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The FT2201 is a single-chip solution for LTPS AMOLED that incorporates gate drivers and display RAM. It’s capable of supporting up to 240RGBx240, 240RGBx204, 214RGBx128, 180RGBx120, 176RGBx176, 160RGBx128, 144RGBx256, 128RGBx432, 128RGBx160, 128RGBx128, 128RGBx86, 128RGBx64, 96RGBx240, 96RGBx96, 9
FocalTech FT2201 5.2.35. WRTESCN (44H): Write TE Scan Line .53 5. 2.36. RDSCNL (45H): Read Scan Line 5.2.37. DSTBON (4FH): Deep Standby Mode On 5.2.38. WRSTEW (50H)Write STE Width 5.2.39. WRDBVC(51H)Write Display Brightness Value Control 5.2.40. RDDBVC (52H)Read Display Brightness Value Control 59 5.2.41. WRACL (55H)Write Auto Current Limitation 5.2.42. RDACL(56H) Read Auto Current Limitation 5.2.43. RDsTEW(60H) Read STE Width 5.2.44. FCC_WRSRE (92H)Focal Clever Color-Write SRE 5.2.45. FCC_RDSRE (93H)Focal Clever Color-Read SRE 5.2.46. RDDDBSTR(A1H): Read DDB Start 66 5.2.47. RDDDBCNT(A8H) Read DDB Continue......... 67 5.2.48. RDFCRC (AAH): Read First CRC 5.2.49. RDCCRC(AFH): Read Continue CRC 5.2.50. RDID1(DAH) Read ID1 5. 2.51. RDID2 (DBH): Read ID2 5.2.52. RDID3(DCH Read ID3 72 6. FUNCTIONS 6. 1. Interface Type Selection 6.2. MIP|-DSI Interface 74 6.2.1. General description 6.2.2. Interface level communication 74 6.2.3. dsi data lanes 6.2.4 Packet level communication 6.2.5. Customer-defined generic read data type format 103 6.3. Parallel 8-bit MCU Interface 104 6.3.1. Parallel read command transmission 6.3.2. Parallel write Command transmission .105 6.3.3. MCU Color mode 6.3.4. Interface Pause and Recovery 6.3.5. Display Module Data Transfe ..109 6.4. Serial Peripheral Interface(SPl) 6.41 Serial write transmission 110 6.4.2. Serial Read Command transmission 119 6.5. BIST Function 6.5.1. General Description 6.5.2 bIst Command set 124 6.5.3. Free Run Function Description 125 6.5.4. Single Mode Function Description 125 6.5.5. bIsT Mode Pattem 126 6.6. Power On/Off Sequence. 6.6.1. Case 1- RESX line is held high or unstable by host at power on... 6.6.2. Case 2- ReSX line is held low or unstable by host at power on 129 6.6.3. Uncontrolled power off 129 6.6.4. Power on/off sequence and OTP program for MIPL, GOA, SOURCE. Swire interface 130 6.6.5. Normal power on/off sequent 132 6.6.6. Abnormal power off sequence 6.7. Power Level Definition 4 68. Tear effect Information 135 6.8.1. General 6.8.2. Tearing effect bus trigger 6.9. CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) 6. 10. Sun Light Readable( SRE 14 6.11. OTP Programming Procedure 150 6. 11.1. Internal Programming Mode o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 6. 11.2. External Programming mode 7. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION 7.1. Absolute Maximum Ratings 152 7.2. DC characteristic 153 7. 2.1. Basic DC characteristic 7. 2.2. MIPI DC character 73. Ac characteristic 157 7.3.1. Reset timing characteristics 7.3.2. Parallel interface characteristics 8-bits bus(8080-series MCU 158 7.3.3. Serial interface characteristics(SPl) 60 7. 3.4. MIPl-DSI characteristics 8. CHIP INFORMATION 8.1. PAD Assignment 8.2. PAD Dimension 167 8.3. PAd Location ::: 8.4. Alignment Mark DISCLAIMER 174 10. REVISION HISTORY 75 o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The FT2201 is a single-chip solution for LTPS AMOLED that incorporates gate drivers and display RAM. It's capable of supporting up to240RGBx240,240RGBx204,214RGBX128,180RGBx120,176RGBx176,160RGBx128,144RGBx256,128RGB×432,128RGBX160 128RGBx128. 128RGBX86 128RGBX64 96RGBX240 96RGBX 96 96RGBx 64 and 64RGBx 160 in resolution The FT2201 is able to operate with low Io interface power supply and incorporate with several charge pumps to generate various voltage levels that form an on-chip power management system for gate driver and source driver The FT2201 can support MIPI interface, 8-bit system interfaces, serial peripheral interfaces(SPl), dual peripheral interfaces to update display image and configure system. It supports a function to display eight colors and a standby mode for power control consideration For further power control, the auto current limitation(ACL) function based on image content and a deep standby mode are also supported o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd 1 Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 2 FEATURES Single-chip PMOS LTPS DDIC with Full RAM Display Resolution ·240RGBx240 240RGB×204 214RGBX128 180RGBx120 ·176RGBx176 ·160RGBx12 144RGBx256 128RGBX432 ·128RGBx160 128RGBx128 ·128RGBX86 128RGB x 64 96RGB X240 ·96RGBX96 96RGB X 64 ·64RGBX160 Source Channel Option II ACTIVE- 160 H ACTIVE=176 H ACTIVE=180 H ACTIVE-214 H ACTIVE= 240 S120.8105.S97.S89.S35..S81.7…376.5 S60..S53.345.544,S40.336..332.S24.S15.Sl LEFT LATCH- 120CH RIGHT LATCH-120CH s12C...3105.997.s89.585.581.577.s151.75..s67..6 s60.S53.s45.544..S40..536.S32.S24.S16..S1 H ACTIVE= 144 I ACTIYE- 128 H ACTIVE=96 H ACTIVE=64 Display Data Memory: 1, 382, 400 bits(240 x 240 x 24-bit Display mode Full color mode: 16. 