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u-blox M8P RTK官方开发板说明手册,英文版官方手册,详细介绍了RTK开发时配置M8P的方式
blox C94-M8P- User Guide Preface Using this guide This guide assumes, the user has basic computer skills and is familiar with the Windows graphical User Interface (GUD and GNSS receiver environments The following symbols are used in the document to highlight information A A warning symbol indicates actions that could negatively impact or damage the device An index finger points out key information pertaining to device operation and performance Warnings and certifications CAUTION! IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT OF A FAILURE IN THE INTERNAL PROTECTION CIRCUITRY THERE IS A RISK OF AN EXPLOSION WHEN CHARGING FULLY OR PARTIALLY DISCHARGED BATTERIES. REPLACE THE BATTERY FT NO LONGER HAS SUFFICIENT CHARGE FOR UNIT OPERATION, CONTROL THE BATTERY BEFORE USING F THE DEVICE HAS NOT BEEN OPERATED FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME Products marked with this lead-free symbol on the product label comply with the Directive 2002/95/EC and Directive 201 1/65/EU of the European Parliament and the Pb Council on the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in Electrical and Electronic equipment"(RoHS) C94-M8P application board is RoHS compliant UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Information Preface Page 3 of 47 blox C94-M8P- User Guide Contents Preface 3 sing this guide Warnings and certifications Contents. 1 Introduction 1 Overview 1.2 C94-M8P package 1.3 Software requirements…… 1. 4 System requirements 2 Specification 8 3 Getting started 3. 1 Software 3.2 NEO-M8P and radio modem firmware 3.3 Hardware installation 10 33.1 GNSS antenna considerations 10 4 Configuration,,,,,,,,…,,,,…,",",…,"…,…,,11 4.1 GNSS constellation configuration 4.2 Static RtK configuration 4.2.1 Base station operation 12 4.2.2 Specifying a fixed position 4.2.3 Using the self survey-in facility 12 4.2.4 Configuring 4.2.5 NEO-M&P UART settings for the base 16 4.2.6 Rove 16 4.2.7 NEO-M8P UART settings for the rover 17 4.2. 8 Navigation rates supported with standard rtK 17 4.3 Moving baseline rtk configuration 17 4.3.1 Base station operation 17 4.3.2 NEO-M8P UART settings for Base 21 4.3.3 Navigation rates supported with moving baseline operation 22 4.3.4 Rover with moving baseline 4.3.5 Message Latency 23 Operation.… ■■■■■■■■■口■■■■■■■m■aam■a圆m■aD口ama n24 5.1 Standard RTK mode 24 Base station in operation 5.1.2 Rover in operation UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Intormation Contents Page 4 of 47 blox C94-M8P-User guide 5.2 Moving baseline mode 25 2. 1 Base station in operation 25 5.2.2 Rover in operation 26 5.3 Monitoring the quality of the rtCm stream 5.3.1 Moving baseline 28 6 Evaluation interfaces ....... 29 6.1 RS232/UART Interface 29 6.2 USB interface 29 6.3 8 connector 29 6.4 Battery connector… 30 6.5 LED 30 6.6 Antenna connectors 30 6.6.1 Radio antenna connector 30 6.6.2 GNss antenna connector 6.7 Wired serial RTCM3 connection between base and rover 7 Block diagram........ ………32 8 Board layout…… 33 9 Schematic…n 34 Appendix…......….….….….….…….……….…………….35 a Glossary..… …35 b Radio communication link configuration ............................................35 B. 1 Serial console terminal installation 38 c Updating C94 radio modem firmware.eeeeneeeneeesseteeeeeseeeosaaeeenteteesae 39 C.1 Updating procedure… 40 Please download the correct firmware for your C94 variant from the u-blox GitHub website https://github.com/u-blox/c94-application-board-rAdio-firmware/ 40 There are two parts to the firmware a boot loader(BL)and the firmware itself(FW) 40 D Notes on fw3.01 HPG1, 40 …41 Notes on hardware 41 E1 For C94 radio firmware not in current production low latency firmware as indicated in Table 9: .......41 E2 For C94 radio firmware that is current production low latency firmware as indicated in table 9: .....42 E3 94 Variants-00 42 E.3 Overview E.3.2 Connectors 42 E.3.3 Dimensions F Hardware modification n44 UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Information Contents Page 5 of 47 blox C94-M8P-User guide Related documents 46 Revision history...............…………….46 Contact 47 UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Intormation Contents Page 6 of 47 blox C94-M8P- User Guide 1 Introduction 1.1 Overview vne c94-M8P application board package provides the means for efficient integration and evaluation of NEO-M8P, u-blox's M8 high precision GNSS modules The NEo-M8P module series introduces the concept of a"Rover"and a" Base Station ". By using a correction data stream from the Base Station, the rover can output its relative position with stunning cm-level accuracy in good environments The C94-m8P board integrates the Neo-M8P-2 module with both Base Station and Rover functionality. The C94-M8P includes a UHF radio link, allowing for easy setup and fast prototyping. The board also provides connector pins, enabling a simple wired connection or communication alternatives using u-blox cellular and short-range technologies The C94-M8P application board package comes in four variants, each with an individually configured radio link to meet different radio frequency requirements in different regions C94-M8P-1-10/11 for China(433 MHz) C94-M8P-2-10/11 for USA and Canada (915 MHz) C94-M8P-3-10/11 or C94-M8P-3-10 for Europe(433 MHz) C94-M8P-4-10/11 for Japan (920 MHz) A label showing the application variant (ordering code) is located at the top-right corner of the board. For information about variants with the old board version( C94-M8P-1-00, C94-M8P-2-00 and C94-M8P-3-00)refer to AppendⅸxE 1.2 C94-M8P package The C94-M8P package includes 2 application boards(both with a nEo-M8P-2 module 2 external uhf antennas 2 external active gnss antennas 2 antenna ground planes 2 USB cables A RF-shield is attached on the top of the radio modem A plastic enclosure is attached on the top of the gnss module. The purpose of the enclosure is to prevent airflow affecting tcXo performance 1.3 Software requirements To comply with the instructions and examples in this document, the