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Altium Designer 19.1 官方教程 Online Documentation for Altium Products - From Idea to Manufacture - Driving a PCB Design through Altium Designer - 2018-02-09.pdf
Controlled project, or a managed project that is stored in a managed content server. Use the links to learn more about these types of projects Adding a schematic to the Project The next step is to add a new schematic sheet to the project. Projects Projects Q Search Q Search FR Roject Group 1.DsnWrk ai Project Group 1.DsnWrk M Multivibrator. PrjPcly a Mu tivibrator. PriPcb Campile PCB Proect Multivibrator. FrPcb A■ burcH Documents ■ Multivibrator schO口 Add New to ProjEct Schematic F Add Existing to Project. CU Save Project ctveBO M Document Convert to Managed Project. ci Draftsman Document av= Project As Schemati- Library r PCB Libl Pad vid libr a CAM Document r Variants F Output Jcb File Database Link file o Local History w Pro ect fackacer. Pro ect eclipser 最 Pro ect option n5 Add a schematic sheet to the project, name and save the schematic, and save the project. Adding a schematic Right-click on the project filename in the projects panel then select Add new to project > Schematic, as shown in the image above. a blank schematic sheet named sheetl schdoc will open in the design window and an icon for this schematic will appear linked to the project in the projects panel under the Source Documents folder icon 2. To save the new schematic sheet, select File save As (or use the right-click context menu). The save as dialog will open, ready to save the schematic in the same location as the project file. Type the name multivibrator in the file name field and click save(there is no need to type in the extension). Note that files stored in the same folder as the project file itself (or in a child/grandchild folder) are linked to the project using relative referencing, whereas files stored in a different location are linked using absolute referencing 3. Since you have added a schematic to the project, the project file also has changed. Right- click on the project filename in the projects panel then select save to save the project When the blank schematic sheet opens, you will notice that the workspace changes. The menu bar includes new items, a bar with buttons becomes visible and the sheet panel might be displayed-you are now in the Schematic Editor. Each editor presents its own set of menus and panels, and supports it own set of shortcut keys An entire set of floating panel(s) can be closed using the x icon at the top right of the panel, and an individual panel can be closed by right-clicking on its name. When needed a panel can be reopened via the panels button at the bottom right of the application Alternatively, press the f4 shortcut to hide/ display all floating panels Setting the Document Options Panel page: Schematic Document Options Before you start drawing your circuit, it's good to set up the appropriate document options, including the sheet Size, and the snap and visible grids Properties Document Options Y Q search General Parameters d Selection filter All objects Components Wires Buses Sheet Symbols Sheet Entries Net Labels Parameters Ports Power ports xts Drawing objects Other d General Units mm mils Visible Grid 100mil Snap Grid I Snap to Electrical Object Hotspots Shift+E Snap Distance 100mil ocument Font AriaL 10 Sheet border Sheet color a Page options Formatting and suze Template Standard Custom Sheet Size A4 11500mil x 7600mil Orientation Lands cape Title block Standard Margin and zones Show Zones Vertical 4 Horizontal Origin Upper Left Nothing selected Document options are configured for each schematic sheet, set the sheet size as required As well as the technique described in the collapsible section below, the document options properties can also be accessed by double-clicking in the sheet border. Environment options, such as the cursor type, selection color and autopan behavior, are configured in the Preferences dialog(Tools Preferences Configuring the Document options The properties of most objects, including the schematic sheet (or PCb workspace), are configured in the Interactive Properties panel. The panel automatically displays the properties of the selected object, or if no object is selected, it displays the properties of the schematic sheet (or PCB workspace 1. If the Properties panel is not visible, click the panels button at the bottom right of the application and select Properties from the menu that appears. 2. In Document options mode(when nothing is selected), the panel is divided into the following sections: Selection Filter, General and Page Options. Each section can be opened/ collapsed via the small triangle next to the section name 3. For this tutorial, the only change we need to make here is to set the sheet size to a4; this is done in the page options section 4. Confirm that both the snap and visible Grids are set to 100m 5. To make the document fill the viewing area, select View Fit Document(shortcut: V, D). 