• The Practical Guide to Become a Hacker pdf(英文版)

    THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS. CRITICAL POINT: Don't trust Only Theoretical Manuals that don't let you do any Practical Exercises: Practical Exercises are Essential! FIRST POINT: This is a Practical Guide. Step by Step. Not only Theory but You can do the Exercises and really understand the Ethical Hacking. SECOND POINT: There are Dozens of Screenshots and Images that allow you to understand, step by step, what you are doing. THIRD POINT: The Author of the book, Jim Kou, has Twenty Years of experience in the CyberSecurity and Ethical Hacking subjects. FOURTH POINT: The only way to become a Penetration Tester is through Experience and Practical Exercises. FIFTH POINT: In this Manual, we'll start with the Basics. 2019 UPDATED! You will learn: CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL HACKING In this chapter, I will try to explain to you how an ethical hacker works, what are his goals and the working method you should follow to become one. CHAPTER 2: THE LABORATORY The first task is to build our own laboratory. CHAPTER 3: LINUX COMMANDS These are the most common commands that you will probably use for your routine tasks. CHAPTER 4: MIND MAPS During your work as a penetration tester, you will collect a great deal of information that needs to be organized efficiently. CHAPTER 5: NETWORK THEORY This chapter aims to give you an overview of the main services and network protocols. CHAPTER 6: CORPORATE NETWORKS Having a good understanding of most network devices and their functions will help you carry out a penetration test in a much more accurate and effective way. CHAPTER 7: INFORMATION GATHERING Gathering information means investigating, analyzing, and studying everything related to our target. CHAPTER 8: NETWORK SCANNING What exactly do I mean with “scanning”? Each of these IP addresses will expose a certain service/port to the outside world. CHAPTER 9: BANNER GRABBING Now it's time to identify what type of service is running on a specific port. CHAPTER 10: ENUMERATION It consists in exploiting the characteristics of a certain service in order to obtain as much information as possible. CHAPTER 11: VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT Now it's time to look for any vulnerabilities and we will use specific tools to carry out this activity. CHAPTER 12: EXPLOITATION Exploitation is meant to confirm if we can access our target machine from a given vulnerability. CHAPTER 13: POST-EXPLOITATION Now that the host has been compromised, we need to look into all the activities that we should carry out after the exploitation CHAPTER 14: THE FINAL REPORT

  • Vue.js_ 11 Practical Projects.pdf

    注意,是英文版,不是入门书籍。 This book contains a selection of 11 practical projects covering different aspects of working with Vue. It contains: 1. Build a Basic CRUD App with Vue.js, Node and MongoDB by James Hibbard 2. Creating Beautiful Charts Using Vue.js Wrappers for Chart.js by Yomi Eluwande 3. Build a Real-time Chat App with Pusher and Vue.js by Michael Wanyoike 4. Building a Vue Front End for a Headless CMS by Michael Wanyoike 5. How to Build a Chrome Extension with Vue by James Hibbard 6. Build Your Own Link-sharing Site with Nuxt.js and vue-kindergarten by Nilson Jacques 7. An Introduction to Data Visualization with Vue and D3.js by Christopher Vundi 8. How to Build a Reusable Component with Vue by Deji Atoyebi 9. How to Build a Game with Vue.js by Ivaylo Gerchev 10. Build a Shopping List App with Vue, Vuex and Bootstrap Vue by Michael Wanyoike 11. How to Develop and Test Vue Components with Storybook by Ivaylo Gerchev

  • Learning.Groovy.3.Java-Based.Dynamic.Scripting.2nd.Edition (英文版pdf)

    Start building powerful apps that take advantage of the dynamic scripting capabilities of the Groovy language, including what's new in Groovy version 3.0. This book covers Groovy fundamentals, such as installing Groovy, using Groovy tools, and working with the Groovy Development Kit (GDK). You'll also learn more advanced aspects of Groovy, such as using Groovy design patterns, writing DSLs in Groovy, and taking advantage of Groovy's functional programming features. Also, Learning Groovy 3 has been updated to Groovy 3.0 to include the new Parrot parser which was extended to support additional syntax options and language features. It also includes coverage of Groovydoc, which allows you to embed Groovydoc comments in various ways. And, this book covers how Groovy supports Java type annotations and more. There is more to Groovy than the core language, so Learning Groovy 3, Second Edition covers the extended Groovy ecosystem. You'll see how to harness Gradle (Groovy's build system), Grails (Groovy's web application framework), Spock (Groovy's testing framework), and Ratpack (Groovy's reactive web library). What You Will Learn Grasp Groovy fundamentals, including the GDK Master advanced Groovy, such as writing Groovy DSLs Discover functional programming in Groovy Work with GPars, the built-in concurrency library Use Gradle, the build system Master Grails, the web application framework Work with Spock, the testing framework Harness Ratpack, the reactive web library Who This Book Is For Those with a Java background, though anyone with basic programming skills can benefit from it. This book is a data-filled, yet easy-to-digest tour of the Groovy language and ecosystem.

