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arena 达内科技 QUESTION 19 Given a file grizzly Bear java 1. package animals. mammals 2 3. public class Grizzly Bear extends Bear i 4. void hunt(t 5. Salmon s= findsalmon(; 6. s consume( 7.} 8 and another file salmon java 1. package animals. fish 2. 3. public class Salmon extends Fish 4. void consume([ /do stuff */ 5 Assume both classes are defined in the correct directories for theft packages and that the mammal class correctly defines the find( method. Which two changes allow this code to compile correctly?(Choose two. A. add public to the start of line 4 in Salmon. java B. add public to the start of line 4 in Grizzly Bear java C. add import animals. mammals. *, at line 2 in Salmon. java D. add import animals. fish. at line 2 in Grizzly Bear, java E. add import animals. fish. salmon * at line 2 in grizzly bear java F. add import animals. mammals. Grizzly Bear. * at line 2 in Salmon java 考点: 导包、访问修饰符 考点说明: 缺省修饰符修的成员变量和方法使川范围包括本类和本包。导包是为了引 入非ang包和本类所在包的其他类的功能。"包名代表引入此包中所有类 本题详解 在术题中, animals. mammals包下的 Grizzly Bear类中第6行用到 animals. fish 包下的Samn类中的 consume(方法。所以需要在 Grizzly Bear类中导入 animals.fish包下的 Salmon类方法有: import animals. fish*或 import animals. fish Salmon 而且 Salmon类中的 consume()方法没有加任何修饰符,缺省修饰符修饰的方 法只能在木包中使用,要想在别的包中使用得改为用ρubic修饰。即木题答案应 为:A,D。 Answer AD 达内科技(屮国)有限公司版权所有 arena 达内科技 Question 20 DRAG DROP corn too her og.class □b L回 Rook Cass bar L国ca 可ss plat Sun.class The image represents a complete package structure for a set of classes:"com is the beginning of the fully-qualified package name for all classes Given this package structure, insert the code needed to make the Car class compile and run successfully All three placeholds must be filled. If fewer than three statement are needed use the //blank" options Place here Place here Place here public class cart Bookbook Dog dog import com. foo bar blatz import com. foo bar. blatz nport com. bar import com package com. bar; package com; import com. too. // blank import com. foo bar. import com. foo bar. Book 本题考点 包的命名规范、导入及范围 达内科技(中国)有限公司版权所有 arena 达内科技 考点说明: 如果两个类不在同一个包屮,那么就必须要使用 import来导入要使用到的 类所在的包。如果是本类在某个包下,则需要使用 package来导入包名。 本题详解 从上:面的图我们可以看出,Car类在 com bar包下,所以要先使用 package 导入包。Book类在 com. foo. bar blatz包下,Dog类在 com. bar包下,所以要使 用 import把他们的包导入。否则编译是不会通过的。 Answer package com. bar L import com. foo bar. blatz: import com. bar public class Cart Book book Dog dog import com. foo bar blatz import com. *. package com import com. foo ∥/bank import com. foo. bal import com. foo, bar. Book 达内科技(中国)有限公司版权所有

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