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32位版本的 PLSQL 正式版。 安装中文包时请注意安装路径是否为PLSQL程序的路径。 安装请查看说明。 June 7, 2019 - Version 13.0.6 released Enhancements Stability improvements After exiting PL/SQL Developer, a plslqdev.exe process could remain Excel export functions now pass dates before Jan 1, 1900 as text to prevent conversion errors When copying and pasting a row in a SQL Window result set, line breaks would disappear View Error Stack function could truncate the stack when it is very deep Oracle Error messages longer than 1023 characters would be truncated Right Margin preference did not immediately apply to open editors Substitution variable IFEMPTY clause now supports select statements with bind variables to reference other substitution variables Objects lists did not respond to object function shortcuts that included the Enter key Cursor loop variables were not always described by the Code Assistant Connection indicator did not have the correct size after a display DPI change View stack dump function performance improved Table drag & drop function for "Insert" and "Update" would include virtual columns Hint popup would not always disappear when using Alt-Tab

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