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VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Exam ,VCP-DCV 认证考试题库 2V0-622,218题。
A streaming optimized published library cannot be used to deploy VMs i. New Cotent Notary 1 Name and nocton e Qna贴ay≌ aMth the commend f syncing or HmTP动会雷提 published Hbrary caan Confute content library reverted back unpwbished'ifo a local Tib or and connote used to deploy virtual machines 3 Add storage LOca content library Publish external Y outmze for syncing over Http The adary cannot te usaa to uep c wutai machine Reference:http://docs.hol.vmwarecom/hol-2017/hoL-1710-sdc-6htmlen/ queSTIOn 3 What two methods are used to configure VMware vSphere Storage I/O Control shares and limits?(Choose WO A. Assign shares and limits to VM virtual disks B. Assign shares and limits to datastores. C. Assign shares and limits to Storage DRS clusters D. Assign shares and limits using VM storage policies Correct Answer: AD Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Assign shares and limits to Vm virtual disks Disk File TS253A-50GB win07 01/ 01: vmdk Cales W 500 Limrt-OPs Unlimited Assign shares and limits using VM storage policies Navigator 幕 VM Sorge Pollcles Back VM Storage Policies storage Policy components E STorage PolicieS Create M Storage Policy. 2 Edit Settings.电 Check Complian即Cn1|每kons 暗 Virtual SAN Default storage Poll 号 ViMl Encr,ption Policy EB Virtual SAN Defaut torage. Storage polisy used as dafault fe e vcenter: mytab education Er Wol No Requirements Pollcy E Wo, No Requirements Policy, Allow the datastore fo determine. E vcenter, mylabeducation ES VM Encryption Policy sample storage policy for MMwa .t vcenter mylab, education QUESTION 4 Assuming a mirrored(RAID-1)object configuration, how many hosts must contribute storage in a non-stretched VMware vsan cluster to satisfy the Number of failures to tolerate"policy option? n"is the desired"Number of failures to tolerate "value for all options A.2n+2 B. 2n C.2n+1 D.3 Correct Answer: c Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Correct answer: c VMware vsAN Policy optons capabIlity Uso Lnss vaiue comMentS number of factures to tolerate Redund ancy Default 1 A言 tanaro Rale1 mirrored N83 contaurston that Provides redunancy Tor a v时mach吧 disk Tne nager the value. the more failures can be tolerated For n failures oeraan n*1 Copies ef he ask are cheated ana 2n-1 nots Contributing storage are aquired A hioher n waiue indicates that more replicas of wEra maches are made wnich can consume more disk space than expected Reference http:/pubs.vmwarecom/vmware-validated-design-40/indexjsp?topic=%2fcom.vmwarevvd.sddc-design.doc% 2FGUID-6F009138-C06B-4CF0-89A4-9FFECA22F7FEhtm QUESTION 5 An administrator must change the statistics level for short-term performance monitoring and wants to collect metrics for all counters, excluding minimum and maximum rollup values What would be the statistics level? A. Level 3 B. Level C. Level 2 D. Level 4 Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Correct answer:A Lave 3 Lavel 1 and LEvel 2 metrics Use for short-term parformance monitoring after Metrics for all caunters, excluding minimum encountering problems or when device statistics are equired and maximum rollup values Due to the targe quantty of troubieshooting data a Device metries retrieved and recorded. use level 3 for the shortest time period possible the Day or Week collaction interval Reference: https://pubs.vmwarecom/vsphere-4-esx-vcenter/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vspherebsa.doc40/ vc admin guide/performance statistics/r collection levels. html qUESTIoN 6 In a vSphere environment, two resource pools are created as shown in the exhibit ESXi 6GHZ, 6GB 2GHZ,2GB【RPA RP-B2GHZ, 2GB VM VM VM VM 5 v 33 2 Each VM is configured with 1 GB of memory. When the administrator tried to power on VM3, the operation failed What action in the resource pool settings will allow VM3 to power on successfully? A. Deselect Expandable memory reservation B. Increase Memory Reservation C. Deselect Expandable CPU Reservation D. Increase the cPu reservation Correct Answer: B Section:(none) Explanation Explanation /Reference VM3 doesnt have sufficient memory to power on. In the resource pool settings, increase the memory reservation of VM3 and it will power up QUESTION 7 ESXi 6.5 introduces VMFS6, which supports both 512e and 512n devices What three configurations are supported when using these devices?