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比较详细的介绍了Ms TV tool的使用和注意事项
MStar emiconductor Notes When you disconnect the tool, and then connect it again, please reset the tool by pressing"Reset, otherwise you may get the wrong register If you open watch dog function, plcasc makc surc it is in the status of off, otherwise when you press the "pause,. The program will reset automaticall When your tool connects the system, the will be“down” and the green lap will be shine. Otherwise, please check the"com port"and) baud rate''setting 2. Com Bort s: 4 steps to connect the system (1 COM Port selection: If the tool fails in connecting, please check whether the setting of the COM port is right or not firstly. For example, you can go to check the device management of your computer, and have a look whether the setting of the port matches the Com port C IISt ar Iy Syste Tool v3.885 File Ecit view Chip select Confi guration COM Fort Debug: r semiconductor Tnc P叫P●● MStar Controller! viu-u DeLuter EEPRON M1 DviL巳s R巳d凵日d「 程 Dec〕 Ban<6 Comb BankF EOD Protocol 日an5-MAD COMMT C MCU2 UM8 MuCUs an了AFEQ ank10-PIP COM9 In 厂nM1 厂严厂 D Rcc2 M11 0M12 I COM1 1 CoM15 M16 2 Baud Rate selection: This item should match the setting of program, which means the setting of the baud rate have to be the same with the number that program defil Star I Systen Tool v3.885 File Edit viev Chip Select Configuratio COM Port Debug Help MStar semiconductor. It OM P rause ISP y Auto re-o P●● MStar Cnntrnller Video Decoder EEPRON COM Port 115200bps R日ad日am Nomal| Advanced MCU×TAA卫 C Bal kO. SLaler C Ba k9-Auuliu Fari t RedA‖日an 日 ankB-HDfaI Eank3-IE EankC-sE 134 下 日an4 Mlu BankS- £800bp Protocol 日 ankE Combi 日an7 AFEC C日ak1a-P|P 120bE 厂厂厂 Confidential MStar emiconductor 3)Basically, we dont need to change anything in the below five items, but sometime our programmer modify them, therefore, please check whether the program is exactly the same with the item chosen CoM Port卫 ebug Help Debug he Prt卫 abug Help CoM Port Connect CEM Port cor COM Port Connect Auto re匚nect y Auto re v点nt0Fe" Connect COM Por Port ud rate Baud丘ate Parity Parity Parity lulu DaLE IiL v1 bit Flow Control Marl Flow Control bi t Fl Protocol Pr Protocol COM Port卫 debug Help OM Port Debug Help Hew Auto Re-cornect y Auto reconnect CoM Port COM Port BPI iaud Rate Parity Tata Bit. Stop Bi ts top Bits Floy control Flow Control Protoa。1 ˇbit O ES/CTS If those mentioned above are right, however, it still fail to connect, please check the hardware whether there are something wrong 3. File iten Star I Systen Tool v3. 885 File Edit yiew Chip Select Confi gurati on COM Port Dabug Help Load script File Reset Pause 8P●○ rs Map File to Memory Save Registers map to File ROM Audio Decoder TY Tuner 12C Device Memory to Fil Address value udio d日an(12卩LL Read AIr bank Mcu Bank13-NR C日ar2 FR Bank B-HDMI C日ark14-ACE C Bank 3-M/E C BankC-SECAM C Banki5-Peaking C BankD-DDC 日ank1日-A 日arK17R EitE7654321 C MCU? ank6_Comb f BankF-Et C MCUs Bar7-A-ECC日ank10PP 日ank11Fi|n 厂厂F厂厂厂 C OsDR po卩p3p4ppp0卩ep Confidential MStar emiconductor You can load the file by the " Load Scrip file"or"Load register Map File to Memory"to modify your current setting, the detailed introduction to each item are as follows a Load Scrip file: To directly modify your current register Load register Map File to Memory: The file will store in the memory of your PC, which can be used for comparison Save registers Map to file: To save the current registers to another file(new file) a Save Memory to file: samg the file stored in the memory to the new file 4. Chip selection: star IY STAten Iool v3. 8d5 File edit view chip Select Configuration COM Pert Debug Help Mstar STA Root MStar Controller TSUMO ser Ac凵ec口 Juner l2C Devices 5151 Read日anK 51516 Serie写 彐ank12PLL duress vHlue I MsfTxIx/ 5C11 Series R色dA口arh MSTTHMN点5C11 A serie EE了 M凵2 MST 9xxx: 5C2x Seri rrrrrrrr lear MST9xxxA已xxxA三exie 四9四c叵」 MSD 1 erIe x You must select the right chip, otherwise you definitely get the wrong function Confidential MStar emiconductor 5. View: This is the picture quality fine tune window, by which we can tune the picture quality easily. I star i" Syste Tool v3. 