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ios apprentice最新版,Learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps from the ground up, with a series of epic-length tutorials for beginners! Currently updated to: Platform: iOS12; Language: Swift4.2; Editor: Xcode10
OS Apprentice About the authors Matthijs holleman is an author of this book. He is a mystic who lives at the top of a mountain where he spends all of his days and nights coding up awesome apps actually he lives below sea level in the netherlands and is pretty down-to-earth but he does spend too much time in xcode. check out his website at Fahim Farook is an author of this book he is a developer with over 25 years of experience in developing in over a dozen different languages. Fahim's current focus is on mobile development with over 80 iOS apps, 10 macOS apps and a few android apps under his belt. He has lived in Sri Lanka, USA, Saudi arabia, New Zealand, Singapore Malaysia, France, the UAe, and spain, and enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, TV shows, and movies. You can follow Fahim on Twitter at(@ FahimFarook About the editor Manda frederick is the editor of this book she has been involved in publishing for over ten years through various creative, educational medical and technical print and digital publications, and is thrilled to bring her experience to the raywenderlich com family as managing Editor. In her free time, you can find her at the climbing gym, backpacking in the backcountry, hanging with her dog, working on poems, playing guitar and exploring breweries About the artist Vicki Wenderlich is the designer and artist of the cover of this book. She is Ray's wife and business partner She is a digital artist who creates illustrations, game art and a lot of other art or design work for the tutorials and books on raywenderlich com when she's not making art, she loves hiking, a good glass of wine and attempting to create the perfect cheese plate iOS Apprentice Dedications For my parents and my wife Fahim farook To Floortje, my familiar. Thanks for all the cuddles! Matthijs holleman OS Apprentice Table of contents: Overview Book Source code forums 0。0。份D0自00000。0。0。。。000。。0。0。00。D。 17 Book Updates 18 About the cover 。。0。0。00告非。。0。。0。D。。告。0香。0。00。0。。000。00。000D。0。0。0D。。 19 Section 1: Getting Started 20 Chapter 1: Introduction .21 Chapter 2: The One-Button App 32 Chapter 3: Slider Labels 58 Chapter 4: Outlets .81 Chapter 5: Rounds Score 100 Chapter 6: Polish .116 Chapter 7: The New Look 130 Chapter 8: The Final App …163 Section2: Checklists…… eoe。。。。。。。e。。0●。。0。。。0。0。。。。。0。。D 193 Chapter9: Table views… .194 Chapter 10: The Data Model .229 Chapter 11: Navigation Controllers.....255 Chapter 12: Add Item Screen .279 Chapter 13: Delegates Protocols.....301 Chapter 14: Edit Items .316 iOS Apprentice Chapter 15: Saving Loading....... 339 Chapter16: Lists… 356 Chapter 17: Improved Data Model.....385 Chapter 18: User Defaults 407 Chapter 19: UI Improvements 0。00●鲁 425 Chapter 20: Local Notifications .455 Section 3: My Locations e。ee。。。qe。e。。。。。。o。。。。eq。。。e。。。。。 486 Chapter 21: Swift Review 487 Chapter 22: Get Location Data 512 Chapter 23: Use Location Data 534 Chapter 24: Objects vs Classes.......563 Chapter 25: The Tag Location Screen.....577 Chapter 26: Adding Polish 0。000。。。。0。。。0。000告0。。。D。00D0。。。鲁 606 Chapter 27: Saving Locations 627 Chapter 28: The Locations Tab e0。。0自。。。0。。。0D0。0。自。。。。0 660 Chapter 29: Maps e。。。。。。a。00000。。00。。。。00000000。o0。0。。0。0。00000。D 688 Chapter 30: Image Picker 709 0。。。。.。●。0。0。0。0。。。。。0。00。00。0。。。 Chapter 31: Polishing the App 。●0。@00。。00。。。D。。自。0。。。 744 Section 4: Store Search ●。。。。。。。。。。。。