7Mcolors(RGB888) o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 Reduced color mode: 252Kcolors(RGB666) Reduced color mode: 65Kcolors(RGB565 Idle mode: 167M/4096/ colors System Interfaces 8-bit 80 series MPU interfa Serial peripheral interface(SPI) Dual serial peripheral interface (Dual-SPl) MIPI Display Serial Interface 1 data lane(D-PHY v1.0, DSI v1.02, and DCS v1.02) Display Features Support RGB separated gamma setting Support programmable Y-correction function Support partial display function Support Sunligh Readable(SRE)function Power Saving Mode Auto Current Limitation(ACL) Brightness Control (BC) Deep Standby Function On Chip Function Built-in internal oscillator for display clock Built-in OTP function to adjust panel setting /command default Built-in OTP programming power Built-in Charge Pump for VGHR/GLR Built-in BVP3D/BVN3D voltage generator for panel voltage Built-in VREFP5/REFN5 voltage generator for panel voltage Support 121ch source output(MUX 1-6) Support 10ch gate control output (L/R)and 6ch source MUX control output(L/R) Support programmable Goa timing Support S-wire interface for power IC control Power Supply Range 10 and logic power supply voltage(VDDI): 1.65V- 3.60V Analog power supply voltage(VCI): 2.70V-360V Output Voltage Range Positive gate driver voltage range for VGHR: 4.50V 125v Negitive gate driver voltage range for VGLR:-4.50V--110V o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd 3 Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 BVP3D panel voltage range: 1.90V- 5.00V BVN3D panel voltage range: -040V --450V VREFP5 panel voltage range: 0.50V- 5.00V VREFN5 panel voltage range:-050V --450V AVDD, Step-up 1 output voltage: 4.50V -650V(VClx1, VClx2) VCL, Step-up 2 output voltage:-4.50--500V(VCIx-1, AVDDX-1) Gamma highest voltage range: 2.00V-6 30V Gamma lowest voltage range: 0.20V-450V Package: COF/COG Chip size: 8300um x 1290um(with scribe line) Power Supply Specification No. Ite Descripti sOurce Driver 121 pins(240 X RGB) 2 Gate control timing Level shift VGHR-VGLR 3 Input volta VDDI 1.65V-36 Connect to vddi or vcl 27V~36V (VDDA/DDB/DDR) 4 OLED drive voltages AVDD 45V~65V VCL .5V-5V VGHR 45V~125V GLR -4.5V--11V VREFP5 0.5V-5V √REFN5 0.5V~-4.5V BVP3D 19V~5V BVN3D 0V,04V--4.5V,-5V 5 Internal step-up circuits AVDD VCL VCI x-1, AVDD X-1 6 Gamma reference VGMP 2V~63 VGSP 02V-45 FocalTech Systems Co, Ltd 4 Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM 3.1 Block Function CLK P/N 卫cmmz工 s121 IM[1:0 SR R[10] BOOSTM RX SCL SR R1] SW_R[1] SDI RDX一 D[7:0]一 品 →SWR[6 TE1+ OLED EN wU SWI RE VSR L[11 SW L[ vDDl=1.65~3.6V LDO Acore VED(vc)=27-3.6V SWL Oz<mm Switch VGHR Switch VGLR 3.1.1. System interface The FT2201 supports the high-speed system interface, MIPI(Mobile Industry Processor Interface) o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd 5 Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4 FocalTech FT2201 The FT2201 has a index register(IR )and two data registers, a write-data register (WDR)and a read-data register(RDR). The iR register is used to store index information from control registers. T he WDR register is used to temporarily store data to be written for register control The RDR register is used to temporarily store data read from the internal register 3.1.2. Grayscale voltage generating circuit FT2201 has true 8-bit resolution DIA converter, which generates 256 Gamma-corrected values and cooperates with OP-AMP structure to enhance display quality. The grayscale voltage can be adjusted by grayscale data set in the y-correction register and rGB can be adjusted separately 3.1.3. Timing controller FT2201 has a timing controller, which can generate a timing signal for internal circuit operation such as gate output timing, etc 3.1.4. Oscillator (osc) The F T2201 also features an internal oscillator to generate RC oscillation with an internal resistor. In standby mode, RC oscillation is halted to reduce power consumption 3.1.5 Source driver circuit FT2201 consists of a 121-output source driver circuit. Data are latched when a single line data has been accumulated. And, then the latched data controls the source driver and generates a drive waveform 3.1.6. Gate driver circuit FT2201 consists of output gate driver control circuit. The gate driver circuit outputs gate driver signals at either VGHO or VGLo level 3.1.7. LCd driving power supply circuit The LCD driving power supply circuit generates the voltage levels VGH, VGL, VCL for source, gate and VREF o Focal Tech Systems Co, Ltd 6 Apr.5,2017 Proprietary Confidential Version 1. 4

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