6. Save the schematic by selecting File Save(shortcut: F, s) To learn more about any of the controls in the Properties panel, press F1 when the cursor is over the panel Accessing the Components Related article: More about components and libraries The real-world component that gets mounted on the board is represented as a schematic symbol during design capture, and as a PCB footprint for board design Components can be Placed directly from the Manufacturer Part Search panel. this panel gives you instant and up to-date access to a powerful component search and aggregation system, detailing millions of components from thousands of manufacturers, each with real-time supply chain information Many of the components are design-ready, complete with a symbol and a footprint model; these parts will include the E icon in the panel Created in and placed from local file libraries, or your company 's Managed Content Server. These components are searched for and placed through the Components panel. More on this approach in the working with your own Components section below For this tutorial, all of the parts will be sourced from the Manufacturer Part Search panel Throughout the tutorial, the terms component and part are both used to describe the design components you will be placing and wiring Searching for New Parts Main article: Manufacturer Part Search panel Your go-to location to find new components is the manufacturer part search panel to open the Manufacturer Part Search panel, click the Panels button at the bottom right of the application and select Manufacturer Part Search from the menu show image). Panels that are currently visible are marked with a check in the menu The first time the Manufacturer Part Search panel is opened, it will display a list of component Categories, as shown below Scherer Part Starch Sunch by pt number o brown pota b croy C的DC Crut Motrin Cables and wre The Manufacturer Part Search panel, before performing a search Utilizing altium Designer's advanced component search engine the manufacturer Part Search panel can be used in a straightforward search mode by entering a query in the main Search field, or in its advanced faceted mode by progressively refining the search criteria using the Categories and Filters choices-or by using both capabilities together. To perform a straightforward search type a search description into the search field at the top the panel For example: led green clear 0603 SMd Manufacturer Part Search 早A search n URar (EsSEx 6245850.0693ath Manufacturer Part I Description I Category supply info APG1608CGKC/T APG160EGKC/ ED GREEN JEAR CHIP SMD Kingonght LEDs Moo 1 LED GREEN CLEAR CH P SMD DigI-KeY Digl-kry Future EIrctunts 万5413571MD U5垂75413575ND Us@75413572Ml U5垂APG1608 CGKCA.REEL CA曲APG1 Power Dissipation gock: 127k Unit: 1C.09867 CT Stock 127k Unit: 50 09867 DR steck 124k Urit: 50 0507 TR Slock 24k Unt: s00589 Power Rating TUmM 1e054 10③50,386 1 a 50.54 10②50.386 400050078B0s0o2400@s0.62@50.05891s Case Code (imperia) 060 2必26 show more 25 0 50 296 show more 12000@5006245 how more 250 060三 LED GREEN CEAR SMD pie50.032 stew Mare vishay Lt: on Moo 1 Models A50B3C医 Green 1.6x 08 mm 120 350mtd Otar 3 3 w Sunface Mount Chip LED Price: 50.12 Stack 9808 ED GREEN CEAR CHIP SMD DS7 pie500316 Vishay Lt:-on Moo 1 41 DUH上 NCEEAR SMD Pe50054 Xn LEDs MOC T KING-LED GREEN A1K7-2 Stock 3055 150060S75000 WURTH ELECTRONIK-150060MS75000-LED, 0603, E GREEN, 40MCD Prite: E0.12 Wurth Electronics MOO 1 SM0032-00001-1 Stock 2606 15,3/ 固tM·15则,53-tu.6上4票 Wurth Ekdronicn LEDs TSI 5A LED GREB OEAR CHIP SMD ite: 50ona vishay Lit:-om on 1 stoc 120s S190 IEP GRFFN I R CHIP SMn P吧50M76 Mo8T stock 1405 LED, SMT, Body 1610., 025mm Thicknus R团203 Use the search field to perform a text-based search. Click the small x next to the search string to clear it, click the search string to reload it into the Search field for editing Or to perform a faceted search, use the categories and Filters to explore potential parts by toggling criteria on and off. For example First select a Category, such as LEDS 2. then Filter the LEDs category by the Color, Case/Package, Mount, Has Model, and so on o LIDs a tch Colof Case/Packde Mount Has Mode: wes x Currency t as model Manufacturer Part I Caters 150060vS75000 a UD LED GREEN CLEAR SN D Vishay Lite-On K-150060v575000-/ Exdude Iaid SFNs sn0d 2312 Part Providers Pretences EO GREEH CLEAR OIPSMD e03t6 Datasheet.Download Vishay LEts Thow less fiter 5c620 Lase Package ASM-RFAN002 LED SMB 0603, YELLOW-GREEN Dominant Wavelength 570m Forward Current Forwand voltage WUIT E ATonic 20003B Luminous Tensity 40mmd 02 Digi-Cey DAgE-Key 7498,ND 732.580-6.D U5@1324%02 