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Contents pgRouting Manual, Release 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master pg Routing extends the PostGis /PostgresQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing and other network analysis functionality This is the manual for pgrouting 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master x)⑥ The pgRouting Manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Feel free to use this material any way you like, but we ask that you attribute credit to the pg routing Project and wherever possiblealinkbacktohttp://pgrouting.orgForotherlicensesusedinpgroutiNgseethelicensepage 2 Contents pgRouting Manual, Release 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master 2 Contents CHAPTER 1 General 1.1 Introduction pgRouting is an extension of PostGIS and PostgreSQL geospatial database and adds routing and other network analysis functionality. A predecessor of pgRouting-pgDijkstra, written by Sylvain Pasche from Camptocamp was later extended by Orkney and renamed to pg Routing. The project is now supported and maintained by Gieorepublic5, iMaptools6 and a broad user community pgRouting is an OSGeo Labs project of the OSGeo Foundation and included on OSGeo Live 9 1.1.1 License The following licenses can be found in pgrouting Li icense GNu General Public Most features of pgRouting are available under GNU General Public License. version 2 License version 210 Boost software license Some boost extensions are available under boost software License - Version Version 10 1.0 MITX License Some code contributed by iMaptools com is available under Mit-X license Creative commons The pg Routing manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. 0 Attribution-Share Alike 3. 0 License License In general license information should be included in the header of each source file http:/ hulp: //canplocarmpCOIll kne IP http:/ http://illaptoolsCoIl/ T 1oHttp:// I2hlLp: //crealivecolmOns ory/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ pgRouting Manual, Release 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master 1.1.2 Contributors Individuals(in alphabetical order) Akio Takubo. Anton Patrushev ashraf Hossain Christian Gonzalez. daniel Kastl. Dave Potts dayid Techer, Ema Miyawaki, Florian Thurkow, Frederic Junod, Gerald Fenoy, Jay Mahadeokar, Jinfu Leng, Kai Behncke, Kishore Kumar, Ko Nagase, Mario Basa, Martin Wiesenhaan, Razequl Islam Stephen Woodbridge, Sylvain Housseman, Sylvain Pasche, Virginia Vergara Corporate Sponsors(in alphabetical order) These are corporate entities that have contributed developer time, hosting, or direct monetary funding to the pgRouting project Camptocamp, Csis (University of Tokyo), Georepublic, Google Summer of Code, iMaptools Orkney, Paragon Corporation 1.1.3 More Information The latest software, documentation and news items are available at the pg Routing web site PostgresqldatabaseserveratthePostgresqlmainsite Postgisextensionatthepostgisprojectwebsitehttp:/ BoostC++sourcelibrariesat ComputationalGeometryAlgorithmsLibrary(cgal)at 1.2 Installation Binary packages are provided for the current version on the following platforms 1.2.1 Windows Winnie bot Experimental Builds PostgreSQL 9.2 32-bit, 64-bitI3 1.2.2 Ubuntu/Debian Ubuntu packages are available in Launchpad repositories stable .unstable sudc add-apt-repository ppa: georepublic/pgrouting -unstabl L-geL updaLe f Install pgRouting packages sudc apt-get install pos-gresql-9. 1-pgrcuting Use Ubuntu GIS-unstable ppa to install postGis 2.0 I hlipS: //launchpad. neI/ubuntugis/+archive/ubunl ugis-unst:able Chapter 1. General pgRouting Manual, Release 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master 1.2.3 RHEL/CentoS/Fedora FedoraRpm's: 1.2.4osX Homebrew brew install pgro ting 1.2.5 Source Package v2.0.0-rcltar gz V2.0.0-rc1,∠ip 2.0.0-rc1 release v2.0.0)-beta. tar. gz 0.0-betazip 2.0.0-beta release 2.0.0-alpha tar gh 2.0.0-alphazip 2.0.0-alpha release Git master master. tar.g master. zip branch Git develop develop. tar. gz23 branch 1.2.6 Using Git Git protocol (read-only) git clone git: //github. ccm/pgRouting/pgrouting git Https protocol(read-only):.. code-block: : bash gitclone See Build Guide for notes on compiling from source. 1.3 Build Guide To be able to compile pgRouting make sure that the following dependencies are met C and C++ compilers Postgresql version >=8.4>=9.1 recommended) PostGIS version >=1.5(>=2.0 recommended) 16 https:/ g/pgrouting/archive/v2.0.0-beta tar I8 ttps: /github Routing/pgrouting/archive/v 2.01.0-alpha O nttps:/ pg Routing/grouting/ https:/ https:/github 1.3. Build Guide 5 pgRouting Manual, Release 2.0.0(d4d49b7 master The Boost Graph Library(BGL). Version >=[TBD · CMake>=2.8.8 (optional, for Driving Distance)CGAL >=[] (optional, for Documentation) Sphinx >=1.1 (optional, for Documentation as PDF) Latex >=[TBD] The cmake system has variables the can be configured via the command line options by setting them with D<varables=<value. You can get a listing of these via mkdir build cd build Currently these are Boost dir: PatH=Boost dIr- notfound CMAKE BUILD TYPE: STRING= CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX: PATH=/usr/local POSTGRESQL_EXECUTABLE: FILEPATH=/usr/lib/postgresql/9.2/bin/post POSTGRESQL PG_CONFIG: FILEPATH=/usr/bin/pg_config WITH DD: BOOL=ON WITH DOC. BOOLEOFF BUILD HTML: BOOL=ON BUILD LATEX: BOOL=OFF BUILD MAN BOOLEON These also show the current or default values based on our development system. So your values my be different. In general the ones that are of most interest are WITH_DD: BOOL=ON- Turn on/off building driving distance code. WITH_DOC: BOOL=OFF Turn on/off building the documentation build html bool=on- If WITh DOC=ON. turn on/off building HTML BUILD LATEX: BOOL=OFF-If WITH DOC=on, turn on/off building PDF BUILD_ MAN: BOOL-ON-If WITH_ DOC=ON, turn on/off building man pages To change any of these add -D<variable>=<value> to the cmake lines below. For example to turn on documentation. your cmake command might look like: cmake -DWITH DOC-ON Turn on the doc with default settings maxe- DWITH DOC=0N一DBUI_DT三Ⅹ Turn or aoc and paf If you turn on the documentation, you also need to add the doc target to the make comnand make doc i build only the doc make all doc build both the code and the doc 1.3.1 For MinGW on windows kdir build make -G" MSYs Makefiles make install 1.3.2 For Linux kdir build cmase ake sudc make install 6 Chapter 1. General

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