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SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators NOTE: The devices are available in fixed output voltages MARKING INFORMATION from 0.8V to 4.7V with 0.1V per step, and from 5v to 12V with0.25∨ per step YYY XX Green(RoHS HSF) SG Micro Corp defines "Green"to Date code-Month (a=Jan "B=Feb.. L"=Dec. mean Pb-Free (RoHS compatible) and free of halog Date code- Year("A"=2010,""=2011.) substances. If you have additional comments or questions, Chip ID please contact your SGMICRo representative directly. For example: SWOFA(2015, January) ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS OVERSTRESS CAUTION Vin tO GND 0.3∨to44V Stresses beyond those listed may cause permanent VouT to gnd.Vour≤5.0V……0.3 V to min(mN+0.3V,6V) damage to the device. Functional operation of the device at oUT to GND, VOUT >5.0V..-03v to Min(VIN+0.3V: 15V) these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the Power Dissipation, PD TA=+25C operational section of the specification is not implied SOT-23 0.411W Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for SOT-23-5 ∴0.411W extended periods may affect reliability sOT23-5(L-Type)… 0.517W SOT-89-3 1.923W ESD SENSITIVITY CAUTION SOT-89-3( L-Type) 0.822W This integrated circuit can be damaged by ESD if you dont Package Thermal Resistance pay attention to ESD protection. SGMICRO recommends SOT-23, 0JA .304°C that all integrated circuits be handled with appropriate SoT23-5.0 ∴304°C precautions. Failure to observe proper handling and sOT235(L-Type),6J/……… 242CA installation procedures can cause damage. Esd damage SOT-89-3, OJA.. 65°C can range from subtle performance degradation to SOT-89-3(L-Type), 0 152C complete device failure. Precision integrated circuits may Junction Temperature +150℃C be more susceptible to damage because very small Storage Temperature range -65°cto+150 parametric changes could cause the device not to meet its Lead Temperature( Soldering, 10s) +260°C published specifications ESD Susceptibilit HBM DISCLAIMER 200V SG Micro Corp reserves the right to make any change CDM ..1000V circuit design, specification or other related things if necessary without notice at any time RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS Input Voltage Range 2.7V to 36V Operating Temperature Range -40°Cto+85° SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators PIN CONFIGURATIONS (TOP VIEW) (TOP VIEW) (TOP VIEW) GND GND 1 5 NC VIN 5 VOUT 3 VIN VIN GND 2 VOUT 2 VOUT3 iNC Nc3 4NC SOT-23 SOT-23-5 SoT-23-5(L-Type) (TOP VIEW) (TOP VIEW GND VIN 3 VOUT GND VIN GND VIN VOUT SOT-89-3 SOT-89-3(L-Type) PIN DESCRIPTION PIN SOT-23-5SoT-89-3/D0T-89-3NAME FUNCTION SOT-23SOT-23-5 (L-Type) (L-Type) 2 GNd Ground 3 5 VOut Regulator output. Recommended output capacitor range: 1uF to 10 uF 2 1 VIN Regulator Input. Up to 36V input voltage. At least 1uF supply bypass capacitor is recommended 4.5 3.4 Nc Not Connect SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 4 SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VN=Vou+2Vor4V, whichever is greater,CN=Cour=1μF,F训=-40℃cto+85°℃, typical values are at TA=+25°, unless otherwise noted. PARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS TEMP MIN TYP UNITS Vour≤3.3V Fu2,7 Input Voltage VouT 23.3V 2.7 36 Output Voltage Accuracy louT = 1mA +25°C 4255 No load Ground pin current Full 6.5 OUT 4.2 Maximum Output Current (1) +25℃150 mA +25°C 13001850 Dropout Voltage 2h lour 150mA, Vour 22.5V Full VouT 2V or 4V to 32V Vou <3.3V +25° 00050012 Line Regulation JT louT =1mA VINE VOUT 2v to 36V % dour =1 mA Vour≥3.3V 00050.012 Load Regulation △VouT VINE VOUT 2V or 4V, lout 1ma to 150mA +25° 10 25 mV Hz Power Supply Rejection Ratio PSRR VOUT=3.3V, lOuT=10mA f= 1kHz +25 40 Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient △T.xV louT =1mA Full THERMAL PROTECTION Thermal shutde Temperature Thermal shutdown △Ts Hysteresis SHDN 20 NOTES 1. Maximum output current is affected by the pcb layout, size of metal trace, the thermal conduction path between metal layers ambient temperature and the other environment factors of system. Attention should be paid to the dropout voltage when VIN VOuT +Vpro. 2. The dropout voltage is defined as viN-vout, when VOuT is 95% of the value of Vour for VIN= VOUT 2V 3. Output voltage temperature coefficient is defined as the worst-case voltage change divided by the total temperature range SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 5 SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS VIN=5.3V, VOut =3.3V, CIN= CoUT=1uF, TA=+25C, unless otherwise noted Load-Transient Response Line-Transient Response lOuT 10mA to 100mA VIN= 5.3V to 6. 