Visual C++ 编程资源大全(英文源码 系统)

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1,01.zipClass for displaying system error messages显示系统错误信息的一个类(5KB)2,02.zipSimple Thread Class一个简单的线程类(13KB)3,03.zipSingle Instance Program 单进程的例子(12KB)4,interface.zipA series of articles that resulted from experimenting with adding Drag and Drop features to my existing application. (100KB)5,ddmgr.zipA drag-drop/clipboard manager class for MFC objects derived from CObject (55KB)6,clipboard_faq_demo.zipAll you ever wanted to know about the Clipboard(23KB)7,clipspy_src.zipA tool for viewing clipboard and drag-and-drop data(40KB)8,DateClass.zipA class that simplifies common date handling tasks(41KB)9,CCPUTicker_src.zipAn ultra high precision MFC timing class for Pentium or greater CPUs. (16KB)10,hightime_src.zipA high resolution time class that is a replacement for COleDateTime that does not use MFC. (12KB)11,SRSS.zipCode to help calculate sunrise and sunset times(20KB)12,PerfTimer.zipThis class encapsulates QueryPerformanceCounter for high precision timing(3KB)13,traycalendar.zipA simple app that places a date in the system tray(62KB)14,lineprint.zipA line printer class(37KB)15,PrintMechanism_src.zipLearn how to implement print support in your applications.(6KB)16,singlepage.zipA Single Page Printing Framework(39KB)17,printlib.zipA general purpose printing class library(155KB)18,printingmadeeasy.zipPrinting with MFC Made Easy(48KB)19,print_preview.zipWant to preview your printing without relying on the doc/view framework?(119KB)20,printBmp.zipPrint Bitmaps Without Doc/View Framework(2KB21,WinMgr_demo.zipA Windows screensaver and boot manager(61KB)22,address.zipAddress Book(201KB)23,OnscreenKeyboard_src.zipAn onscreen keyboard for pen computing and touchscreens(126KB)<

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