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本文档是关于硬件CYCLONE pro的使用操作手册,其中包含了离线烧录操作,仿真操作,外部供电设置等相关内容
INTRODUCTION Feature Overview/Comparison 2 QUICK START GUIDE FOR SAP OPERATION 3 CYCLONE HARDWARE 3.1 Touchscreen lcD 3.2 LED Indicators 3.3 Start Button 1 5 3.4 Access Panel 3.5 Cyclone System Power 3.6 RS232 Communication (Serial Port 7 Ethernet communication 3.8 USB Communications 3.9 Electromechanical Relays 3.10 Power Connectors 3.11 Reset Button 3.12 Optional Oscillator(MONO8Only).…………… 3.13 Cyclone Time/ Real Time Clock 3.14 Power Jumper settings 1最 国面面B面面国面 3. 15 Debug Connectors 777889 3.16 Target Headers For part* CYCLONE ACP 3.17 Target Headers For Part# CYCLONE UNIVERSAL 3.18 Ribbon cable 4 TARGET POWER MANAGEMENT 4.1 Cyclone Configuration 19 4.2 Cyclone Setup.… 21 4.3 Setup Reminders 23 5 TOUCHSCREEN LCD MENU 24 5.1 Home screen 24 5.2 Main menu 25 6 CREATING PROGRAMMING IMAGES 31 6.1 Create A Stand-Alone Programming(SAP)Image 31 6.2 Manage Multiple SAP Images 39 7 CYCLONE PROGRAMMER MANUAL CONTROL 41 7.1 Operation Via Start Button .41 7.2 Operation Via LCD Touchscreen Menu .42 7.3 Home screen 7. 4 Status window 43 8 CYCLONE PROGRAMMER AUTOMATED CONTROL( CYCLONE CONTROL SUITE)………45 8.1 Overview Of Cyclone Control Suite 45 8.2 Cyclone Control SDK 8.3 Cyclone Control Console 8.4 Cyclone Control GUI ..166 8.5 License 72 9 ETHERNET CONFIGURATION 74 9.1 Network architectures 74 9.2 Network parameters 74 9.3 Internet protocol 75 9.4 Connecting The Cyclone Device 75 9.5 Cyclone IP Setup Via LCD Menu 76 9.6 Configuring Cyclone Network Settings using the Cyclone Control GUI ……77 10 AUTOMATIC SERIAL NUMBER MECHANISM .80 10.1 Understanding serialization…………… 10.2 Serialize Utility 10.3 Changing Serial Number Format to Little-Endian 10.4 Serialize Utility Example…… 10.5 Using Serial Number File 83 10.6 Serial Number Handling…… 83 11 TROUBLESHOOTING… 1面着重面重 85 11.1 My Cyclone Is Non-Responsive, Is There A Way I Can Try To Re-Activate It? ..85 11.2 I Received An Error When Using A Next-Gen Cyclone Saying That My SAP Image Needs To Be Updated low DoDo this? 85 11.3 When Trying To Install The CYCLONE Software, A Popup WDREG Error Occurs Telling Me That There Are Open Devices Using Win Driver 86 12 ERROR CODES 88 12.1 Debug Mode Communication Related Errors 12.2 SAP Image Handling Related Errors aii 0 a 88 12.3 SAP Algorithm header Operation handling related Errors 12.4 SAP Operation Related Errors 12.5 SAP Blank Check Range and Module Related Errors 12.6 SAP Erase Range and module related errors 12.7 SAP Program Byte,Word, and module related errors………… ,89 12.8 SAP Verify Checksum Related Errors ..90 12. 9 SAP Verify Range and Module Related Errors 90 12. 10 SAP User Function related errors B着画BB面1E 90 12.11 SAP Trim Related errors 12.12 Unrecoverable fatal errors 90 12.13 Operation Security related Errors ..91 1214 External Memory- Related errors……… 91 12.15 Serial Number related errors 91 12.16 Download count related errors 12.17 System Hardware/Firmware /Logic Recoverable Errors 1面1面面 92 13 CYCLONE FEATURE OVERVIEW/ COMPARISON 3 micro INTRODUCTION PEmicro's CYCLONE production programmers are powerful, fast, and feature rich in-circuit programming solutions. PEmicro offers two models which have the same feature set and only vary by the devices supported The CYCLONE ACP supports a wide variety of ARM Cortex devices The CYCLONE UNIVERSAL supports those ARM Cortex devices as well as the following NXP device families: Kinetis, LPC, S32, Qorivva(MPC5XXX), MPC5XX/8XX, DSC, S12Z, RS08, S08 HC08, HC(S)12(X), and Cold Fire PART CYCLONE UNIVERSAL PART# CYCLONE ACP ARM Cortex devices: 8/16/32 bit devices Atmel: SAMXXX NXP: S32 Cypress: PRoC-BLE, PSoC4, PSoc5 Cold fire③V1 Infineon: XMC ColdFire(B V2/V3/V4 NordicSemi: nRF51. nRF52 Qorivva③(PC5××x) NXP: Kinetis, LPC DSC Silergy(Maxim): MAX716xX MPC5X×/8× Silicon Labs: EFM32. EFR32. SiM3 ARM Nexus(MAC7×X) S12Z STMicroelectronics: STM32 HC(S)12(X) Texas Instruments: LM3S, LM4. TM4C12x HC08. HCSO8. RSo8 Toshiba: TOo. TXO3, TX04 STMicro: SPC5 