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Table of contentsⅢ Table of contents retrace about this document…….5 Related documents… Document History Conventions Terminology.... Salcs and Support Chapter 1 Getting Started Chapter 2 Anybus X- gateway Modbus-TCP……9 Introduction Configuring the PROFIBUS DP V1 Network…… 10 PROFIBUS DP-V1 GSD-file Functional overview Data excha 12 I/O Mapped Data Parameter at Control/ Status W Live list… 求*·…**·······*·*·· .14 Transaction status List 15 Exception Code list………… Chapter 3 about the anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP…… 17 External view…… 17 Mounting the x-gateway 18 DIN-rail mounting……… 18 Wall mounting Status leds… 20 PROFIBUS DP-V1 Connector USB Connector .21 Modbus-TCP Connectors Power Connector Anybus X-gateway Modbus.-TCP Doc. Rev. 1. 10 Doc Id HMs -168-46 Table of contents v Chapter 4 SD Card Functionality........... 23 General Advice and Guidelines Starting Up Easy Backup 24 Simple configu ratior C Easy replac SD Card Synchronization failure Chapter 5 Modbus-TCP Functions. Chapter 6 Network Configuration.............................27 General Information Introdu Overview HOme2…… onI authentication Modbus Client Modbus servers PROFIBUS DP-K1 Slave In........…….3 Tools 37 37 Mapping Overview 38 Mapping Overview example… …39 Transaction monitor 40 appendix a Technical Specification………………………………4 Protective earth(PE) Requirements……… 41 P Environmental Specification T Relative hamidi 41 EMC(CE) Compliance………… Appendix b Anybus IPconfig tool 43 Appendix c Copyright notices 44 Anybus X-gateway Modbus.-TCP Doc Id HMs -168-46 reface P About this document Formoreinformationdocumentationetc., P1 Related documents Document Author Modbus Application Protocol Specification V1.1B Modbus Organization P2 Document History Summary of Recent Changes( Change Page(s) Updated information about data exchange to reflect the parameter data features 12 Added information about 70 mapped data and parameter data Added information about the transaction status list Added information about the exception code list Added information about the identification LEd sequence Added available modbus functions Updated the configuration web pages to reflect new and revised functionality 3560073 Updated information about the anybus IPconfig tool Revision list Revision Date Author(s) Chapter(s) Description .00 2011-04-26|KaD First official release 101 201106-28KaD 4, 6, B Added chapter 4, minor corrections and updates 1.10 20121121KaD 2, 3, 5,6, B Major update ybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP Doc Rev. 1.10 Doc. ld. HMSI-168-46 about this document p-6 P3 Conventions Terminology The following conventions are used throughout this manual Numbered lists Bulleted lists provide information, not procedural steps The terms Anybus, X-gateway' or module refers to the Anybus X-gateway module Hexadecimal values are written in the format nnnNh where nnnn is the hexadecimal value ∧ byte al f 8 bi The terms 'master,scanner,client and controller'will be used interchangeably to describe a the network The terms slave, adapter, ' server'and device will be used interchangeably to describe units that are controlled by controlling units on the network Anybus x-gateway Modbus- TCP Doc Id HMs -168-46 about this document p-7 P4 Sales and Support Sales support HMS Sweden(Head office) E-mail support(ah ns. se +4()35-172956 Phone. +46(0)35-172920 +46()35-172909 +4635-172909 Online HMS North america us-sales(ahms-ne ma Phone +1-3128290601 Phone: +1-312829-0601 To free. +1-888-8-Anb Toll free +1-312-629-2869 F +1-312-629-2869 Online. Online HMS Germany ales(ahms networks. com esupport( Phone +49()721-96472- Phone +49(0)721-964720 +49(0)721-96472-10 Onlin Online wwv.anous. de E-mail Phone 81(0454785340 Phone +81()45478-5340 +81(154760315 +81(0)454760315 www.anybus.p Online. wwv. a p HMS China E-mail cn-sales( E-mail. cn-support( Phene +86①10-8532-3183 +86010-8332-3023 Fa +86(108532-3209 Fax: +8610-8532-3209 Online HMS Italy E-mail it-sales( it-support( Phone +390395966227 Phone +390395966227 Tax +390395960231 Tax +390395906231 Online. ww.anous HMS France E-mail: fr-sales( E-mail fr-support( Phone +33()368368034 Phone +3(0)36836805 U)3 Online ww. anybus. fr Online. www.anybus.ft HMS UK eire E-mail les(@anybus co uk mal Phone +4()192640559 Phone +4635-172920 1(192610552 Fax: +16()35-172909 Online: Online: HMS DEnmark E-mail info(@anybus. dk. E-mail Phe 45()22300801 46(35-172920 +46035172909 F: +46035-172909 Online: Online HMS India E mail: E mail: Phone +91(0)204011121 Phone +46(035-172920 Ta +91(2040111 +46①)35-172909 bi Online Doc Id HMs -168-46 Chapter I 1. Getting Started The purpose of this chapter is to give a short description on how to install the X gateway and get it up and running, transferring l/o data between the Modbus -TCP network and the PROFIBUS DP-Vl net wor Perform the following steps when installing the module 1. Mount the module. See "Mounting the X gateway"on page 18 for details 2. Connect the X-gateway to the Modbus- TCP network. See"External view"on page 17. 