OpenGL development cookbook

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This book is based on modern OpenGL v3.3 and above. It covers a myriad of topics of interest ranging from basic camera models and view frustum culling to advanced topics, such as dual quaternion skinning and GPU based simulation techniques. The book follows the cookbook format whereby a number of steps are detailed showing how to accomplish a specific task and are later dissected to show how the whole technique works. The book starts with a gentle introduction to modern OpenGL. It then elaborates how to set up a basic shader application. Following this discussion, all shader stages are introduced using practical examples so that readers may understand how the different stages of the modern GPU pipeline work. Following the introductory chapter, a vector-based camera viewing model is presented with two camera types: target and free camera. In addition, we also detail how to carry out picking in modern OpenGL using depth buffer, color buffer, and scene intersection queries. In simulation applications and games in particular, skybox is a very useful object. We will detail its implementation in a simple manner. For reflective objects, such as mirrors and dynamic reflections, render-to-texture functionality using FBO and dynamic cube mapping are detailed. In addition to graphics, image processing techniques are also presented to implement digital convolution filters using the fragment shader, and basic transformation, such as twirl is also detailed. Moreover, effects such as glow are also covered to enable rendering of glowing geometry. Seldom do we find a graphics application without light. Lights play an important role in portraying the mood of a scene. We will cover point, directional, and spot lights with attenuation and both per-vertex and per-fragment approaches. In addition, shadow mapping techniques are also covered including support of percentage closer filtering (PCF) and variance shadow mapping. In typical applications, more complex mesh models are used whi

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