following software is required The latest version of u-center for Windows(currently version 8.26). You can download it from https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/c94-m8p Serial console terminal, for example Putty 1.4 System requirements The following system requirements are required to follow the instructions and examples in this document PC With USB interface Operating system: Windows Vista onwards (x86 and x64 versions) GNSS USB drivers are automatically installed when installing u-center UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Information ntroduction Page 7 of 47 blox C94-M8P-User guide 2 Specification Parameter Specification Interfaces 1 USB port for GNSS data and power supply 1 RS232, for radio link configuration Connection pins for UART communication(e. g C027),3.3 V SMA connector External gnss anterna and uhF antenna Dimensions 75 mmx55 mm Weight Power Supply 5V via USB or externally powered by battery (5.05 mm pitch 2-pin, 3.7V-20 V) powered 1 battery connector Normal operating temperature 40°to+65°C Table 1: C94-M8P application board specification UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Intormation Specitication Page 8 of 47 blox C94-M8P- User Guide 3 Getting started 3. 1 Software installation The latest version of u-center is needed for the examples and procedures described in this document. Internet access is also required during the software installation to ensure that the most up-to-date components are installed on your system. After installation, the u-center application can be found in the"u-blox "folder in the start->Program menu 3.2 NEO-M8P and radio modem firmware Before starting evaluation, check that the application boards are using the latest firmware for both the NEo-M8P and radio modem modules If you have received C94-M8P-E PCB variants these units will have the latest hpgl. 40 firmware on the NEo-M8P and the latest production radio modem firmware. If you are intending to use a wired RTCM3 serial connection, the radio firmware will not need updating The following points describe the update rates possible using wireless or wired connection modes The neo-M8P used in wireless connection mode will operate at up to 4 Hz(GPS only), 3 Hz(Dual constellation) for standard rtk operation and 1 Hz for the moving baseline(mb)modes. However, the maximum rate the radio can transmit is range and environment dependent. It is recommended in standard rtk mode that the base is run at 1 hz while the rover is run at a higher rate if needed The neo-M8P used in wired connection mode will operate at up to 5 Hz(Dual constellation) and 8 Hz (GPS only) in standard RTK mode For moving baseline mode with M8P firmware HPG1. 40, this reduces to 4 Hz(Dual constellation and GPS only The latest Neo-m8P firmware is available on the u-blox web site. to find the neo-m8P firmware variant use the MON-VER message as shown in section 5.2. 6(Figure 25) of the u-center User Guide [4]. For updating the M8P firmware, follow the steps described in section 8. 1 in the u-center User Guide [4 Note the following points when updating the nEo-M8P firmware All the changes in the M8P configuration are lost when the firmware is updated. The Base and Rover must be re-configured after updating Do not have more than one application board connected to your computer while updating The m&P uart baud rate and the radio modem baud rate will need to be matched if the c94 radio firmware is updated from the earlier delivered radio modem firmware. The current production radio modem firmware defaults to 19200 Baud and the M8P UART speed will need this setting and not 9600 baud as used in the earlier radio modem firmware. Use the m8P CFG-PRT UaRt command as shown in section 4.2.4 The radio modem firmware needs to be the current production firmware for the c94 variant used. To see if the C94 radio modem needs a firmware update, check your C94 PCb version and the delivered map firmware version shown in the table 8 and table 9 You can verify the radio modem firmware version by using the at "l' command when connected to the radio modem through the standard g pin d-type serial connector J1. See Appendix b Radio communication link configuration For updating the radio modem firmware, see appendix c UBX-15031056-R07 Early Production Information Getting started Page 9 of 47 blox C94-M8P- User Guide 3. 3 Hardware installation To test and evaluate the benetits of u-blox Real Time Kinematic(rtK) technology two C94-M8P application boards-"Base"and"Rover-need to be set up as described below Connect the Uhf antenna to the sma connector marked with"UHF" Connect the gnss antenna to the sma connector marked with"GNSS Connect the micro USB cable to the micro USB port on the board (for power and configuration) Depending on the evaluation purposes, the test connectors may be used differently SB g The two boards are identical. select one of the boards to act as a"base" and one as a rover blo UHF GNSS 33 1 GNsS antenna considerations In order to optimize the benefit of u-blox Real Time Kinematic (rtK) technology and achieve high accuracy performance, the antenna placement is extremely important. The recommendations for the gnss antenna used with the system are The antenna needs to be placed in an open sky environment with unobstructed sky visibility Care should be taken to minimize multipath. If the antenna installation does not provide a natural ground plane, such as mounting on a car roof, using a seperate ground plane is strongly recommended This can be achieved by mounting the antenna on the ground plane(supplied with the package)and placing as far as possible from nearby buildings or other obstructions The ground plane should have a minimum diameter of 10 cm. If better performance is required due to multipath, then a larger ground plane will improve the performance. Moving to a lower multipath environment might be required For more information refer to Achieving Centimeter Level Performance with Low Cost Antennas [5] UBX-15031056-R07 Early production information Getting started Page 10 of 47

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