driver Cd that includes these drivers Getting Started with Signa/Express 22 n. com

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