0。0。0。0。。。。。。。。。0。0。。。d0。D。。。。。 782 Chapter 32: Search Bar 。0000。。。00。0。。00000。。000。。00。0。00000。D 783 Chapter 33: Custom Table Cells e。。。0。。0。。。。00。。。0。0。。 810 iOS Apprentice Chapter 34: Networking 838 Chapter 35: Asynchronous Networking 870 Chapter 36: URLSession...... 888 Chapter 37: The Detail Pop-Up 919 Chapter 38: Polish the Pop-up 0。00●鲁 941 Chapter 39: Landscape............962 Chapter 40: Refactoring 999 Chapter 41: Internationalization 1025 Chapter 42: The iPad 1049 Chapter 43: Distributing the App 1082 Conclusion 1107 More Books You might Enjoy ...............1108 OS Apprentice Table of contents: Extended Book Source code forums 0。0。份D0自00000。0。0。。。000。。0。0。00。D。 17 Book Updates 18 About the cover 。。0。0。00告非。。0。。0。D。。告。0香。0。00。0。。000。00。000D。0。0。0D。。 19 Section 1: Getting Started 20 Chapter 1: Introduction 21 About this book 22 Who this book is for……… 24 iOS 12 and later only. 25 What you need 25 Xcode,m.m. 27 What's ahead: an overview…… 0D。Q。·D。。0。。《。D。看0非自。0。0。。D。。·0。。。垂 28 The language of the computer.................29 Chapter 2: The One-Button App 。。0 e0。000 32 The Bull's Eye game 32 The one-button app 35 The anatomy of an app. .55 Chapter 3: Slider& Label 58 Portrait vs landscape 59 Inderstanding objects, data and methods 64 Adding the other controls ...........................67 Chapter 4: Outlets 81 Improving the slider.................81 Generating the random number 87 Adding rounds to the game. 你你 90 Displaying the target value 95 Chapter 5: Rounds score 100 8 OS Apprentice Getting the difference 。。自。D。自.B。.。00看0D自0D。。。D垂0.非D.0看。.0。。自垂垂 101 Simplifying the algorithm 106 What's the score? 109 Showing the total score 110 Displaying the score 111 One more round 113 Chapter 6: Polish 116 Tweaks 116 The alert 0自。。D0。0自看自0B0省b自D。。。自曲自0自0。自0。0自4。自0自。00。自自垂 123 Start over 126 Chapter 7: The New Look 0。。0。看0000000000。90。000000000。D0。。D00000D 130 Landscape orientation revisited .............................130 Spicing up the graphics 132 The about screen 148 Chapter 8: The Final App 163 Supporting different screen sizes 164 Crossfade.…178 The icon 179 Display name. 181 Running on device 183 The end... or the beginning? 191 Section 2: Checklists 0。。c。。●D。。0。00。0。000。。。0。。●。@。0。000000。0。。。。0。D。000。D 193 Chapter 9: Table Views 194 Table views and navigation controllers 195 The Checklists app design.......... 197 Adding a table view.................198 The table view delegates 非非非非非非非非非非非在非非自自非非非非非你非非容你非非非非非非非非 210 Chapter 10: The Data Model 009。。。000000。D9000900。鲁 229 Model-View-Controller 229 The data model 231 iOS Apprentice Cleaning up the code ...252 Chapter 11: Navigation Controllers 自。0曲。。。6。D曲。。。。。 255 Navigation controller ........256 Deleting rows…..66 The Add item screen 。。由由。。自自B日非自自由0非自,自自日9由9。自日非自。非49 268 Chapter 12: Add Item Screen .279 Static table cells….. .280 Reading from the text field. 286 Polishing it up…. .289 Chapter 13: Delegates Protocols 301 0。。@0000●0。。。0。000000。。@0 Add new checklistltems b0自00自自自000D。。0B。。非非垂D自自0自。0。自非自0自a00自自自00非B自非0 301 Chapter 14: Edit Items e。D。。0。。00 0000000D。。o。00000oooo。。。。0@。@。D。000。D 316 Editing items 316 Refactoring the code… 331 One more thing 334 Chapter 15: Saving Loading .339 The need for data persistence…… 339 The documents folder 340 Saving checklist items …344 Loading the file 351 Where to go from here? 355 Chapter 16: Lists 356 The all lists view controller 357 The all lists ul 365 Viewing the checklists .371 Managing checklists 375 Are you still with me? 384 Chapter 17: Improved Data Model e。00000.0。。。。。。0。0。00000D 385 The new data model 0。0音。。。B卷。。0。自自非B。0看D0省0BB。。。自曲看。00自0。自00些。0自春。音 386

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