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EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Table of contents Table of contents Product overview Table of contents aaaaaa:aa:aaaa“aaaaa:aa:aa:aaaaaaa::aaaa:aaaaat Safety Warnings Cautions Notes Product Safety Warnings 1重 重■重1m Communication Requirements Motor Command message Motor on/off/ direction Power -Hold Motor Speed 4566678 Message layout I-8.8. BB.B EXamples Motor Status Message 10 Motor direction status 10 Motor controller status 重1 10 Measured Motor Speed(RPM) 10 Measured Motor Controller Temperature aaaa::aa:aa:aaaaaaaaa::aa:aa:aaaaaa.aaa:aaaaaaa Measured motor power 10 Measured Percent Motor Speed Message layout EXamples Use of Controller Status for Troubleshooting 12 Controller State Message(CM20Only)…………………… Control state 13 Measured External Temperature Message Layout....…..…..… 1-4 Examples 15 Alternate Command and status Message aaa1aa日aa日a I.... CAN Addressing…..........… Resistor addressing… Resistor Wiring ..BBI 7788 Diagnostics C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Safety Safety Warnings, Cautions Notes hree types of headings are used in this manual to stress your safety and safe operation of the tK2. They appear in the text as follows A WARNING: THIS SYMBOL IS USED TO MAKE YOU AWARE OF AN UNSAFE CONDITION, HAZARD, OR PRACTICE THAT CAN RESULT IN PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH CAUTION: THIS SYMBOL IS USED TO ALERT YOU TO A CONDITION OR PRACTICE THAT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE TK2 OR THE VEHICLE, OR BOTH NOTE: Is used to provide additional information that requires special attention by the technician Product Safety Warnings EMP cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard. the safety messages this document, in related manuals, and on the product are therefore not all inclusive. If a tool, procedure, work method, or operating technique that not specifically recommended by EmP is used, you must satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and for others. You should ensure that the product will not be damaged or be made unsafe by the operation, maintenance, or repair procedures that you choose A Ensure that all safety message and information messages are read and understood before installation maintenance, or any repairs are performed. The person who services the product may be unfamiliar with many of the systems on the product. It is import to use caution when service work is preformed. knowledge of the vehicle system and operation are important before the removal or disassembly of any component Make sure the vehicle is in neutral, the parking brake is set, and the wheels are blocked before doing any work or diagnostic procedures on the Power 450 M or vehicle Disconnect the main negative battery cable and/or switch the battery disconnect switch to the OFF position first before installation or servicing Use extreme caution when working on systems under pressure(i.e coolant, hydraulic fluids, air, etc Make sure the work area is ventilated and well lit Make sure charged fire extinguishers are in the work area Reinstall all safety guards, shields, and covers after servicing the vehicle Make sure all tools parts and service equipment are removed from the engine and vehicle after all work is done Ensure that all system power and ground connection points are torqued to emP specifications to prevent system damage. Failure to follow specified torque requirements at any point of the vehicle system power and ground can result in loose connections which can damage electronic components on the Mini-Hybrid M and will void EMP warranty C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Communication Requirements Communication Requirements By default, all communication with EMP controllers is accomplished in accordance with SAE J1939 specifications. At a minimum communication requires can 2.0B Compatible Hardware 250 kBaud. 2-wire bus 120 Ohm termination at ends of bus(per can 2.0B spec) 29 bit extended identifiers NOTE: Any unused bits or bytes in the CAN messages should be set to all 1' s. the motor command message must be sent at a minimum 1 second rate. The motor status message is broadcast at a 1 second rate EMP controllers produced in 2016 and beyond will support 250k Baud and 500kBaud communication Older products will support 250kBaud and some may also support 500k Baud. Contact service(@emp-corp com with the serial number of your component if you have questions regarding communication with your product C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Motor Command Message Motor Command Message Motor command messages are acted upon as soon as a valid can Frame is received. However once received, the controller will wait up to 5 seconds before determining the command"lost"and resorting to default operation. The Can command message timeout is an application-specific configurable item The Motor Command Message provides three basic functions: Command the motor on/off/direction Command the power-hold logic Command the motor speed Motor