w3school linux教程 飞龙整理 20141002

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w3school linux教程 飞龙整理 20141002
界面说明 eoO Centos 6.4 36回a Welcome to lentus 6. 4! Install or upgrade an existing systen Install system with basic video driver Rescue instal led systen Boot from local drive Memory test Press [Tab] to edit options Automat ic boot in 7 seconds Centos Community ENTerprise operating system nstall or upgrade an existing system安装或升级现有的系统 install system with basic video driver安装过程中采用基本的显卡驱动 Rescue installed system进入系统修复模式 Boot from local drive退出安装从硬盐启动 Memory test内存检测 注:用联想E49安装时选择第一项安装时会出现屏幕显示异常的问题,后改用第二项安装时就没有出现 问题 2、介质直接"skp"就可以了 Centos 5.4 Je Icome to Centos for x86 61 Disc Found To beg in testing the med ia before installation press oK Choose skin to skip the media test and start the installation I OK p Tab》dlt-Tab> between elements< Space》 selects F12》 next screen 3、出现引导界面,点击"next" Centos 6.4 m(A63日 Centos Community ENTerprise Operating System 粤 E Next 4、选中" English( English)"否则会有部分乱码问题 ntos 6.4 What language would you like to use during the insta lation process? Bulgarian (bmr apKM Catalan(Catalan Chinese( simplitied)(中文(简荦)) Chinese(Traditiona中文(正)) Croatian(Hrvatski) Czech (Certina) Danish (Dansk) Dutch(Nederlands English (English) Estonian (eesti keel) Finnish(suomi) French (Francais) German(Deutsch) Greek(EAAnMKa) Gujarati(taid) Hebrew (nanwu) Hindi (iet) B N 5、键盘布局选择"U.S. English" ntos 6.4 r Select the appropriate keyboard for the system Portuguese Romanian Russiar serbian [latin Slovak qwerty slovenian Swiss French Swiss French (latin1) Swiss German Swiss German (latin1) Turkish U.S. English U.S. Intemational Ukrainian United Kingdom B Next 6、选择" Basic Storage Devies"点击"Next" ntos 6.4 What type of devices will your installation involve? Basic Storage Devices t Installs or upgrades to typical types of storage devices. If you're not sure which option is right for you. this is probably it specialized Storage Devices O Insta ls or upgrades to enterprise devices such as Storage Area Networks (SANs). This option will allow you to add FCoE F isCsI/ zcP disks and to filter out dev ices the installer should ignore Back EANext 7、询问是否忽略所有数据,新电脑安装系统选择"Yes, discard any data ntos 6.4 Storage Device Warning A The storage device below may contain data P VMware, VMware virtual S 20480QMB pc-0Q:00:10scs-0:0:00 we could not detect partitions or filesystems on this device. This could be because the device is blank, unpartitioned, or virtual. if not there may be data on the device that can not be recovered if you use it in this installation. We can remove the device from this installation to protect the data. Are you sure this device does not contain valuable data? Y Apply my choice to all devices with undetected partitions or filesystems Yes, discard any data No, keep any data B Next 8、 Hostname填写格式"英文名.姓 ntos 6.4 Please name this computer. The hostname identifies the computer on a network Hostname: steven kuan Configure Network Back ENext 9、网络设置安装图示顺序点击就可以了 Centos 6.4 释险鼠标,请按:Cont0l=3 Editing system etho Please name this com hostname identifies th Connection name:system etho network 2 Connect automatically 4 Hostname:steven kuang 了 Available to all users Wired 802, 1x Security IPv4 Settings(Pv6 Settings Network Connections Method: Automatic(DHCP) Name Last used Addresses Edit! System etho never Address Netmask Gateway Delete DNS Servers Search domains DHCP client ID: v Require IPy4 addressing for this connection to complete Routes Configure Network 5 cance Apply 10、吋区可以在地图上点击,选择" shanghai"并取消 System clock uses∪TC前面的对勾

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