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Sample Class Test Question If a Java source file contains a single minor syntax error what will happen? (a the compiler will display an error message and then generate a tile containing byte code (b The compiler will stop without displaying an error message (c The compiler will display an error message (d The compiler will correct the error and then generate byte code Lecture Topics Program Structure Literals Expressions Arithmetic Operators Variables Assignment 」 ava Data Types A Complete Java Program public class OnePlusone public static void main (string[] args) System. out. print"value of 1+1 System. out. println(1+1) Running OnePlusone Console output for the program is shown below G: Command Prompt M: \Java 1> java OnePlus One Value of 1+1 is 2 M: \Java 1 The arithmetic expression is evaluated and the result is then displayed on the console Structure of a Java Application //Class declaration public class className // Definition of main method public static void main(string[] args) Program statements Analysing the Program The class contains a method called maino) Method consists of two statements System, out. print("Value of 1+1 is") System. out. println(1+1)i These two statements contain Class, field and method names a string literal An arithmetic expression involving integer literals Literals A literal is the source code representation of a fixed value Integer literals 9990 33400000000L ORABC (Hexadecimal -0x Prefix) 010 (○cta- Zero prefi×) Floating point literals 999.0 12.34p Literals String literals > Java is an object oriented language Character literals A 9 Boolean literals 七uefa1se

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