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P&g layer Positive and negative P&G layers do not affect definition of mid-points and end- points. Negative P&G inner layer Positive P&G inner layer PTH with thermal on internal layer has many entries, therefore the PTh is a mid-point in both negative and positive P&G layers (See"P&G contacts"on page 12 for more information on how thermal connections are treated. 正負層的設定並不會影響到 和 的定義 在內層上鍍通孔緻渦的 有許多接點囚此就成了在兩個正負 層的 Soldermask If an end-point is detected covered with solder mask, a drop-back will select the Covered preceding point as an end-point 變成 This point becomes the end-point If end-point is covered with solder mask a drop-back is done to the preceding point If preceding point is a mid-point, it cannot become an end-point 被綠漆覆蓋 假如偵測到被 覆 LLEr 而 端點 的選擇將會倒退到上·個點而將此點變成爲 r 黑 solated Isolated SMDs on outer layers can be connected to inner layers. This connection SMDs represents a vertical conductor which should also be tested. Such SMDs are always end-points. isolated SMD pad as End-point Break in inner layer connection 在外霽獨立的能被運接到内層這個連接描繪了一個應 該也被測試的垂直結構這個 定會成 黑 Broken Nets a broken net will be detected but not the number of breaks. vs Number of breaks When one break is enough to If a net needs more than one disconnect net, the point is break to disconnect. then the considered an end-point point is not an end-point 將會被偵測到但並不是因爲 竹數量 Selection of On a surface with a number of holes, only the extreme holes are defined as end- End-points oints Only extreme holes are end-points 在一個擁有的 上只有在盡頭處的 會被定成 Intersecting When two intersecting lines are contourized they become a surface. In this L ∥nes situation pointA(see figure below )may be undetected because a surface analysis is not performed A Two contourⅰzed intersecting lines form a surface. If a break exists Break the SMD endpoint (A) may not be detected 當兩個交錯的線被輪廓化成 在這種狀況下的 "可能不被偵測因 分析沒有被執不 Stubs Stubs are always detected, even when on non-terminal shapes Stubs are always detected 殘段總是會被偵測到即使不是在未末端的位置 Multi-entry Stubs may have different kinds of entries Stubs Even though it seems that there In principle, this is considered a mid s more than one entry, this point point (as of software version 4.2) is an end-point All drills touching negative P&G layers are considered connected. Drills connected to relatively small nets touching positive P&G layers are processed normally. Large nets are tested as in negative P&G 所有接觸到負的層的鑽孔都會被考慮鑽孔所對到止的層的小 會被正常地處理而大的在負的層會被測試 Dri∥ ed out Drilled out soldermask clearances will cause a pad not to be marked as exposed As SM a result such points will not be defined as end-points. Only simple cases are Clearances considered (such as single soldermask shape per pad). For most pads it is necessary for the soldermask feature to be inside the signal pad Additionally, for vias to be considered exposed it is necessary for the soldermask feature to expose the center of the via hole 鑽孔鑽出到 防焊問將導致不被覆蓋而曝光結 果這樣的 寄不會被定義成 端點只有一些簡單的情況會被考慮 如 形成每個對大部份的來說在 是必須在 Overlapping When a pad sits on top of another both pads are identified Only one of them will Pads appear in the netlist. However, when performing a CAD to Current Netlist Compare process, a Missing Point alert may occur 當一個位於另一個上面端兩個被硯篤一樣的只有他們當中的 個會顯示在 上無論如何當執行到 比較稈序時 個遺失的警告將會發生 測試黑交錯 Actions Options Analysis DI Checklists 洵試點最佳化 etlist Analvzer… Netlist Optimization Output. Netlist to layers Clear Select Highlight Netlist Re ference Reverse selection 将测試黑 Reference selection… Staggered N9 Finished No Select drawn 以鑽孔大小 Comment Script Action optimized :Yes Convert Netlist to Layers 表示 De fault hole size 0 ml Notes Top layer name: op Contour Operations BOM View Bottom layer name:‖poe Through layer name h Inner layer pre fix re fnet ok ApplY Close

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