  • Python by Example Learning to Program in 150 Challenges.pdf

    1、英文版。2、入门级(至少我觉得是)。 Python is today's fastest growing programming language. This engaging and refreshingly different guide breaks down the skills into clear step-by-step chunks and explains the theory using brief easy-to-understand language. Rather than bamboozling readers with pages of mind-numbing technical jargon, this book includes 150 practical challenges, putting the power in the reader's hands. Through creating programs to solve these challenges the reader will quickly progress from mastering the basics to confidently using subroutines, a graphical user interface, and linking to external text, csv and SQL files. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to program with Python. In particular, students starting out in computer science and teachers who want to improve their confidence in Python will find here a set of ready-made challenges for classroom use.

  • Essential.Algorithms.2nd.Edition.1119575990.pdf

    英文版,python和C#实现代码。 The revised and updated second edition of Essential Algorithms, offers an accessible introduction to computer algorithms. The book contains a description of important classical algorithms and explains when each is appropriate. The author shows how to analyze algorithms in order to understand their behavior and teaches techniques that the can be used to create new algorithms to meet future needs. The text includes useful algorithms such as: methods for manipulating common data structures, advanced data structures, network algorithms, and numerical algorithms. It also offers a variety of general problem-solving techniques.

  • Complete iOS 12 Development Guide.pdf

    Learn to create professional-grade iOS applications for the App Store using the latest iOS 12 features and other helpful tools Key Features Explore the distinctive design principles that define the iOS user experience Train and use machine learning models with Core ML 2 and Create ML Delve into advanced animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator and UIKitDynamics Book Description With Apple users spending more money in the App Store, there are plenty of development opportunities for professional iOS developers. This Learning Path is a direct route to iOS development, which will take you through the basics and help you put principles into practice. For experienced programmers, this book will help you gain insights into the latest iOS 12 features. This book is also useful for beginners who want to gain expertise in iOS development. You'll start with an introduction to iOS development, Xcode, and Swift. To give your app the edge, you'll get up to speed with advanced iOS topics, such as gestures and animations. Next, you will understand the latest Swift 4.2 and iOS 12 developments by incorporating new features, such as the latest in notifications, custom-UI notifications, maps, and recent additions in SiriKit. With these tools, you'll be able to write efficient, readable, and maintainable Swift code that maintains industry best practices. By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to build iOS 12 applications that harness advanced techniques and make the best use of the latest features.

  • 大数据百科全书Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies

    The Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies provides researchers, educators, students and industry professionals with a comprehensive authority over the most relevant Big Data Technology concepts. With over 300 articles written by worldwide subject matter experts from both industry and academia, the encyclopedia covers topics such as big data storage systems, NoSQL database, cloud computing, distributed systems, data processing, data management, machine learning and social technologies, data science. Each peer-reviewed, highly structured entry provides the reader with basic terminology, subject overviews, key research results, application examples, future directions, cross references and a bibliography. The entries are expository and tutorial, making this reference a practical resource for students, academics, or professionals. In addition, the distinguished, international editorial board of the encyclopedia consists of well-respected scholars, each developing topics based upon their expertise.

  • Csharp.in.Depth.4th.Edition

    英文版。 C# in Depth, Fourth Edition is your key to unlocking the powerful new features added to the language in C# 5, 6, and 7. Following the expert guidance of C# legend Jon Skeet, you'll master asynchronous functions, expression-bodied members, interpolated strings, tuples, and much more.

  • 2018 黑马(java)面试宝典 beta 5

    其实有其他人上传过这个资料,但是pdf是加密的。我只是把它解密了而已。初级教程类型吧。没有spring boot和spring cloud。

  • spring cloud 文档 pdf 英文版

    spring cloud最新英文文档。官网有html版本。我只是把它们打印成pdf版本。