on/off/direction State Description Motor off When receiving this command the motor will not spin Motor on When receiving this command, the motor will spin in its pre-programmed Normal Default default direction For instance if the controller is configured to drive a Direction puller fan, the default direction will be correct for a pusher fan Motor On: Reverse When receiving this command, the motor will spin opposite its pre Direction programmed default direction. This is useful for when debris need to be removed from a heat-exchanger or other installation Invalid Required by J1939. When receiving this command, the motor wil continue to operate in its current state. For example, if the motor is being commanded to On in Reverse Direction"and then receives the " command the motor will continue to run in the reverse direction Power-Hold State Description Power○f When receiving this command, the controller will power down once the ignition line is 8V Power on When receiving this command the controller will remain powered and running regardless of ignition state. This is useful when post-shutdown cooling is desired Reserved No function at this time same action as power off Invalid Required by J1939. Same action as"Power Off C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Motor Command Message Motor speed Command Description RPM Speed When receiving this command, the motor controller will set the desired Command speed of the controller to the speed commanded. The command will be coerced between the pre-configured minimum and maximum speed calibration of the controller Percent RPM Speed When receiving this command the motor controller will set the desired Command* speed of the controller to the calculated percent rpm maximum speed calibration. For instance, if the maximum speed is 5000. a 50% command will yield an RPM of 2500. Any command greater than 0% will cause the motor to run a minimum calibrated speed. Any remainder in the speed calculation will be truncated. In most cases, the Percent RPM Speed command is accurate within 1 or 2 RPM Both the RPM speed Command and Percent RPM Speed command cannot be used at the same time Set the unused command to all 1's f both commands are used at the same time the Percent RPM Speed Command will get priority If both commands are set to all 1's, the controller willoperate at default speed C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Motor Command Message Message Layout Motor Command Message Name Dir DLC Data EFXXYY* MSC1 TX 8 As follows below Motor on/off and Direction Command Bit Start Position/Byte Length 2 bits 00 Motor off Motor on Normal/ Default Direction 10 Motor on Reverse direction Invalid Motor Controlller power hold command Bit Start Position/Byte Length 1.3 2 bits 00 Power off 01 Power on Reserved Not used Motor Controller RPM Speed command" Bit Start Position/Byte Length 2 bytes Byte Swapped(LSB First 0.5 rpm/bit, 0 offset Motor Controller Percent RPM Speed Command* Bit Start Position/Byte Length 1 byte 0.5 %/bit0 offset XX: EMP component Can address YY: Source address of command message(ignored -component will listen to any command broadcast on bus) Both rPm and speed command cannot be used at the same time. Set the speed command to OxF F or OXFFFF (%Speed and RPM respectively) for the command method that is not being used. If both the rPM speed command and speed commands are set to all 1's, the default speed will be used C 2013 EMP. Inc EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Motor Command Message Examples Motor at address ox20. Command controller at address oxa3 Command motor on in default direction, 2000 rpm Data Bytes 0×18EF20A3 FD AO OF FFFF FFFFFF Command motor on in reverse, 3000 rpm Data Bytes 0x18EF20A3 FE 70 17FFFFFFFFFF Command motor on in default direction, 50% rpm D Data Bytes 0x18EF20A3 FD FF FF 64 FF FF FF FF C 2013 EMP. Inc 9 EMP POWERING THE FUTURE Motor Status Message Motor Status Message The Motor Status Message 1 serves as a heart-beat, being sent as long as the controller is powered and running this message is sent at a 1 hz rate and contains the following information Motor direction Status This message contains the same information as the motor on/off/ Direction command message above. If the controller is operating properly, it will echo back the same as it is commanded Motor Controller status This message provides specific troubleshooting information Measured Motor Speed(RPM This is the current speed, in RPM, of the motor as measured by the controller Measured Motor Controller Temperature This is the temperature measured on the PcB near one of the motor FETS Measured motor power This is the product of the motor controller input current and input voltage Measured percent Motor speed This is the current speed, in RPM, of the motor as measured by the controller. The range of percentage measurement is from the configured maximum speed. For example, if the maximum rpm is 5000RPM, then a measured speed of 50% would equate to an rpm of 5000*0.5= 2500 RPM C 2013 EMP. Inc

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