stad 186k Wnit 14095 cT Stock Ii4* Unit: sooms DR Stock 14%k Unit. 5ao9stRstock 15|4 5050129 50园 505129 400050 100@5011500②5005 100@50,1150050m5 a Nork 50 MOO 1 LED? S100 7 597-5312.407MF LED GREEN DIFFUSED 25MD e2039 Starke 000 LED GREEN CLEAR DS33 R/A SMD Price: C034 WE-LED K1A2-2 vishay Lte On LELS svu09002031 SMI-DODEGW-IR LED GREEN DIFFUSED SMD 5064 LUmex LEO GREEN DIFFUSED DEDE SMD Ranin MOC rare 4ulrslrs L16 Or use a combination of the categories, Filters, and the search field to perform a faceted search Tips for working in the Manufacturer Part Search panel Categories are accessed using the drop-down, indicated by Number 1 in the image above Click the button to toggle the Filters list on and off (Number 2 in the image). the contents of the Filters list changes to suit the category of component being searched Some of the filter fields include text boxes to enter numeric values press enter on the keyboard to apply the value If the results list does not update, click in the search field and press enter on the keyboard The current search criteria defined by the enabled filters list are detailed just below the search bar. Click the small x icon to remove any of the existing search criterion Note that the contents of the Filters search box applies to these results too, so if it has not been cleared you only be able to remove the search criteria that was last typed into the search box -clear the search box to resolve this LEDS Q search Filters Color: Green Y Case/Package: 0603X Mount: Surface Mount x Has Model: Yes x Manufacturer part Description Click on a column heading to sort the results by that column Right-click on an existing column heading to access the select Columns dialog( show image Panels and dialogs that support searching for components have a landscape mode and portrait mode. As the panel/dialog is resized the controls will re-arrange, so they may not present exactly as they are shown and described here Exploring the Search Results The search results region of the panel displays a list of manufacturer parts which wholly or partly match the search criteria. Click on a part to select it and display a link giving access to up-to-date supply chain information about that part. Manute curer Part Description Supply Into I VIewing Angle LumInous IntensIty APG1608CGKC/ LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD PricE: 50.113 Kinglet ighil Digi Key Digi Key Future Electronics Futu 7541571-ND ∩⊕754-157-6ND ∩75413572ND n⊕APG1508 CGKC/T-REEL Stock: 303k Unit: $,54 stock: 303K Un:5254 stock 294k Unit: 53.078 5t。r妃44k Unit: 50 0732 1@.54 1U@5U.3 1@S0.54 回54 4U@.0B战的,2429.四,U 25@50.296 Show more 25@ 50. 296 Show more 12000@00624 Show more 500@ 150060Ws75000 WURTH ELESTRONIK 150060V575000 LED Price: S0. 14 Wurth Electron 非 0603 B GREEN. 40MCE 57ONM MCO: 1 Stock:∠1bk LTST-C190GKT LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD Vishay Lite-On 非 MCQ 1 Stod 96k 150060GS75000 WURTH ELE CTRONIK 150060G575000 LEC PricE: 50.14 Wurth Electron 非 0603 GREEN. 430MCD, 520NM MCC: 1 140 430mad Stod 100k Tips for working with the search results If the manufacturer provides an image of the part it will be displayed. Next to the image is the Manufacturer Part Number(MPN), which is also link to detailed information about the part on the octopart website (indicated by the number l in the image above) The vertical colored bar indicates the manufacturer's lifecycle status; for example, olume Production, eol, etc, hover the cursor over the bar for more information note that the manufacturer's Lifecycle status is not an indication of availability; that is displayed in the individual supplier tiles (as described below). For example, a manufacturer might have a part flagged as End of Life, but suppliers might still have large amounts of stock. Learn more about Interpreting the manufacturer Lifecycle state The e icon indicates that there are models available for this part. Click the button at the top right of the panel to display detailed part information, including the models Click anywhere on a row to select that part the row will highlight and a second link will appear indicating the number of suppliers who can deliver that part (number 2 in the image above). Click the link to display detailed supply chain information about the suppliers that carry that part, ordered by availability and price Each Supplier s details about that part are presented on a tile with a colored banner. these tiles are also referred to as sPNs (Supplier part Numbers). Details about the icons and information in each tile is given below Click the panel 's button to configure the currency used if invalid SPNs should be excluded (display only suppliers that show suitable stock levels and up-to-date data) ,or configure the available suppliers


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