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CONTENTS 1 Introduction to OpenCV 1.1 Installation in linux 6 1.2 Using OpenCv with gcc and CMake 7 1.3 USing OpenCV with Eclipse (plugin CDT) 14 Installation in windows 1.5 How to build applications with OpenCV inside the Microsoft Visual studio 26 1.6 Using Android binary package with Eclipse 1.7 Using C++ Opencv code with Android binary package··· 5 .,,54 1. 8 Installation in iOS 62 1. 9 Load and display an Image 1. 10 Load, Modify, and Save an Image 65 1.11 How to write a tutorial for OpenCv? 2 core module. The Core Functionality 79 2.1 Mat- The basic Image Container 2.2 How to scan images, lookup tables and time measurement with OpenCv 87 2.3 Mask operations on matrices 92 2.4 Adding(blending) two images using OpenCV 94 2.5 Changing the contrast and brightness of an image 96 2.6 Basic drawing .100 2.7 Random generator and text with OpenCV ...,105 2. 8 Discrete Fourier Transform .109 2.9 File Input and Output using XML and YAML files 113 2.10 Inter bility with OpenCv 1 120 3 imgproc module. Image Processing 125 3.1 Smoothing images ..130 3.2 Eroding and dilating 135 3.3 More Morphology Transformations 141 3.4 Image Pyramids 147 3.5 Basic Thresholding Operations 153 3.6 Making your own linear filters! .161 3.7 Adding borders to your images .165 3. 8 Sobel derivatives 169 3.9 Laplace Operator 175 3.10 Canny Edge Detector 179 3.11 Hough Line transform 184 3. 12 Hough Circle Transform ,,,....190 3. 13 Remapping 194 3. 14 Affine Transformations 200 3. 15 Histogram Equalization 206 3. 16 Histogram Calculation ...212 3. 17 Histogram Comparison 219 3.18 Back Projection 224 3.19 Template matching 230 3.20 Finding contours in your image 238 3.21 Convex Hull 239 3.22 Creating Bounding boxes and circles for contours 24 3.23 Creating Bounding rotated boxes and ellipses for contours ..244 3.24 Image moments .,,,,.,,246 3.25 Point Polygon Test 248 4 highgui module. High Level GUI and Media 251 4.1 Adding a Trackbar to our applications! 252 4.2 Video Input with Opencv and similarity measurement 255 4.3 Creating a video with OpenCV 263 5 calib3d module Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction 269 5. 1 Camera calibration with square chessboard 270 5.2 Camera calibration With OpenCV ..270 6 featured module. 2D Features framework 281 6.1 Feature Description 28 6.2 Harris corner detector 285 6.3 Feature Matching with FlANN 289 6.4 Features 2D+ Homography to find a known object 292 6.5 Shi-To corner detector 295 6.6 Creating yor own corner detector 6.7 Detecting corners location in subpixeles 301 6.8 Feature Detection .,,,,,304 6.9 Feature Matching with FLANN 6 6. 10 Features2D+ Homography to find a known object ...309 6.11 Detection of planar objects ....312 7 video module. Video analysis 315 8 objdetect module. Object Detection 317 8.1 Cascade classifier 318 9 m/ module Machine learning 323 9. 1 Introduction to Support Vector Machines .324 9.2 Support Vector Machines for Non-Linearly Separable Dat 329 10 gpu module GPU-Accelerated Computer vision 337 10. 1 Similarity check(PNSR and ssiM) on the GPu 338 11 General tutorials 347 The opencv tutorials, Release 2.4.2 The following links describe a set of basic OpenCV tutorials. All the source code mentioned here is provide as part of the Opencv regular releases, so check before you start copy pasting the code. The list of tutorials below is automatically generated from reST files located in our SvN repository As always, we would be happy to hear your comments and receive your contributions on any tutorial Introduction to OpenCv You will learn how to setup openc v on your computer core module. The Core Functionality Here you will learn the about the basic building blocks of the library. A must read and know for understanding how to manipulate the images on a Inmgproc module Image processing In this section you will learn about the image processing(manipulation) functions inside Opencv highgui module lligh Level gul and media This section contains valuable tutorials about how to read/save your im age/video files and how to use the built-in graphical user interface of the library calib3d module. Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction Although we got most of our images in a 2D format they do come from a 3D world. Here you will learn how to find out from the 2D images information about the 3D world featured module. 2D Features framework CONTENTS The Opencv tutorials, Release 2. 