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本文件对 STM32G431开发板主要数据进行了说明介绍,可用于STM32G431开发板的项目开发。
NUCLEO-XXXXRX NUCLEO-XXXXRX-P marking Order code Board reference m Differentiating features manual Target STM32 STLINK-V3E on Micro-AB USB connector NUCLEO-G43IRB STM32G43IRBTOU ·24 MHZ HSE MiPl debug connector MB1367 UM2505 STLINK-V3E on Micro-AB USB connector NUCLEO-G474RE STM32G474RETOU 24 MHZ HSE MIPI debug connector NUCLEO-LO1ORB STM32L01ORBT6 ST-LINK/2-1 on mini-AB USB connector Arma Mbed Enabled NUCLEO-LO53R8 SIM32L053R8 6 ST-LINK/2-1 on Mini-AB USB connector MB1136UM1724 Arma Mbed Enabled NUCLEO-LO73RZ STM32L073RZT6U ST-LINK/2-1 on Mini-AB USB NUCLEO-L152RE STM32L152RET6. ST-LINKN2-1 on Mini-AB USB onnector ST-LINK/2-1 on Micro-AB USB NUCLEO-L412RB-P STM32L412RBT6PU connector External SMPS MB1319UM2206 Arma Mbed Enabled NUCLEO-L433RC-P STM32L433RCT6PU ST-LINKV2-1 on Micro-AB USB co∩ nector External SMPS NUCLEO-L452RE MB1136UM1724STM32L452RET6U ST-LINK/2-1 on Mini-AB USB co∩ nector ST-LINK/2-1 on Micro-AB USB NUCLEO-L452RE-PMB1319 UM2206STM32L452RET6PU connector External SMPS NUCLEO-L476RG MB1136 UM1724 STM32L476RGT6U. ST-LINKN2-1 on Mini-AB USB connect 1.1 oduct marking Evaluation tools marked as" Es or"E" are not yet qualitied and therefore not ready to be used as reference design or in production. Any consequences deriving from such usage will not be at st charge. In no event, ST will be liable for any customer usage of these engineering sample tools as reference design or in production E or"ES" marking examples of location On the targeted STM32 that is soldered on the board (for illustration of STM32 marking, refer to the STM32 datasheetpackageinformation" Next to the evaluation tool ordering part number that is stuck or silk-screen printed on the board Some boards feature a specific STM32 device version, which allows the operation of any bundled commercial stack/library available. This STM32 device shows a U"marking option at the end of the standard part number and is not available for sales In order to use the same commercial stack in his application, a developer may need to purchase a part number specific to this stack/library. The price of those part numbers includes the stack/library royalties DB2196- Rev 1: page 3/7 NUCLEO-XXXXRX NUCLEO-XXXXRX-P Codification 12 Codification The meaning of the codification is explained in Table 2 Table 2. Codification explanation NUCLEO-XXYYRT Description Example: NUCLEO-L452RE NUCLEO-XXYYRT-P MCU series in sTm32 Arm Cortex MCUs STM32L4 Series YY MCU product line in the series STM32L452 STM32 package pin count 64 pins STM32 Flash memory size 8 for 64 Kbytes B for 128 Kbytes C for 256 Kbytes 512Kbytes E for 512 Kbyte G for 1 Mbyte Z for 192 Kbytes STM32 has external SMPS function No SMPS The order code is mentioned on a sticker placed on the top side of the board DB2196- Rev 13 page 4/7 NUCLEO-XXXXRX NUCLEO-XXXXRX-P Development environment 2 Development environment 2.1 System requirements Windows@ OS (7, 8 and 10), Linux& 64-bit, or macOS USB Type-A to Micro-B or USB Type-A to Mini-B cable(depending on the board reference) macos is a trademark of Apple Inc registered in the U.s. and other countries 2.2 Development toolchains ⊙ MDK-ARM1) IARTM EWARM(1) GCC-based IDEs Arm@ Mbed(2)online (3)(see mbed. org) Notes On Windows@ only. 2. Arm and Mbed are registered trademarks or trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the Us and or elsewhere 3.Refertothewww.mbed.comwebsiteandtotheordEringinformation"sectiontodeterminewhichorder codes are supported 2.3 Demonstration software The demonstration software, included in the STM32 Cube MCU Package corresponding to the on-board microcontroller, is preloaded in the STM32 Flash memory for easy demonstration of the device peripherals in standalone mode The latest versions of the demonstration source code and associated documentation can be DB2196- Rev 13 page 5/7 NUCLEO-XXXXRX NUCLEO-XXXXRX-P Revision history Table 3. Document revision history Date Version Changes 10Feb-2014 Initial release 13Feb-2014 Added Table 1: Device summary and updated Table 2: Ordering information. 11-Apr2014 Extended the applicability to NUCLEO-F302R8 Updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Extended the applicability to NUCLEo-L053R8, NUCLEO-FO72RB, NUCLEO 26May-2014 F334R8 and NUCLEO-F411RE Updated Table 1 and Table 2 Extended the applicability to NUCLEo-F091RC and NUCLEo-F303RE. 9-Sep-20 Updated Features Updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Extended the applicability to NUCLEo-F07ORB, NUCLEO-L073RZ and 16Dec2014 NUCLEO-L476RG Updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Extended the applicability to NUCLEO-F410RB, NUCLEO-F446RE 8-Ju-2015 Updated Tab/e 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Extended the applicability to NUCLEo-L452RE 29-Noy-2016 Updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Added Table 3: Codification explanation Extended document scope to the NUCLEO-L452RE-P and NUCLEO L433RC-P boards Updated Features 16Nov2017 Updated Table 1: Device summary, Table 2: Ordering information and Table 3: Codification explanation Updated System requirement, Development toolchains and Demonstration software Updated Features, Description and System requirement 15Dec2017 Extended document scope to the NUCLEO-LO1ORB board: updated Table 1 Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information 24-Aug-2018 Extended document scope to the NUCLEO-L412RB-P board: updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information. Extended document scope to the NUCLEO-G070RB and NUCLEO-G071RB 22-Oct-2018 Updated Table 1: Device summary and Table 2: Ordering information Added NUCLEo-GXXXRX top view on the cover page Revised the entire document to accommodate to multiple feature combinations Reorganized Features Updated Description 8-Apr-2019 Added Ordering information and Development environment Updated Table 1. List of available products and Table 2. Codification explanation Extended document scope to the NUCLEO-G431RB and NUCLEO-G474RE boards DB2196- Rev 13 page 6/7 NUCLEO-XXXXRX NUCLEO-XXXXRX-P IMPORTANT NOTICE- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY STMicroelectronics NV and its subsidiaries (ST )reserve the right to make changes, corrections, enhancements, modifications, and improvements to ST products and/or to this document at any time without notice. Purchasers should obtain the latest relevant information on St products before placing orders. ST products are sold pursuant to ST's terms and conditions of sale in place at the time of order acknowledgement Purchasers are solely responsible for the choice, selection, and use of st products and st assumes no liability for application assistance or the design of Purchasers' products No license, express or implied, to any intellectual property right is granted by st herein Resale of st products with provisions different from the information set forth herein shall void any warranty granted by st for such product names are the property of their respective owners Information in this document supersedes and replaces information previously supplied in any prior versions of this document o 2019 STMicroelectronics- All rights reserved DB2196- Rev 13 page 7/7

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