3. Connect the power cable and apply power 4. Access the configuration web pages Connect a PC to the Modbus-TCP network(see"External view ' on page 17)and open a wcb browser. Entcr thc IP address of thc x-gatcway and acccss thc configuration wcb pages If the ip address of the x-gateway is unknown use the anyhus i pcontig tool to tind it See Anybus IPconfig Tool on page 43 Configure the Modbus-TCP client See Modbus Client "on page 32 Set up all Modbus servers and transactions using the configuration web pages. See"Modbus Scrvcrs" on pagc 33 and"Nctwork Configuration?"on pagc 27 Configure the X-gateway slave interface. See"PROFIBUS DP-V1 Slave Interface) on paye 36. 5.DownloadtheappropriateGsdfilefromwww.anybus.comSee"profibusDpv1Gsd fle” on page10. 6. Configure the PROFIBUS DP-V1 master See"Configuring the PROFIBUS DP-VI Network page 10 7. Connect the X gateway to the PROFIBUS DP Vi network. See"External View"on page 17. Doc. Rev. 1.10 Doc. ld. HMSI-168-46 Chapter 2 2. Anybus X-gateway Modbus- TCP 2.1 Introduction The Anybus x-gateway Modbus-TCP is a series of network gateways, used to provide a seamless con nection between a Modbus-TCP network and a controlling network. This particular product connects a Modbus-TCP network to a PROFIBUS DP-Vl network The X-gateway enables the master of the PROFIBUS DP-ViI network to control the Modbus-TCP network These X-gateways makes it possible to integrate Modbus-tCp devices into almost any other PlC system and their supported networks The X-gatcway is bascd on patcntcd Anybus technology, a proven industrial communica- Control Network tion solution used all over the world by lead- Slave ing manufacturers of industrial automation ie.g. Pu products. Each module offers Modbus-TCP master connectivity to one of these industrial networks: EtherNet/IP, CC-Link, Modbus Control RTU. Modbus -TCP. ControlNct. proFi Anybus X-gatewayNetvork Savc NET, CANopen, EtherCAT, DeviceNet and Modbus-TCP PROFIBUS DP-V1 octus-TCP No proprietary configuration software is needed. All necessary configuration is made via the built in web interface Slave Slave Thc proFibus dp-1 fieldbus slayc inter face is configured with a standard Genetic Device Level with Modbus-TCP Slaves Station Description file (GsD)and the standard engineering tool of the PLC. No prograrnming is re- quired The X gateway transmits I/o data transparently between the two networks Anybus X-gateway Mcdbus-TCP Doc. Rev. 1.10 Doc. ld. HMSI-168-46 Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP 10 22 Features Anybus x-gateways tor Modbus- TCP act as intelligent links between two industrial networks (n the Modbus-TCP network, they function as clients(masters) while they function as slaves on the PROFI BUS DP-V1 network The implementation is based on the Anybus NP30 ASIC technology 2. 3 Configuring the Profibus dP-V1 Network The Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP is a PROFIBUS DP-V1 slave on the PROFIBUS DP-VI net work. The general settings for the adapter interface are configured using the configuration web pages (see" PROFIBUS DP-V1 (Slave Interface)"on page 36). All data transfers must be configured using the PROFIBUS DP-V1 configuration tool. Please note that the size of the I/o data that can be read from and written to the module is defined when configuring the X-gateway using the configuration web pages There are a numher of ditferent configuration tools for profibUs DP-v1 available on the market. The choice of tool depends on the application and the proFibUs DP-V1 master of the network. A, GSD filefortheslaveinterfaceisavailableatwww.anlybus.con An application note, describing how to configure an Anybus PROFIBUS DP-V1 slave interface with Siemens STEP7, is available on the support pages for the Anybus X gateway Modbus TCP 24 PROFIBUS DP-V1 GSD-file Each device in a PROFIBUs dp V1 network is associated with a Generic Station Description file(a GSD file), which describes the implementation of the product. This file is used by the network config- uration tool during nctwork configuration The latest version of the gsd file for the anybus x- gateway proFibus dp-v1 interface can be down loadedfrontheHmswebsitewww.anybus.corn Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP Doc. Rev.1.10 Doc Id HMs -168-46

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