NXP Embedded Artists LPC1788 开发板基板原理图

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Expansion Connectors Expansion connector for external memory bus(16-bit) GPIOO TRACE LCDPWR GPIO2 TRACE LCDDCLK RESET N RESET CUT VBAT IN ALARM ANRD 12SRX-BCK LCDVDOI DATA_ LCDVD8 2STX BCK LCDVD9 TX-DATA_ LCDVD17 DVD1G 89 AN2 AINI CDVD21 LESBX- DATA UF EN PIO83 RTS BD30 C)上 merced升-t1stsB Possible connectors to mount: aWhW64G-0202-T-R from assmann electronics Inc TIT oEM Base boers rev A (Digikey: HRP64H-ND)or XG4C-6431 from Omron (Digikey: OR970-ND) 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 SFee;:3/15 External buttered memory bus 16-bit parallel output for logging 32Mbit(4MByte)NOR FLASH 8+8 bit register on external memory bus (LPC1788:CS0=0X80000000-0X83 FF FFFF)(LPC1788:CS2=0x98000000-0X9 BFF FFFF) SST39VF320-EKE 山D bato GND. GNU-2 国 ND LEDs named Co. D15 in silkscreen S12 U4GS +9=‰FB8 7∠LVC1c32GW Optional connections Place near pin 37 and 47 7∠LvlG32GW 书 Only used for LPC2478 oEM boards Default: nct inserted C)上 merced升-t1stsB ICrF1OnF OnF TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number GN Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 Sree a 4/15 Debug Interfaces ARM 20-pin interface Serial Wire Mode ARM 10-pin interface Serial Wire Mode 5-GND ARM 20-pin interface JTAG Mode ARM 10-pin interface JTAG Mode ESET 9-GND 10-RESET 10 pos(50 mil pitch) connector 20 pos(100 mil pitch) connector ETM Interface (not mounted 2x10p3,10cm MICTOR ETM connector 个2x5ce.6 Smil pitch GPlO8_TRACE_LCDVD6 ss g sLs R34 GND GND JTAG TDO 50R Enable etm for LPC2478 Cortex debug+ ETM Interface Dofaul: rot inserted 2x10 pos, 5Cmil pitch Reset Push-button lED JTAG/SWD Control pn12:IHCK·26 日 Open: Enable tor LPC3250 RCO2 Short: Enable f LPC1788: other function PUSH BψTT RESET QUT C)上 merced升-t1stsB TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number Note: all JTAG/SWD and ETM signals routed with 50 ohm impedance, equal length and minimal stubs Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 Sree a c/15 Ethernet and s/Mmc interfaces, Vbat and Alarm RJ45 Ethernet connecto MMc/ SD Memory Card丨F VDD3 3A J11G$1 BI M1RAG60Ts 100nF[10uF/10V mpedance routng, 100 ohm di feren No via's and no sharp angles 100rF 1C0nF c16 PoE Connector IPAC-SC-SEDMF-0095B-KINGFONT MMC WP RX/X act vity RITE. PRCTECT GND3 ETH LED GND-2 100M or 10M VBAT and Alarm Handling VEAT IN Battery holder Ncte: battery(CR1025)not included C)上 merced升-t1stsB TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 SFee:≤/15 12C-peripherals 64kbit Configuration E2PROM (see User's Manual for details Push-buttons and LEDs g all长 24XXXTSSCP LED LED3 LEDB LED5 c address(Ox57 ): 1CCnF n LED2 l2 C address(0x60): LM75 12C Temperature Sensor LED3 吨SP IM75AD nOOn 2 c address(0x48): 3-axis Accelerometer 个 oOnF 2uF/10 DVCD 10 D AVDD Interupt signals IT1/DRDY BLM18/G601S A/GDVSDO GND oonF F/10v SCLSPC GND 12C a::ress (CxID) C)上 merced升-t1stsB TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 Sree a 7/15 Analog input, Push-button, Joystick and Serial Expansion Connector and Jennic RF-module Analog Input Serial Expansion Connector 3A VEE GND 2: VCC (3.3V, max 250mA) 3: SPI-SCK (output 4: SPl-MOSl(output 5: SPl-MISo (input) 6: SPl-SSEL (output) 7:∪ ART-RX(nput) 8: UART-TX (output) 1001F 9: 12C-SCL (output 10: 12C-sDA(bidirectional) 11: GPIO (bidirectional) 12: GPlo(bidirectional 13: AINO/GPIo(input) 14: AIN1/GPlO(input BLM21AG221SN1D+ Interrupt Push-bt P2.10 on LPo178824X8 42 USB 1-UPLED GPl 01 on LPC3250 038 AIN1 Jennic RF-module s FTDI UART Connector C114 乳p 1: GND 十 PUSH BUTTON N5148-XXX-MO0 754∧ U29GS1 74LMC13157W X06 R112 MO CAP/DIO9 5-key Joystick Swit TIMO OUT/DIO 74LVC1G3157GW SIE UART R120 CTS1/DIO17 T754A RXD1/DIO20 L2SGS2 U3CGS2 SFISSM PUSH BUTTON D SW7 ALPS. SKQU Press key during reset to enter firmware download mode C)上 merced升-t1stsB 100nF 100nF 1001F 100nF 100nF TIT oEM Base boers rev A D D 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 E/15 UART multiplexing, RS232 and RS422/485 interface UART multiplexing g A载 To Serial Interface EXpansion Connector GPIO24 TXD To LCD expansion interface CLk2SEL RS422/RS485 transceiver nCCn RS422 or RS485 Insert uppers for RS485 D Default for jP6 N Default for JPg RS4xX Interface F1350R,L -50J16-5 RX+(inp it Rx-(input GP Ls日1PRN QJ163 UART RS232 Full modem s 20J16.2 Tx-(output to ofi C37 100nF100nF fault f。r oUT 20J|s GPIO9] TXD BDI6 EL-LINK JP12 DRCECFF INVAlID Mo9-EA GPIO96 RXD BD Connector for pinning not directly supported|非 C)上 merced升-t1stsB by board TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 Sree a =/15 CAN and IrDa interfaces CAN Transceivers U14 not mounted 88然kh日 o VGC GND 100nF 100F 2xC EDEn GND ②J168CAN1H TXD 2▲S 2J16-7CANI-L 60JI6-6 GND SJ2: 1-2 short Ey default oonF ESD1CAN DICAN SJ13: 1-2 short by default LPC1788 P53, U4 RXD sJ4:12 short by default、2 IrDA Tranceiver LPC1788: P0.22. U4 TXD GPO69 46 GNC SJ15.1-2 short by defaul: H oOnF PC188:Fo21,U40E i IrDA tranceiver(U18) not mounted C)上 merced升-t1stsB TIT oEM Base boers rev A 。 curent Number Datea2311-05-1223:46:15 SFee:10/15

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