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最全 NVMe IP core datasheet 。最全 NVMe IP core datasheet 。ip maker
1. Wait PCle Linkup 2. Setup PCle Enviranment UserError=1 and NaMe register in SSD Initialization Setup is done Command operatio UserCmd UserCmd UserCmd Usercmd UserCmd Seroma 000 =”001 010 ="011" =”100 4a. shutdown ssD 6 a Wait buffer、 Remaining free enough for Rx qize=0 Ba. send Flush command one command Remaining Rx size>0 4b. Wait SSD 6b. Process 8b.Wait Flush shutdown ead comman peter 3a. Send 5a. Wait RdAta 7a. Serd SMART Identify command from user Wait all data are command Remaining Data is enough ansferred to user ize>d fo 3b. Return Identify b Return 5b. Prccess data throuch lden V/F smaRT data to Write command CtmRAMWF Remaining 3G Update LBASize and End LBAMode command No operation Inactive command from user must be Identify command (UserCmd=000")to update LBASize ( UserCmd=”001”) For Write command (UserCmd=010), the maximum data size for one command is 128 Kbyte. If Similar to Write command, Read command(Usercmd=011")must be sent to the SSD many ( UserCmd=”100”) ( UserCmd=”110) asserted to '0' in the ldle state ● Integrated Block for PCle AXI Completer Stream Request Master Interface Clock and sys_reset AX 4 Completer Reset s axis cc Stream Completion Interface Interfa AX14- Requester s axIs [q Stream Requ Slave Interface pc exp PCI E rn axis C s A×4 Requester Stream Completion Master Interface clg ingrid Configuration Management Interface Synchronous reset signal. Active low. Release to ' when Clk signal is stable. User Command(“000": Identify,“001”: Shutdown,“010: Write ssD,“011: Read SSD 100”: SMART,“110”:Fush,“101”7111”: Reserved LBa unit =4 Kbyte, User Addr[2: 0] must be always set to 000" to align 4 Kbyte LBa unit =512 byte, it is recommended to set UserAddr[2: 0]="000" to align 4 Kbyte 2: 0]must be always set to""to align 4 Kbyte Assert to‘1to Idle(User Busy=0). Command parameter (UserCmd, UserAddr, UserLen, Ctm SubmDWO 1 Assert to when IP is busy. New request must not be sent(UserReq to 1)when IP still be D: LBA size =512byte, 1: LBA size 4 Kbyte. Default value is o to‘1

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