Figure 1-1: CYCLONE Supported Architectures CYCLONE programmers are designed to withstand the demands of a production environment They are Stand-Alone Programmers(SAP)that can be operated manually or used to host automated programming. In manual SaP mode the Cyclone is operated using the touchscreen LCD Menu and/or the Start button Host-controlled SAP mode, for automated programming, is accomplished using either a command line utility, RS232 protocol, UDP protocol, or the Cyclone Automated Control dll P&e also offers CYCLONE FX programmers which include enhanced speed, storage, security advanced cyclone control/automation and other features that make them an incredibly powerful and versatile solution. For more information, visit pemicro. com/cyclone 1.1 Feature Overview/Comparison See CHAPTER 13-CYCLONE FEATURE OVERVIEW/COMPARISoN for a CYCLoNE feature overview and comparison with the CYCLONE programmers User Manual For CYCLONE Programmers micro 2 QUICK START GUIDE FOR SAP OPERATION Stand-Alone Programming(SAP)is the most common use of the CYCLONE. This quick-start guide illustrates how easy it is to begin using the Cyclone for stand-alone programming You are encouraged to read this manual in its entirety for a complete description of all features specific to your Cyclone, many of which are beyond the scope of this quick-start guide Step 1. Install Software The first step is to install the accompanying software. This will install all of the applications and drivers that can be used to configure/control the CYCLONE Once the installation is complete and the pc has been rebooted you may begin to configure the Cyclone for SAP operation Step 2. Hardware Setup a. Configure the target power management scheme Power management is configured by setting jumpers that are revealed by opening the access panel on the Cyclone s left side. The corresponding settings are conveniently illustrated on the rear label of Cyclone. No jumpers are installed by default. You may wish to refer to Section 3. 22-Target Power Management b. Connect the Cyclone to your PC Select the appropriate communications interface( Serial, USB or Ethernet)and connect the Cyclone to your PC. If you wish to use the Ethernet port you will need to configure the corresponding network settings before use, either through the touchscreen LCD menu or via the software utility Configure/P. The Ethernet port will not function properly until this configuration is complete. You may wish to refer to CHAPTER 9-ETHERNET CONFIGURATION C. Power up the cyclone Step 3. Create a SAP Image A SAP image, or Stand-Alone Programming image, is a self-sufficient data object containing the Cyclone and target hardware setup information, programming algorithm, programming sequence and target data. The Cyclone uses these images to perform SAP operations on target devices Follow these steps to create a SAP image a. Run the Cyclone Image Creation Utility (Createlmage. exe) This utility is a GUI designed to help users create architecture/manufacturer-specific SAP images. To run this utility From the Start" menu of your PC, select All Programs. From there, select"PEmicro Cyclone Programmer, then select->Cyclone Image Creation Utility. The utility is shown in Figure 2-1. Continue with the steps below to create an image User Manual For CYCLONE Programmers micro r Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version File Options Help Specify Target ARchitecture. Qorivva CM C: \prog\NT. FREESCALE_ HCPC_ QORIWA\Freescale MPC5674F1x32x1024k pcp Ss Specify Object Code SS C: \GENS19(319. ASM\PPC\MI 4Fs19 EN Ease i not Blank EN Erase il not blank EM Erase Module PM Program Modue BM Bank Check Module M Program Module PR Program Range /R∨ erity rang C erify Checksum r ignore Address Range Check Show S1S CRC Launch Script wizard Clear Script Move up Move down Remove From List Communication Scting Debug Fort Fin Settings ug Shift Speed: 3-Shift Frequency=4.55MHz Pin1 as) TDI D o GND(as Pin2 TD◇◇GND Securit TCK◇◇GND rts incensing 1234567-89ABCDEF12345 Browse N/◇N/C RESET#◇◇TMs T arget Power k vollage Settings vDD◆◇GND 厂 Use Cyclone Relays mnl3=>RD◇◇JUM《==Pmn4 r After Resel, delay 0 ms before contacting target and enler progamming mode Drive RESET signal LOw before and after SAP operations Image Descriptor: 12/15/2016 304. 