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Identity-Based Cryptography(基于身份的密码学) Marc Joye
Identity-Based Encryption from the Weil Pairing.ppt
论文研究-Fast Identity-Based Encryption Using Combined Public Keys.pdf
Identity-Based Public Multi-Replica Provable Data Possession
Efficient Identity-Based Encryption Without Random Oracles.
An Improved Cloud-Based Revocable Identity-Based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme
Multi-use unidirectional identity-based proxy re-encryption from hierarchical identity-based ...
A provable secure identity-based generalized proxy signcryption scheme
Integrating Ciphertext-policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Identity-Based Ring Signature to ...
a New Identity-based Group Signature Scheme
Practical chosen-ciphertext secure Hierarchical Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption
Identity-Based Functional Encryption for Quadratic Functions from Lattices
A Stateful Multicast Key Distribution Protocol Based on Identity-based Encryption
Astrongly secure identity-based authenticated group keye xchange protocol
Identity-based encryption with authorized equivalence test for cloud-assisted IoT
Identity-based Deniable Authenticated Encryption and Its Application to E-mail System
A Secure and Efficient Identity-Based Proxy Signcryption in Cloud Data Sharing
Anonymous Identity-Based Hash Proof System from Lattices in the Standard Model
Efficient and strongly unforgeable identity-based signature scheme from lattices in the standard ...
AIB-OR: Improving Onion Routing Circuit Construction Using Anonymous Identity-Based Cryptosystems
Full Secure Identity-based Encryption Scheme with Short Public Key Size over Lattices in the ...
Identity-Based Public Verification with Privacy-Preserving for Data Storage Security in Cloud ...
Identity-based encryption framework
A Key-policy Attribute-based Encryption Scheme with Constant Size Ciphertext
Threshold Certificate-based Encryption
preventing location-based identity inference
Constructions of certificate-based signature secure against key replacement attacks
A Guide to Claims-based Identity
Watch-Nodes-Based Wormhole Attacks Detection in Wireless Mesh Networks
Claims-based Identity for Windows
Attribute-Based Ring Signcryption Scheme and Its Application in Wireless Body Area Networks
An efficient attribute-based signature scheme with claim-predicate mechanism
survey of identity based cryptography
A provable secure fuzzy identity based signature scheme
Identity Based Generalized Proxy Signcryption Scheme
Verify-Your-Vote: A Verifiable Blockchain-based Online Voting Protocol
Privacy Enforced Multi-Authority based Access ControlEnforcement Mechanism in DaaS
Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Handbook(英文版pdf)
英文原版-Pro Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite 1st Edition
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Optical identity authentication scheme based on elliptic curve digital signature algorithm and phase...
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Secure Task Allocation Based on Anonymous Identity in Mobile Crowdsourcing