885 File Edi STig Reset P91F● MSar二 Upen Message Window dio Decocer TV Tuner 12C Devices Read日ar rect wid≌0真 justment Address value ReA日a Direct M/ 'PIF Adit nh13-NR Direct Fanel ad 日ank14-ACE Adjustment c MCu1 Direct Memory Testin 日ank17RTC C MCu? Direct SPI flash ManagemenL 日tEc76 F厂厂 B 9 8 ⑩iY4 st eu setting F下厂厂r厂 Ⅲ⊥ "ect comm and mode In which one of items is called"Direct Video Adjustment, when you click it the following window will come out Direct video Adjustment 区 select the fint 'B/LE ICE Shiny B// Ccrhas:IB- HHC I Cobr Peaki After finishing the tune Charnel press this bul luL. luu will You can get the current Pressing this bott on, the get a code, then you may se⊥Ect setting by this button default set will be replace the register of your download to the register source with it. 5.1 Color This color column is with 7 different items to choose which are as follows: (1) Black/white level extend (2)Independent color saturation enhance (3)Shinny color (4)Black/white contrast (5) Independent color brightness control (6)Independent hue control (7)Color peaking Confidential MStar emiconductor (1) Black/white level extend Cor|匚 DLc hase Camma Memary Colot Crhancemeat I 减目 CE ShinnsBAw/Contrast|BCH=1 Color BK14 20 BIT[6] lac匹LeWe■ Extension: B 4 B14_ 22 BITL5: D 一BK1420BIT[51 WThitte eye Extension〓 --BKl423 BIT L5: O x Function description: BLE/LE can enhance deepness of image. However,to some extent, it will lose some details of Black and White. Consequently we have to give attention to this. In addition, we can tune the Level of Extension in this window e11 (2)Independent color saturation cnhance Refresh Select channel R.:- Shinny RAw Cnnt-ast| IRr: IHr. I rnInr Pe*king I BK14 B0 BIT [6 Independent Color Enhancement EI utle Ra:问BF千 [7:4] B⊥485 Green BIT[7:4 BK1486 BIT[T:4I BK1487 BITT: 41 ∠BK14_88 B⊥I[v:4] BR1439 BIT [T-41 DK14 BA BIT[7:4] Gain control x Function description: Color saturation of R, G, B, C, M, Y and Flesh can be adjusted independently here, and the effect of ICE on Green and red bar can be seen in Figure 1. 1 as well as the saturation of green and red bar are enhanced Confidential MStar Original Image Green Enhancement Red Enhancement Figurc 1.1: Indcpcndent Color Enhancement (ICE)O (B)Shinny color Color Edge DLC I Phase Gamma Memory Color Enhancement) Window TYI Main Sth Refresh Default AN/IF ICF shinn: B/w Contrast IAr: IHr: Color er shinny C。lor BKO 71 BIT[31 BKo 71 BIT [7: 41 Strength Gain control x Function description: Shinny color can enhance luminance when chrominance is not grey the effect of the shinny color acting on the image can be seen in Figure NaCRe 沙 Original Image shiny Color Figure 1.2 Shinny color Confidential MStar emiconductor (4) Black/white contrast I Memory Color Enhancement Window Type Refresh BM LE ICE Shinny [B/wContras. IBC IHC Color Pcaking l Blac Contrast BK14 gB BITLY:0 BK14gA BIT[6:0 WWhite entre雪t: ∠BK142BBIT[7:0 16 BK14 2A BIT[6:01 start: o Function description: Black/white contrast can enhance deepess of picture. On the other hand, the relation of input code and output code shows below: Output c。de White slope BKI4 2B White start B⊥42A Black start BK14 9a Black s。peB149B Input C。de Confidential MStar (5)Independent color brightness control .CDlorEdge DLC Phase Gamma Memory Colcr Enhancenent RefresH Default B/LE ICE Shinny B/w Contrast IBc Ic Color Peaking BK14 AO BIT7 Independent Brigthness control 厂 Enable BKI4 1 Gain control Red:0 BIT[5: 0] BK14 A2 53 Green:D BIT[5: 0 BK14 a3 Blue: 0 BIT[5: 01- Cyan:0 BIT[5: 0 BK14 A5 Magenta.0 BITI5: 0 0 Br 14A6 53 Mellow BIT[5:0] BK14 7 BIT 5:01 Function description: Color brightness of R, G,B, C, M, Y and Flesh can be adjusted independently in this window. For instance, Figure 1.3 shows the brightness of green has been increased dramatically Crane laga hess Adjusted for Green Increase green brightness independent Figure 1.3: Independent color Control Confidential

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