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Unity in Action, Second Edition is a book about programming games in Unity. Think of it as an intro to Unity for experienced programmers. The goal of this book is straightfor- ward: to take people who have some programming experience but no experience with Unity and teach them how to develop a game using Unity. The best way of teaching development is through example projects, with students learning by doing, and that’s the approach this book takes. I’ll present topics as steps toward building sample games, and you’ll be encouraged to build these games in Unity while exploring the book. We’ll go through a selection of different projects every few chapters, rather than one monolithic project developed over the entire book. (Some- times other books take the “one monolithic project” approach, but that can make it hard to jump into the middle if the early chapters aren’t relevant to you.) This book will have more rigorous programming content than most Unity books (especially beginners’ books). Unity is often portrayed as a list of features with no pro- gramming required, which is a misleading view that won’t teach people what they need to know in order to produce commercial titles. If you don’t already know how to pro- gram a computer, I suggest going to a resource like Codecademy first (the computer programming lessons at Khan Academy work well, too) and then come back to this book after learning how to program. Don’t worry about the exact programming language; C# is used throughout this book, but skills from other languages will transfer quite well. Although the first part of the book will take its time introducing new concepts and will carefully and deliberately

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