Allegorithmic Substance Painter 用户手册

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Allegorithmic Substance Painter 用户手册
You will be prompted with the following window Mesh Default mesh Select Normal map format OpenGL Document resolution 1024+(can be changed later without loss) Import mesh normal maps and baked maps for all materials Add Clear Automatic normal maps assignation scheme: S(MATERIAL_ NAME)normal Cancel OK Mesh: Chose here the mesh you want to paint Normal map format: choose wether the normal map should be in DirectX or OpenGL format. Document resolution choose the resolution of the document. the resolution can go up to Mesh normal maps and baked maps: Add all the maps related to the mesh that you will need for texturing. This should be the high poly normal map, curvature map, ambient occlusion map, etc. You should follow this scheme to have your maps automatically assigned to the right channels: ProjectName_channel For example, for a project called"cymourai" cymourai_normal for the normal map, cymourai_curvature for the curvature map, etc ① You can use Substance Designer to bake all the maps needed for texturing your mesh Preferences You can access the preferences in the menu substance painter->Preferences The preferences are split in 2 panels: General shortcuts Display options Language (you need to restart for English change to take effect General Show keyboard helper Show world axes d color Only display the selected material when painting Shortcuts mera opti Rotation speed Zoom speed I Inverse direction Wheel speed I Inverse direction rivat v Automatically send usages statistics to allegorithmic Cancel OK Shortcuts General Display Options Language: Choose the language of Substance Painter. Please note that you need to restart Substance Painter to take it into account Show keyboard helper: Displays some keyboard helper at the bottom left of the painting view Show world axis: Show world axis in the painting view Background color: Choose the background color of the painting view Only display the selected material when painting: This option is useful for multi-material meshes. If checked, only the material which is being painted on is displayed, hiding the other materials. When you stop painting, all the materials become visible again Camera options Rotation speed: Set the rotation speed of the camera Zoom speed: Set the zoom speed of the camera Wheel speed: Set the wheel speed of the mouse Privacy Uncheck it if you don t want any data to be sent to allegorithmic regarding the use of Substance Painter. All those data are sent anonymously Shortcuts You can view/modify all the shortcuts in the Preferences Panel Actions Undo Redo 合8Z Save Save As 合8S Import particles 飞8R D splay next channel cport all channels 合 Show entire mesh Cear quick mask Mouse shortcuts se tool Left Camera rotate Left Camera snap rotate 飞合+Left Camera translate 飞+ Middle Camera zoom 飞+ Right Zoom on point Z+Left Zoom out 7+ Right Stencil rotate Left Stenci S+ Middle Stencil zoom Change tool size Cnange tool flow Rotate environment 合+Left Context menu Beta Feedback Bug Report You can report bugs directly from Substance Painter, in the Help menu All feedback is welcome. The main feedback portal is on our Steam Community Hub Export Channels You can export bitmaps for each of the channels you are painting on To export a channel, Go to File->Export all channels. O You can as well right click in the Viewer and chose "Export All Channels /Users/nicolasliatti /Documents/Substance Painter/expor 4 png (16 bits max) F cymourai Deselect all 1024x1024(document size) M Document channels Base Color Height Roughness 回 Metallic v Normal Y PBR Diffuse/Spec/Gloss 回 Diffuse Specula Glossiness 冈Unty4 M Diffuse(RGB)+ GlOss(A) Unity 5 v Specular(RGB)+ Glossiness (A) 10 channels selected for export Cancel Normal map is generated using base normal map and height channel, using your current PBR height Path: choose where to export the maps Format: Choose the format of the maps exported Material ID: Choose which material ID to export Resolution: Choose at which resolution you want to export the maps. You can choose a lossless different resolution than the document resolution Maps: Choose which maps to export The normal map is created using the base normal map (if you imported one in the Project Configuration) and the height channel Interface tr astros Mach noema geab ③ The interface of Substance Painter is divided in several panels, that you can reorder, resize, display and hide Viewer: This is the main panel, where you can paint on your assets Library: You can find in the Library all your presets. You can organize the library as you wish