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BIOS SETUP UTILITY AMIBIOS Uersion: 1008.01 15Bos信息 Build Date: 02/17/05 PTo RoCeSS Jpe Intel(R) Pent ium(R) 4 CPU 3. 00GHz peed :3299HHz Count cPU信息 Sustem Memory Size :1024HB 内存信息 Select screen t↓ Select item F1 General Help F10 Save and Exit ESC Exit U2.51 (C)Copur ight 1985-2002, American Megatrends, Inc BIOS SETUP UTILITY Main dvanced Power Boot Exit 翅到 JumperFree Configuration CPUS fr djust system requency/voltage CPU Configuration CPU设喧 Chipset 花片组设定 0 aboard Devices Configuration象成硬片教饮 PCIPnP PC置设史 b USB Configuration USB装置设定 t Instant Music Configuration 先开机音乐播放设 Select screen t↓ Select item Enter Go to Sub Screen F1 General Help F10 Save and Exit ESC Exit u2.51 (C) Copyright 1985-2002, Amer ican Megatrends, Inc BIOS SETUP UTILITY d Configure System Frequency/Voltage Select the target CPU frequency, and the AI Overclock Tuner [Overclock 10/ relevant parameters 智能CPU频率设置 will be auto-ad justed F requencies nig ner Per formance Mode Turbo than CPU Manufacturer Options recommends are not 增强型模式 Manual 手动设 granted to he Standard 标准模式hle. If the systen Overclock 5/ becomes unstable Overclock 107 Overclock 207. 步进超频 turn to the default Overclock 307 Select screen fl Select Item Change Option F1 General Hel IF10 Save and Exit ESC Exit 能工作室制作 1(C)Copuricht 1985-2002, American Meratran BIOS SETUP UTILITY dvanced Configure System Frequency/Voltage Select the target CPU frequency, and the AI Overclock Tuner MAnual] re levant patameters CPU External Frequency (MH2) [2001 CPUSNDT will be auth-ad justed DRAM Frequency equencies higher AGP/PCI Frequency (MHz) to内承设置F ut] AGP/PC我都 manufacturer are no CPU UCore Voltage [Auto]CPU核电 gutr nceed to be DDR Reference Voltage t内存电压设 able. If the systen AGP VDDQ Voltage 150AGP设备电压我 unstable returnto the default Per formance Mode TUrbot Select screen t↓ Select iten Change Option F1 General Help F10 Save and Exit ESC Exit U2. 51 (C)Copyright 1985-2002, Amer ican Megatrends, Inc BIUS SETUP UTILITY Aduanced re advanced CPU settings This shou ld be enabled cPU信息 in order to hoot Brand String: Intel (R) Pent ium(R) 1 CPU 3.00GHz cPU gGM Ses unable to Manufacturer: Intel 品牌 PUs with Frequency: 3299MHz CPU行主CPUD FSB Speed: 88IMHz CPU前端总 Cache L1: 16 KB 级缓存 Cache 12: 1024 KB 級存 Cache 13: 0 KB Ratio status: Locked Ratio Actual Value: 15 Select Screen Max CPUID Value Limit: [DIsabled CPUID开关 Select Iten Enhanced C1 Control AUtol 增强型CPU控制开关 Opt ion CPU Internal Thermal Control [Autol CPU内部需养He Save and Exit Hyper Threading Techno logy [Enabledl CPU整线程开关t 2 51 (0)Conurirbt1905-2002 Amon loan MocntondeTY BIOS SETUP UTILITY de Vance 高级芯片组设置 Advanced Chipset Settings Set DRAM tining parameters according WARNING: Setting wrong values in below sections to DRAM SPD or May cause system to Malfunction manual ly Configure DRAM Timing by SPD [Enabled SDRAM的时钟置 Memory Acceleration Mode [Autol 内存加速控制 DRAM Idle Timer [Autol 内存空控制 DRAM Refresh Rate [Autol 内存更新控制 Graphic Adapter Priority AGP/ PCIl AGP/PCI先设定 Graphics Aperture Size [128HB AGP显卡内存设置 Spread Spectrum eNabled]增强光谱 Select Screen ↓ Select Item ICH De layed Transaction [Enabled ICH时控制 Change Option FI General Hel MPS Rev ision 1.1 MPS1 F10 Save and Exit IESC Exit U2.51(C) Copyright 1985-2002, American Megatrends, Inc. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Advanced Onboard Ac gr Rudio AUtol 声卡设宠 Onboard LAN [Enabled 网卡设定 Onboard LAN Boot ROM [Disabled 风卡ROM开关 Serial Port1 Address I3FB/IRQ4I COMI序列地 Serial Port2 Address 12F8/IRQ3I COM2序列地址 Parallel Port Address DIsabled 并口序列地枇 OnBoard Game/MIDI Port DIsabled 游戏摇杆接口设定 Select screen ↓ Select item Change Option F1 General Hel F10 Save and Exit 小笼工作室 ESC Exit u2.51(C) Copyright 1985-2002, Amer ican Megatrends,T BIOS SETUP UTILITY dvanced PCI设备设置 Advanced PCI/PnP Settings NO: lets the BIuS configure all the UARNING: Setting urong values in below sections devices in the susteM. Hay cause systen to Malfunction YES: lets the Plug And Play O/S INal PCI端口系统识别控制 nd PCI Latency Tiner [64 PCI延时设置( PnP) devices no Allocate IRQ to PCI UGA Wesl PC卡Q中断位理if Palette Snooping dIsabled 管殊非标准显卡设 has a pluh PCI IDE BusMaster ENabled PIC读写IDE装置控制 rating IRQ3 [Availablel IRQ4 [ lablel Select Screen IRQ5 [Auai lablel t↓ Select iter IRQ? [Auai lablel age Option IRIs TAvai lablel 指定IRO置 IRQ10 [Availablel PCU/PnP装置成者ISA装置 IRQ11 [Availablel ESC Exit IRQ14 [Avai lablel IRQ15 [Avai lablel u2. 51 (C) Copyright 1985-2002, American Megatrends, Inc.

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