PCS 7 V7.0 功能块编程指南

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Preface Purpose of the Programming Instructions These Programming Instructions describe how to create PCS 7-compliant PLC blocks or faceplates The essential differences between a Pcs 7-compliant Plc block and a straightforward S7 block are as follows The option of monitoring parameter values in a faceplate The option of controlling parameter values and therefore the way the block executes in a faceplate The option of sending messages relating to asynchronous events and block states to the Os and to display these messages in a faceplate or a WinCC message list Audience These programming instructions are intended for developers of automation blocks (PLC blocks )and/or faceplates that will be used and fully integrated in the same systems as the Pcs 7 process control blocks supplied by Siemens Requirements To use these programming instructions, you therefore require experience in the development and application of plc blocks and faceplates and should be familiar with the relevant hardware and software. These instructions describe only the measures necessary to achieve conformity between blocks you have created yourself and the Pcs7 blocks Where necessary, you will find further information in the documentation listed in the references at the end of this manual You will find general information on the use of PCs 7 components in the PCs 7 Configuration Manual Process Control System PCS7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Preface General outline These programming instructions provide you with an overview of the individual components of a PCs 7-compliant block. The order in which they are introduced is the same order you would follow to develop function blocks and faceplates You develop the CoNTROL" PLC block, a simple controller block, step by step by first defining the block header the parameters of the block and its local variables. You then create the source code The next step is to develop a faceplate. You create this with the winCC Graphics Designer and the elements of the Faceplate Designer. The last step is to develop an online help system for the block and then a shippable library mYLIB made up of all the components As you work through the instructions, you will see the sections of the sample block required to understand the current topic. Section 1. 11 contains a printout of the entire sample plc block In the appendix, you will find a sample source code for mEAs MoN, MOtOR and VALVE blocks contained in the PCs 7 library, as an example of PcS7-compliant blocks. You can use this source code-or part thereof -as a template for your own blocks Note The use of the sample source code contained in the appendix is the responsibility of the user. There is no guarantee for error-free display. Further Support If you have any technical questions, please get in touch with your Siemens representative or agent responsible You will find your contact person at http://www.siemens.com/automation/partner You will find a guide to the technical documentation offered for the individual SIMATIC Products and systems here at http://www.siemens.com/simatic-tech-doku-portal The online catalog and order system is found under http://mall.ad.siemens.com/ Training centers Siemens offers a number of training courses to familiarize you with the Process Control System PCS 7 automation system Please contact your regional training center or our central training center in D 90327 Nuremberg, Germany for detai Telephone:+49(911)895-3200 Internethttp://www.sitrain.com Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Preface Technical Support You can reach the Technical Support for all A&D products Via the Web formula for the Support Request http://www.siemens.com/automation/support-request ● Phone:+491805050222 ●FaX +491805050223 Additional information about our Technical Support can be found on the Internet pageshttp://www.siemens.com/automation/service Service Support on the Internet In addition to our documentation we offer our know-how online on the internet at http://www.siemens.com/automation/service&support where you will find the following The newsletter, which constantly provides you with up-to-date information on your products The right documents via our Search function in Service Support A forum, where users and experts from all over the world exchange their experences. Your local representative for Automation Drives Information on field service, repairs, spare parts and more under Services Process Control System PCS7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Preface Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Contents Creating As blocks 11 Requirements and previous experience 1.1.1 Introduction 1.1.2 How to integrate the included block template into your project.. Structure of an as block 1.2.1 SCL Compiler settings 1-4 1.2.2 SIMATIC Manager settings 1-6 1.2.3 Block header 1-8 1.2.4 Declaration section 1-14 Block parameters …1-14 1.2.42 Local variables 1.2.5 Code section ,. 