by editing, creating and deleting presets Tool: The tool panel shows you the properties of the tool currently selecte an be used for your presets Shelf: The shelfs stores and displays all your resources. Those resources Document Settings: Those are the settings of the document. Viewer Settings: Those are the settings of the 3D Viewer Layers: This is your layers stack Toolbar There are 5 kind of tools available in Substance painter Brush Eraser Stencil Selection Physical Brush You can select tools in the toolbar Viewer The 3D View allows you to visualize your mesh and paint on it. You can enable/disable the 3d view in the toolbar with the following icons: 团卜4xx EB 3D/2D F1 so 3D only F2 20 2D only F3 By default the 3D view uses a PBR shader which is based on the metallic/roughness workflow The 3D View can be manipulated using the usual Maya shortcuts by default, but they can be changed in the Preferences The 3D View settings can be modified in the Viewer Settings windo 2D View Substance Painter allows you to seamlessly paint in the 2D view Controls Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out Press Alt Mouse Left to rotate the view Press f to center the view Alignment You can choose to paint on Uv, on tangent or according to the camera view thanks to the parameter Alignment in the Brush Controls Action Windows Mac osX View The entire mesh Rotate camera Ctrl Left click Cmd Left click Snap camera Ctrl+ Left click+ Shift Cmd Left Click Shift Translate Camera Ctrl + Middle click Cmd Middle click Zoom Ctrl+ Right Click Cmd Right Click Zoom in Z +Left click Z+Left click Zoom out Z+ Right click Z+ Right Click You can modify those controls in the preferences windo Texture set The Texture Sets pane shows all the material IDs of your assets. Those material IDs need to be created during the mesh creation Please note It is not possible to paint seamlessly on 2 texture sets It is not possible to duplicate/copy a layer from a texture set to another texture set O By default, only the texture set which is being selected is displayed when you are painting on. You can change it in the Preferences by y unchecking " Only display the material selected when painting Layer Stack The Layer Stack lets you manage your layers On the contrary to other tools, each layer is multi-channels This means the multi-channel brushes will paint on all of their respective channels, no matter which channel you are currently viewing in the Layer Stack. Each Layer has its own Blending mode and Opacity for each of its channel. You can change the channel you are editing through the top left combo box Layers Base color÷ ●∠+口s一 Norm 100 The Layer Stack in Substance Painter features Standard Layers(use the and -buttons to add and delete them) but there are also 2 other types of Layers: The Effect Layers allows you to load a substance material or effect through the Layer Properties window. You can add an effect layer with this button The Fill Layers allows you to load an image to fill the layer. You can add a Fill Layer with this button You cant paint on a Bitmap Layer Masks You can add a mask to a Layer or a folder through a Right click. a click on the mask thumbnail will highlight it and switch to mask editing a click on the layer thumbnail will go back to the layer,s content edition Painting on an Effect Layer will paint on the mask input of the substance Substance Effects The substance effects allows you to create effects directly on a layer See the Substance Effects part to learn how to create them with Substance Designer Shelf The Shelf lets you manage all the assets used in your project. It is split in 3 parts The resource pane, letting you import and manage your own resources The brush pane The material pane Decals Materials Alptds Stencils Texures4) Search. H Brush Maren器 制即灌● screw bolt pack pa.. bark dd gin- black dirt bla:k pin Alpha Dirt 05 Alpha Dirt 06 alpha scratc. Alpha Scrat. Al pha Strip car paint copper. crab adom. crab shell fabric co The resource pane You can add your own assets in the resource pane By putting them in My documents Substance Painter folder and restarting Substance Painter By Drag&dropping them in the resource part In File->Import Choose File->Clean to delete resources from the Resource part which are not used on the project The Brush pane You can find Alpha brushes Particles Tools If you wish to create new assets for this part, change the parameters in the Tools panel and right-click -> Save tool /brush The Material Pane The material pane shows all your materials You can save new materials by doing right-click-> Save material in the Tools panel


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