41 PM FX Special Features Store Image to Cyclone ge Restrictions: Limit Image Usage between dales: 12/18/2016 to 12/19/2017 r Number of programs allowed: 0 Number of failures allowed. 0 厂 Use Barcode File Store Image to Disk Figure 2-1: Cyclone Image Creation Utility(Qorivva Selected b. In the Cyclone Image Creation Utility, select your CPU manufacturer and architecture from their respective drop-down lists C. Click the "Launch Script Wizard" button Follow the pop-up screens to specify a pro gramming algorithm and target object file. The programming algorithm, target object file, and default programming sequence will then show up in the programming sequence listbox d. Specify the auxiliary setup and hardware setup, such as Communication Mode, Com munication Rate, Target Power, and Voltage Settings e. Type an Image description for your saP image. the default description is a time stamp f. Click the Store Image to Cyclone" button which the image will be saved, then click the"Connect"button. Finally click"Apply o g. The Cyclone Control GUI will pop up. Use the drop-down box to select the Cyclone Changes"and the image information will be stored on the Cyclone you selected. Your SAP image has now been created Step 4. Execute SAP Image The SAP image stored on your Cyclone can now be programmed to the target with one button press. Once your target is connected to the Cyclone, press the Start button of the cyclone unit and wait for programming operations to finish. During this process, the LCD screen will show the status of operations. Note that the menu option described in Section Set Progress User Manual For CYCLONE Programmers micro Details will allow you to set the Cyclone to display either more or less detailed information about the programming process during programming. Eventually the "Success"or Error" LED will illuminate, and the LCD screen will display the results Note: If programming is unsuccessful when using this quick start setup, the user may instead wish to use the included PRoG software for their device. The prog software allows the user to manually walk through the programming procedure step by step, which may help determine which part of setup or programming function is causing difficulty User Manual For CYCLONE Programmers micro CYCLONE HARDWARE The following is an overview of the features and interfaces of the CYCLONE programmers. Many of these interfaces are labeled on the underside of the plastic case Headers ccess For Target an Connections touchscreen LCD CYCLONE PART# CYCLONE ACP 201602-2608:22:00PM pem/cro. so MENU Start Button PART# CYCLONE UNIVERSAL LED Indicators Figure 3-1: CYCLONE Top View 3.1 Touchscreen lcD The LCD Touchscreen displays information about the Cyclone s configuration and the programming process, and also allows the user to navigate the Cyclone's menus. The location of the Touchscreen LCD is shown in Figure 3-1 3.2 LED Indicators The LEd indicators for Error or Success will illuminate depending on the results of the programming process and provide a clear visual indication of the results. The location of the LED Indicators is shown in Figure 3-1 3.3 Start Button The Start Button can be used to begin the programming process manually, provided that the Cyclone is properly configured. The location of the Start Button is shown in Figure 3-1 Access Panel The Access Panel can easily be opened to allow the user to connect/disconnect ribbon cables from the headers or to configure the cyclone's power jumpers to select one of the available Power Management setups. The location of the Access Panel is shown in Figure 3-1; a layout of the headers and jumpers beneath the Access Panel is shown in Figure 3-4 User Manual For CYCLONE Programmers 5

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