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中文名称:photoshop 修色圣典英文名称:photoshop lab color【内容简介】Photoshop LAB颜色空间强大的功能常常被大多数用户所忽视,其中原因之一是这方面的资料很少。目前出版的绝大多数Photoshop图书只是介绍hotoshop某个版本的功能、界面,或者是某种效果的实现方法。这些与本书比起来,就显得很肤浅。本书深入探索Photoshop LAB颜色空间,披露LAB秘密,全面介绍LAB结构和优缺点,以及它在修饰、颜色变换、锐化、模糊、蒙版和选区创建等领域的应用。这些内容不会随着Photoshop版本更新而过时,也为读者提供一种全新的思路来实现自己的创作。正如David Biedny在本书序言中所“本书是所有媒体形式中曾经为Photoshop创作的最深奥、最鼓舞人心、最富洞察力的一本”。   本书适合数码摄影、平面设计、照片修饰、印前处理等领域各层次的用户阅读。无论是专业人员,还是普通爱好者,都可以通过阅读本书迅速提高自己的Photoshop应用水平。 【作者介绍】Dan Margulis 被誉为“数码印前技术之父”。2001年,他就成为Photoshop Hall of Fame(Photoshop名人馆)首批成员之一(他是其中惟一的作家)。在宣布他当选时,美国Photoshop国家专业协会在颁奖词中说:“Dan能够将复杂的概念简单化为用户可以理解的语言,他处理实际问题的主张已经使他成为当今颜色再现领域最有影响的人物。” Product DescriptionWith a mantra like “There are no bad originals, only bad Photoshop operators,” you know best-selling author Dan Margulis is serious about exposing people to the magic of Photoshop. Nowhere is that magic more apparent than in its LAB color processing capabilities, which can make even the subtle canyon colors of rock, sand, and dirt come to vivid life. However, you may be wary of taming the complex beast. Here’s your guide! In these pages, Dan shows that you can derive enormous benefits from just a few simple tools and techniques. He also demonstrates that you can take these techniques as far as you wish, employing the power-user features he describes in later chapters. Starting with canyons and progressing to faces, you will see just how quickly you can begin improving your images by following the “recipes” included here. Each chapter includes a sidebar with review questions and exercises as well as a “Closer Look” section that examines some of the principles behind the techniques. A CD includes exercise files.About the AuthorDan Margulis is known as "the experts' expert on the logical and effective ways to make any image look its best" (Design Tools Monthly) and "the father of digital prepr

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