( Choose three A. Hosts with both 5 1 2e and 512n devices B. Storage vMotion between both 512e and 512n devices C. Datastore Extents spanned between both 512e and 512n devices D. Storage DRS clusters containing only both 512e and 512n devices Correct Answer: ABD Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference 4687-B46E-ED9BB42CE277. html qUEStION 8 Which network is used by v Sphere HA when VMware VSaN is enabled? A. Management network B. VSphere Replication network C. mOtion network D. Vsan network Correct Answer: d Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference vSphere HA networking diferences Virtual SAN Enabled Virtual SAN Disabled Network usec by vIrtual SAN storage networK Management netorK vSphere HA Reference: GUIDD68890D8 841A-4BD1-ACA1-DA3D25B6A37A.html QUESTION 9 A VSphere Administrator observes that the Primary VM configured with Fault Tolerance is executing slowly After further investigation, it is determined that the Secondary vm is on an overcommitted ESXi host What two methods will correct the problem?(Choose two A. Use Storage vMotion to migrate the Secondary Vm to another datastore B. Use vMotion to migrate the Secondary Vm to a different ESXi host C. Configure a CPU limit on the Primary VM which will also apply to the Secondary VM D. Turn off and turn on FT in order to recreate the Secondary M on a different datastore Correct Answer: BD Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Reference https:/ c ft ts perf. hti QUESTION 10 Which two features require the use of Host Profiles?(Choose two A. Host customizations B. shared storage C. Auto Deploy D. rEalize suite Correct Answer: AC Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference: Reference https://docs.vmwarecom/en/vmware-vsphere/6.5/coM.vmware.vsphere.hostprofiles.doc/guid-1b10ec63 AAFB-4FE5-A715-2A7F22EC8622, html QUESTION 11 What three processes on the v Center Server Appliance(VCSA)does vmware-watchdog"monitor?(Choose three. A. ymware-eam B. mcad C. vmware-vpostgres D. vpd E. ysan-health Correct Answer cde Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Correct answer cDe vImware-vDostgre vMware postgres vimwate-VpX-wofkIlow VMware y center workflow manager vmware-vpxd VMware vCenter server vmware-vsm VMware v Service manager vsphere-client I vSphere Web Client vmware-vws VMware System and Hardware Health Manager Ymware-ysan-health VMware san Health seryice Reference:https://blogs.vmwarecom/vsphere/2015/10/what-is-vcenter-server-watchdog.htm QUESTION 12 Which two statements correctly describe VM-Host affinity rules?( Choose two A. When there is more than one VM-Host affinity rule in a vSphere DRs cluster, the rules are applied equally B. After creating a VM-Host affinity rule, its ability to function in relation to other rules is predetermined D. After creating a VM-Host affinity rule, its ability to function in relation to other rules is not checked ed C. When there is more than one VM-Host affinity rule in a vSphere dRS cluster, the rules will be ranked Correct Answer: AD Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference If you create more than one VM-Host affinity rule, the rules are not ranked, but are applied equally. Be aware that this has implications for how the rules interact. For example, a virtual machine that belongs to two DRS groups, each of which belongs to a different required rule, can run only on hosts that belong to both of the host DRS groups represented in the rules When you create a VM-Host affinity rule, its ability to function in relation to other rules is not checked. So it is possible for you to create a rule that contacts with the other rules you are using When two VM-Host affinity rules conflict, the older one takes precedence and the newer rule is disabled. dRS only tries to satisfy enabled ules and disabled rules are ignored Reference:https:/docs.vmwarecom/en/vmware-vsphere/6.5/coM.vmware.vsphere.resmgmt.doc/guid- 793013E20976-43B7-9A00-340FA76859D0.htm QUESTION 13 An administrator wants to enable proactive ha by moving virtual machines automatically if a hardware alert is triggered What are the three required settings?