3V, louT=50mlA oo3≤a OUT Time(2ms/div) Time(1ms/div) Power-Up/Power-Down Output Waveform Power Ramp-Up/Ramp-Down Output Waveform / VouT N=OV to 5. 3V, louT 50mA VIN=0V to 6.3V, IouT =50mA Time(4ms/div) Time(5ms/div) Output Short Waveform Thermal Protection Waveform N<a<→o3 Time(50ms/d Time(4ms/div) SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 6 SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS VIN=5.3V, VOUt =3.3V, CIN= COUT=1HF, TA=+25C, unless otherwise noted Pulse Load Current Output Waveform Power Supply Rejection Ratio Vs Frequency 80 40 △VRP=02Vp-p 0.1 10 Time(20ms/div) 100 y(kHz) Dropout voltage Vs Temperature Dropout voltage vs. Output Current 600 1600 bouT = 50mA 550 1200 500 E 450 800 与 8400 350 50-25 0 75 100 75100125150 Temperature(℃c) Output Current (mA) Ground Pin Current vS Temperature Maximum Pulse Current VS Headroom Voltage 5.5 500 VIm 36V. No Load Pulse width 0. 6ms 50 400 4.5 300 4.0 a200 3. 100 3.0 0 75 0510152025303540 Temperature(℃) Headroom Voltage(V) SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 SGM2203 150mA, High Voltage Regulators APPLICATION INFORMATION Input Capacitor and Output Capacitor Thermal considerations For proper operation, place a ceramic capacitor(CIN When the junction temperature is too high, the between 1HF and 10pF between the input pin and thermal protection circuitry sends a signal to the ground. Larger values in this range will help improve control logic that will shutdown the ic. the ic will line transient response restart when the temperature has sufficiently cooled For stable operation, use a ceramic capacitor (cout between 1uF and 10uF. Larger values in this range The maximum power dissipation is dependent on the will help improve load transient response and reduce thermal resistance of the case and the circuit board noise Output capacitors of other dielectric types may the temperature difference between the die junction be used. but are not recom mended as their and the am bient air. and the rate of air flow the gnd capacitance can deviate greatly from their rated value pin must be connected to the ground plane for proper over temperature dissipation. REVISION HISTORY NOTE: Page numbers for previous revisions may differ from page numbers in the current version AUGUST 2017-REVA to REv.A. Added SoT-23-5 package Changes from Original (JUNE 2017) to rEv.A Changed from product preview to production data SG Micro c。rp AUGUST 2017 8 PACKAGE INFORMATION PACKAGE OUTLINE DIMENSIONS SOT-23 E1E 2.29 0.76 0.76 0.95 RECOMMEND ED LAND PATTERN (Unit: mm) L 1 0.25 Dimensions Dimensions Symbol In millimeters In Inches MIN MAX MIN MAX 0.900 1.150 0.035 0.045 Al 0.000 0.100 0.000 0.004 A2 0.900 1.050 0.035 0.041 0.300 0.500 0.012 0.020 0.080 0.150 0.003 0.006 2.800 3.000 0.110 0.118 E 1.200 1.400 0.047 0.055 E1 2.250 2.550 0.089 0.100 e 0.950BsC 0.037BsC e1 1.900BSC 0.075BsC 0.550REF 0.022REF L1 0.300 0.500 0.012 0.020 e 8 0 SG Micro c。rp TX00031.000 SgmicRowww.sG-micro.col PACKAGE INFORMATION PACKAGE OUTLINE DIMENSIONS soT-23-5 [1901 259 RECOMMENDED LAND PATTERN (Unit: mm) Dimensions Dimensions Symbol In millimeters In Inches MIN MAX MIN MAX 1.050 1.250 0.041 0.049 Al 0.000 0.100 0.000 0.004 A2 1.050 1.150 0.041 0.045 0.300 0.500 0.012 0.020 0.100 0.200 0.004 0.008 2.820 3.020 0.111 0.119 E 1.500 1.700 0.059 0.067 E1 2650 2.950 0.104 0.116 e 0.950BSC 0.037BSC e1 1.900BSC 0.075BsC L 0.300 0.600 0.012 0.024 0 SG Micro c。rp TX00033.000 SgmicRowww.sG-micro.col

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