Mastering Python

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Mastering Python
Mastering Python Regular Expressions Credits Authors Project Coordinator Felix Lope Parkar Proofreade Reviewers inda morris Mohit goenka Jing(Dave)Tian Indexer Priya Subraman Acquisition Editors James jones Graphics Ronak dhruv M ary Jasmine nadar iry Abhinash Sahu Content Development editor Rikshith Shetty Production coordinator Nitesh Thakur Technical editors Akashdeep Kundu Cover Work Nitesh thakur Faisal Siddiqu Copy Editors Banerjee Sarang Ch About the authors Felix Lopez atmospheric brightness. His first experience with Python was seven years ago, @panchoHorrillo Victor romero About the reviewers Mohit goenka award for academic excellence from the Office of international Services at USC He has showcased his presence in various realms of computers, including artificial Detection of untouched uFOs Lewis carroll Collection. In addition to this, he has made significant contributions by Jing(Dave) Tian a year on artificial intelligence and machine learning direction, and taught the Intro to Problem Solving using Python Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more www.packtpub.comforsupportfilesanddownloadsrelatedto www.Packtpubcom 团l PACKTLIB Do you need instant solutions to your It questions? PacktLib is Packt's online digital book Why Subscribe? ree Access for packt account holders wW. packt pub. com Table of contents Preface Chapter 1: Introducing Regular Expressions History, relevance, and purpose The regular expression syntax 5689 Literals Character classes Predefined character classes 12 Alternation 14 Quantifiers Greedy and reluctant quantifiers 19 Boundary Matchers 20 Summary 23 Chapter 2: Regular Expressions with Python 25 a brief introduction 25 Backslash in string literals 27 String Python 2.X 27 Building blocks for Python regex 28 RegexObject Searching Modifying a string Matchobject 39 group([ group1,…]) 39 groups([default]) groupdict(default]) 41 start(Igroup]) 41 end([groupl expand (template)

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