(Choose three A. Set vSphere DRS Automation to Partially Automated B. Turn on proactive ha C. Set the Proactive ha automation level to manual D. Set the proactive ha automation level to automated E. Turn on vSphere HA and vSphere DRs Correct Answer: BdE Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference: Select Turn on Proactive ha Click Proactive Ha Failures and Responses Select from the following configuration options Option Description Determine whether host quarantine or maintenance mode and VM migrations are rec ommendat ions or automatic Automation Manual vCenter Server suggests migration recommendations for virtual machines Level Automated Virtual machines are migrated to healthy hosts and degraded hosts are en- tered into quarantine or maintenance mode depending on the configured Proactive HA automation level Determine what happens to partially degraded hosts. Quarantine mode for all failures, Balances performance and availability, by avoiding the usage of partially degraded hosts provided that virtual machine performance is unaf- fete Quarantine mode for moderate and Maintenance mode for severe failure (Mixed).Ba Remediation ances performance and availability, by avoiding the usage of moderately degraded hosts provided that virtual machine performance is unaffected. Ensures that virtual ma chines do not run on severely failed hosts Maintenance mode for all failures. Ensures that virtual machines do not run an partially failed hosts Host. Config. Quarantine and Host. Config. Maintenance privileges are required to put hosts in Quarantine mode and Maintenance mode, respectively QUESTION 14 If vCenter Server 5.5 installation has one or more services deployed remotely, which three services are relocated to vCenter Server 6.5 on upgrade?(Choose three A. vCenter Inventory Services B. vSphere Authentication Proxy C. VSphere Web Client D. VSphere ESXi Dump Collector E. vSphere Syslog collector Correct Answer: CDE Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Reference:https:/ 2FGUID-4BFB12D8-9FCA-4AB1-A44F-2986966F0AD5htmI QUESTION 15 What two debugging levels can a virtual machine be configured to?(Choose two A.∨ erbose B. Debugging C. Statistics D. Trivia Correct Answer: bC Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Reference https://docs.vmwarecom/en/mware-vsphere/6.5/com.Vmware.vspherevmadmin.doc/guid-942ad723 2989-4753-A478-C67FC73CD653htm QUESTION 16 Which statement is correct when migrating from a Windows v Center Server to the v Center Server Appliance 6.5? A. Migration deployments do not migrate local OS users from the source vCenter Server B. Migration deployments support DHCP on the source vCenter Server C. Migration deployments allow the source vCenter Server to remain powered on afterwards D. Migration deployments support custom ports for all services on the source vCenter Server Correct answer:a Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Reference 497A-9047-3E9AAC1D7767.htm QUESTION 17 How can failback of a recovered virtual machine in vSphere Replication be performed? A. No action required, because failback is automatically performed to the source site B. Configure a new replication in the reverse direction at the target site C. Disable or Stop the virtual machine replication on the source site D. Power off and unregister the virtual machine on the target site Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation Explanation/Reference Failback of virtual Machines in VSphere Replication Failback of virtual machines is a manual task in a vSphere Replication After performing a successful recovery from the primary site to the secondary site, you can perform failback You manually configure a new replication in the reverse direction, that is, from the secondary site to the site. The disks of the primary site are used as replication seeds, so that vSphere Replication only synchronizes the changes made to the vmdk files Before you configure the reverse replication, you must manually unregister the virtual machine from the inventory on the primary site Reference https://pubs.vmwarecom/vsphere-51/index.jsptopic=%/2fcom.vmwarevspherereplication_admin.doc% 2FGU|D-0594C104-13814EE7-8c6A-A44E9F380 AAB.htn QUESTION 18 What are three benefits of using a few large-capacity LUNs instead of many small-capacity LUNs?(Choose three) A. Better performance because there is less contention for a single volume B. More flexibility for resizing virtual disks C. Less wasted storage space. D. More flexibility to create virtual machines without adding new LUNs E. Fewer VMFS datastores to manage Correct Answer: bDe Section:(none) Explanation Explanation/Reference You might want fewer, larger LUNs for the following reasons More flexibility to create virtual machines without asking the storage administrator for more space More flexibility for resizing virtual disks, doing snapshots, and so on Fewer VMFS datastores to manage Reference https://docs.vmwarecom/en/vmware-vsphere/6.5/Com.vmware.vspherestorage.doc/guid-2c8fae1f-98f7- 4EOB-AEA0-83A4FF16A252 htm QUESTION 19 After upgrading the v Sphere infrastructure and VMware tools to version 6.5, the " Upgrade Vm compatibility option is grayed out in the vSphere Web Client. See Exhibit.

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