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Delphi XE HandBook DelphiXE手册 Table Of Contents Introduction....................................................................................... ..............5 About This Book....................................................................................................................5 Sou
Author: marco Cantu Publisher: Wintech Italia Srl, Italy Editor: Peter W A Wood Tech Reviewers: Holger Flick, Andrea Magni, Jeroen Pluimers, Simon J. Stuart CoverDesignerFabrizioSchiavi( Copyright 2011 Marco Canti, Piacenza, Italy. World rights reserved The author created example code in this publication expressly for the free use by its readers. Source code forthisbookiscopyrightedfreewaredistributedviathewebsite The copyright prevents you from republishing the code in print or electronic media without permission Readers are granted limited permission to use this code in their applications, as long at the code itself is not distributed, sold, or commercially exploited as a stand-alone product Aside from this specific exception concerning source code, no part of this publication may be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or reproduced in any way, in the original or in a translated language, including but not limited to photocopy, photograph, magnetic, or other record, without the prior agree ment and written permission of the publisher Delphi is a trademark of Embarcadero Technologies. windows vista and windows Seven are trade- marks of microsoft. other trademarks are of the respective owners as referenced in the text The author and publisher have made their best efforts to prepare this book, and the content is based upon the fina release of the software The author and publisher make no representation or warranties of any kind with regard to the completeness or accuracy of the contents herein and accepts no liability of any kind includ ing but not limited to performance, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or any losses or damages of any kind caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly from this book Delphi XE Handbook, First Edition, Revision 01 ISBN-10:1463600674 ISBN-13:978-1463600679 Electronic edition sold by FastSpring, on behalf of Marco Cantu (see web site below for links) any other download or sale outlet is likely to be illegal. Do not distribute the pdf version of this book Moreinformationon Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook Dedication-3 Dedicated to my two wonderful kids, Benedetta and Jacopo and their lovely mother lella Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook 4-Dedication Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook Introduction -5 Introduction Departing from the recent convention of using years in the product name, the latest version of what many consider the best development tool for Windows is now called“ Delphi xe” The product delivers extra stability, improvements, and an interesting set of third party tools on top of what was a very good version, Delphi 2010. Delphi XE has a very nice set of new features, often little hidden gems, that this book tries to unveil in full Before you ask, XE is not specifically an acronym, but it is a name that Embar cadero added to each of this products to align them to a single naming and versioning scheme. All Embarcadero products released in 2010 have been called Xe About this book The book you have in your hands or on your screen) is a detailed documenta tion of all the new extensions in Delphi xe compared to delphi 2010, with the (significant) exclusion of the Data Snap portion of the product. This area, in fact, has a lot of significant changes but as i have recently written a white paper for embarcadero covering the rESt side of Data Snap i decided it wasnt Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook 6-Introduction worth including those extra 60 pages in the book, since you can already read them online at no additional cost That's why the book has only four chapters 1: Delphi XE IDE 2: Integrated Tooling 3: Compiler and rTL 4:Ⅹ E Libraries As mentioned earlier, the book covers only new features in Delphi XE. So if you are looking for the rtti or an introduction to JsoN support you'll have to look for the Delphi 2010 Handbook, or if you are looking for information about Uni- code you ll have to delve into my Delphi 2009 Handbook There is, however, a PdF collection of the four books not edited but simply bound together, called Delphi Handbooks collection. You can find inform ation about this pdf on the specific section my web site I Source code Given that Delphi xe directly supports Subversion, i decided to put the repos itory of the source code of the book in a Subversion server hosted at code. marcocantu. com. This makes is much easier for me to distribute updates and extra examples over time i decided to merge the code of all examples of my various book in a single pro ject. The project home page is: code. marcocantu. com/p/marcode lphi books From a Subversion client (don 't use these links in your browser) you can down- load the entire project or the book specific code using these two URLs As an alternative you can browse the source code online, following the link from the project home page or navigating from: I code. marcocantu. com/p/marcode l phi books/source/tree/HEAD/de l phixehandbook Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook Introduction-7 Editor and tech reviewers This book as seen the contribution of an editor and several tech reviewers involved at various degrees, which provided a huge help and i won ' t be able to thank enough The editor of this book(as of all my latest Delphi books ) was Peter Wood, an IT professional who lives in Malaysia. I got technical feedback from Holger Flick, Andrea Magni, Jeroen Pluimers, and Simon J. Stuart. All four are well known members of the Delphi developers community. About Myself I've been in the"Delphi book writing, business ever since the first version of the product, when i released the original"Mastering Delphi". That was not my first writing experience, as i had previously written works on Borland c++ and the object Windows Library. The Mastering Delphi series, published by Sybex was one of the best-selling delphi book series for several years, with transla tions into many languages and sold in bookshops all over the world. more recently I started self-publishing the Delphi Handbooks, available in print and as ebooks Beside writing, I keep myself busy with consulting(mostly on applications architectures), help selling Delphi in Italy, do code reviews, Delphi mentoring and general consulting for developers. I'm a frequent speaker at Delphi and general developer conferences (in Europe and in the Unites States), including the online codepage conferences organized by Embarcadero Since 2009, Cary Jensen and i started giving public training in both US and Europe at the jointly organized Delphi Developer Days, about which you can find more information at I If you are interested in inviting me to speak at a public event or give a training session(on new Delphi features or any advanced Delphi subject) at your com pany location, feel free to send me a note by email Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook 8-Introduction Contact information To follow my activities you can use several online resources and communities In the following list you can see my blog(which is quite active), my Twitter account, my Facebook page, my not-So-up-do-date personal site(a summary of my activities), and my company site (with training offers) http://www.facebookcom/marcocantu I have an online mailing list based at Google groups: Ihttp://groups.googlecom/group/marco_cantu If you need tech support, use Embarcadero's newsgroups or Stack Overflow( occasionally dwell in both locations): http://forums.embarcaderocom If you need anything else but tech support, drop me an email at Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook Table of Contents-9 Table of contents Introduction About This book Source code 6 Editor and Tech reviewers about myself ··········.··········.·····.····.············ 7 Contact Information............8 Table of contents Chapter1: DelphiⅹEIDE……………13 Managing Projects…………,…,…,……,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…………….14 Build groups 15 The Configuration Manager.......................................16 Build Tools Extensions to Searching..........,.,,,,…,,…………… Search For Usages...... 1 Local Search Short Cut Keys 889 Editor 20 New Live Templates 20 KMLDoC Comments and Help Insight 22 Navigating Modified Code 3 Source Code Formatting …24 Formatter profiles ……25 Marco Cantu, Delphi XE Handbook

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