4.2 Learn about how to use the feature points detectors, descriptors and match- ing framework found inside OpenCV. video module. Video analysis Look here in order to find use on your video stream algoritms like: motion extraction, feature tracking and foreground extractions objdetect module Ohject Detection Ever wondered how your digital camera detects peoples and faces? Look here to find out! mI module Machine learning USe the powerfull machine learning classes for statistical classification, re gression and clustering of data gpu module GPU-Accelerated Computer vision Squeeze out every little computation power from your system by using the power of your video card to run the OpenCV algorithms · General tutorials These tutorials are the bottom of the iceberg as they link together multiple of the modules presented above in order to solve complex problems CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE NTRODUCTION TO OPENCV Here you can read tutorials about how to set up your computer to work with the Open CV library. Additionaly you can find a few very basic sample source code that will let introduce you to the world of the OpenCV · Linux Title Installation in linux Compatibility:> OpenCV 2.0 Author. Ana huaman We will learn how to setup OpenCV in your computer! Title: Using Opencv with gcc and CMake Compatibility:>OpenCV 2.0 Auth Ana hr GCC/ we will learm how to compile your irst projict using gcc and CMake Title: Using OpenCv with Eclipse(plugin CDT) Compatibility:>OpenCV 2.0 Author. Ana hi We will learn how to compile your first project using the Eclipse environ- Windows Title: Installation in windows Compatibility:>OpenCv 2.0 Microsoft Author: bernat gabo Windows You will learn how to setup OpenCV in your Windows Operating System! 3 The Opencv tutorials, Release 2. 4.2 Title: How to build applications with OpenCv inside the Microsoft Visual Studio ompatibility:> OpenCv 2.0 Author: Bernat gabor Visual Studio You will learn what steps you need to perform in order to use the OpenCv library inside a new microsoft Visual studio project. Android Title: Using Android binary package with eclipse Compatibility: >OpenCV 2.3.1 Author: Andrey Kamaev You will learn how to setup OpenC V for Android platform anDOID Title: Using C++ OpenCv code with Android binary package Compatibility:> OpenCV 2.3.1 Author: Leonid benenson You will learn how to work with C++ Opencv code for Android platform a∩2=o ioS IS 4 tle: Installation in ioS Compatibility:> Openc v 2.3.1 Author: Artem Myagkov We will learn how to setup OpenCV for using it in iOS ● Display Image Title: Load and Display an image Compatibility :>OpenC v 2.0 Author. ana huaman We will learn how to display an image using OpenCV Title: Load, Modify, and Save an Image Compatibility:>OpenCV 2.0 Author:△ na huaman We will learn how to save an Image in Open a small conversion to grayscale Want to contribute, and see your own work between the open cv tutorials? Chapter 1. Introduction to OpenCv The OpenCV Tutorials, Release 2.4.2 Title: How to write a tutorial for OpenCv? Compatibility:>OpenCV 1.0 Author. Bernat gabe If you already have a good grasp on using OpenCv and have made some projects that would be perfect presenting an OpenCV feature not yet part of these tutorials, here it is what you need to know 5 The Opencv tutorials, Release 2. 4.2 1.1 Installation in Linux These steps have been tested for Ubuntu 10.04 but should work with other distros Required packages GCC 4.4x or later. This can be installed with sudo apt-get install build-essential · CMake26 or higher Subversion(svn client GTK+2. x or higher, including headers(libgtk2.0-dev) pkgconfig Python 2.6 or later and Numpy 1.5 or later with developer packages(python-dev, python-numpy ffmpeg or libav development packages: libavcodec-dev, libayformat-dev, libswscale-dev optional] libdc13942x Optional] libjpeg-dev, libpng-dev, libtiff-dev, libjasper-dev All the libraries above can be installed via Terminal or by using Synaptic Manager Getting OpenCV source code You can use the latest stable OpenCV version available in sourceforge or you can grab the latest snapshot from the SVN repository Getting the latest stable OpenCV version Goto Download the source tarball and unpack it Getting the cutting-edge OpenCV from Source Forge SVN repository Launch svn client and checkout either 1.thecurrentOpencvsnapshotfromhere orthelatesttestedOpencvsnapshotfromhere In Ubuntu it can be done using the following command, e.g cd -/<my-working-directory> svnco Chapter 1. Introduction to OpenCv

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