1-24 nitializatⅰon 1.4 Time dependency Handling asynchronous startup and error OBs 1-28 1.6 Operating, monitoring and reporting 1.6.1 Message suppression at startup 1.6.2 Suppressing specific messages 1-37 1.6.3 Compiling the source co 1-38 1.7 Configuring messages -39 1.8 Integration of SIMATIC BaTCH 43 1.9 Creating CFC block types _1-44 1.9.1cFC 1.9.2 Example: CONTROL2 1-44 1.10 Naming conventions and range of numbers 1-46 1.11 Source code of the example..... 147 2 Configuring faceplates 2-1 2.1 General notes re configuration 2.1.1 Requirements and previous experience 2.1.2 Creation phases 2.1.2. 1 Roadmap to creation Design of the faceplate Configuring the faceplate 2.1.3 Creating faceplates using Faceplate Designer∴…….∴ 2-3 How to test a faceplate 2.1.3. 1 Faceplate Desig 2-5 Templates of Faceplate Designer 2-5 Block icon templates Picture templates Configuring sec 2.1.4 Access control .2-8 Assigning user rights 2-8 Configuring user rights for basic elements 2-9 hanging the overview 2.1.6 Configuring multiple instances 2-11 Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Contents 2.1.7 Configuring number formats 8 Configuring the trend view 2-16 2.1.9 How to configure an as block type with different block icons and faceplate types 21 2.1.10 Webclient(differences compared to WinCC). Differences in terms of faceplate configuration Picture names Case-sensitivity in file names Loading pictures in picture windows Deselecting pictures within scripts 2-24 Distinguishing between the WinCC <- Web runtime environments Function names in wincceb Global script…… 2-26 VBS Script… 2-26 Notes 2-26 2.1.12 Texts for the input of analog and binary values from the so 2.1.11 Changing languages 2-27 2.2 Working with Faceplate Designer. 2-36 2.1 Example: Creating a new controller faceplate 2-38 How to create templates 2-38 Editing templates... How to edit the picture template @ PG REG NEU STANDARD pdl 2-42 How to edit the picture @PG REG NEU NEUESICHT 1 pdl 2-43 Dynamic update of faceplates 2-43 22.1.6 Creating a loop view…… 2-44 Generating an additional view Basic elements 2-45 2.3.1 Storage location of the basic elements 2-45 2.3. Display and control of analog values 2-45 2.3.3 Visualization of analog values using the "AdvancedAnalog Display 2-49 2.3.4 Static text 2-49 2.3.5 Standard bar graph for analog values 2-50 2.3.6 Double bar graph for analog values 2-51 2.3.7 Horizontal bar graph 2-53 2.3.8 Limit value display" bar graph 2-5 2.3. 9 Message suppression"display 2-56 2.3.10 Batch Occupied"display 2-57 2.3.11 Acknowledgment of messages from the selected block 2-57 2.3.12 Locked"display block(valve, motor) 2-58 2.3.13 Group display 2-58 2.3. 14 Binary value input using "Check Box R 2-59 2.3.15 Binary value control using Check BoX L 2-61 2.3.16 Binary value control using a combo box 2-62 2.3.17 Binary value control using a combo box(3Combo Box) 2-64 2.3.18 Binary value control with button and color change 2-66 1.最 2.3.19 Binary value input using buttons 2-67 2.3.20 Status display with two alternatives 2-68 2.3.21 Status display with n alternatives 2-69 2.3.22Valve"status display 2-70 2.3.23 Motor"status display 2.3.24 Configuring permissions 2-71 2.3.25OpenNextFaceplate" button 2-74 2.3.26 Disable/ Enable messages" button 2-76 2.3.27 Quality Code displays 2-77 Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Contents 2.4 Scripts 2-78 Bitmaps 2-80 2.6 Pictures 2.7 Faceplates 2-83 2.7.1 Basic data of the picture templates 2-83 PG %Type%.pdl 2-83 PG %Type%%View%. pdl 2-86 2.7.2 Global views Message view Batch view Trend view 2-88 2.7.3 CTRL PID 2-89 CTRL PID: Views 2-89 CTRL PID: Standard view 2-89 CTRL PID: Maintenance view 2-91 CTRL PID: Parameter view 2-93 CTRL PID: Limits view 2-95 2.8 Block icons 2-97 2.8.1 Process control 2-97 2.8.2 @@PCSTTypicals pdl and @Template pdl picture templates 2.8.3 Block icons in the @@PCS7_ Typicals picture 2-99 2.8.4 Properties of the block icons 2-100 General properties 2-100 2.8.4,2 CTRL PID .2-101 2.8.4 3 CTRL S 2-102 10 2.845 FMCS PID/EMT PID 2-105 2.8.4 6 ELAP CNT 28.47 MEAS MON 2-106 2.84. 8 SWIT CNT 2-107 RATIO P. 2-107 2.84.10OPA 2-108 2.84.11OPAL|M 2-108 2.8. 4.12 OP A RJC 2-108 2.84.13 VALVE∴ 2-109 2.8,4.14 VAL MO 2-109 2.8,4.15 MOTOR 2-110 MOT SPED 2.8. 4.17 MOT REV NTERLOK 2-112 113 2-113 2.84.21OPTR| 2-113 2.84.22D|GMON 2-114 Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01 Creating the Online Help 3-1 3.1 Requirements,,… 3.2 Structure of the help file Structure of the registry file.................. 34 Special features for creating help files for SFC templates 3-5 4 Creating a library and setup 4-1 4.1 Requirements L111 4 4. Creating a library 4-1 4.3 Create a setup routine ............ E1国面 4-2 A Samples: Source code of blocks MEAs MoN, MotoR and VaLve A-1 A.1 MEAS MON A-1 A2 MOTOR A-7 Valve A-15 Glossal Glossary-1 Index Index-1 Process Control System PCS 7V7.0-Programming Instructions for Blocks A5E00807905-01

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