SIM7600 AT 指令集

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这是SIMCOM公司最新的全网通4G模块SIM7600的 AT 指令详细描述
SIMCon Smart machine smart decision Version History Version Date Chapter I What is new V1.00 2016-07-C New version V1. 2016-07215.5AT+CCUG Add note V1.01 2016-07-215.6AT+CUSD Add note V1.01 2016-07-2157AT+CAOC Add note VIOl 2016-07-2158 ATICSSN Add note V1012064072112A AT+STGI Add PDU format support V1.01 ——— 2016-07-21 01 2016-07-21 111 AT+STGR Add PDU format support 6 AT+STENV this command V1.01 2016-07-21 7 AT+STSM Add this command V1022016027 11.7 AT+STSM Modify this command 2016-07-27 3 AT+CNAOP Modify this command V1.02 2016-07-275.18AT+CTZU Modify this command V102 2016-07-275.19 AT+CTZR Modify this command V102 2016-07-275.16AT+CPS Modify this command V1.02 2016-07-279.15AT+ CGAUTH Modify this command V102 V1.02 02 ——— 2016-07-27 Chapter 15 Delete the CSoCK Command 2016-07-273.21AT&F Modify this command 2016-07-28 6.25 AT+CACDBFN Modify this command 02 2016-07-295.18AT+CTZU Modify this command 02 2016-07-295.18AT+CTZR Modify this command V1.02 2016-07-29624AT+ SIDET Modify this command V10220160129520AT+ NETMODE Modify this command, PIN->NO V1.02 2016-07-2912.5 AT+CGFUNC Modify this command 2016-07-29126AT+ CGDRT Modify this command .02 2016-07-29127AT+ CGGRTV Modify this command V.1.02 2016-07-29128AT+ CGSETV Modify this command V1 2016-07-295.15AT+CPSI Modify this command V1 2016-07-2911.2AT+STGI Modify this command V1.02 2016-07-2911.7AT+STSM Modify this command 2016-07-29 Delete CSD function Delete Cs function V1.02 2016-08-05 11.5 AT+STKFMT Set STK pdu Modify this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision format V1.02 2016-08-05 5.15 AT+CPSI Inquiring UE Modify 1xlte system information V1.02 2016-08-05 9.11 AT+CGDATA Enter data state Modify cid V1.02 2016-08-05 9.3 AT+CGACT PDP context Modify cid activate or deactivate V1.02 2016-08-0579 AT+CNMI New message Modify default value indications to TE 2016-08-12 7.25 AT+CMGP Set cdma/evdo Modify format text mode parameters V1.02 2016-08-16 15.7 Common Channel Scrvicc Modify thcsc commands 15.8 SSL Certificate Key management V1.02 2016-08-16629AT+ CTXVOL Add commands 6.30 AT+CTXMICGAIN V1.02 2016-08-17 11.7 AT+STSM Get STK Setup Modify this command Menu list with pdu mode V1.02 2016-08-17 5.14 AT+CNSDP Prcfcrrcd scrvicc Dclctc this command domain selection V1.02 2016-08-19 AT+CMGENREF Delete this command AT+CMSSEXM AT+CSALPHA V1.02 2016-08-2615.1.6AT+ CPINGSTOP Modify this command V1 02 2016-08-305 19 AT+NETMODE Modify this command VI 2016-09.05321AT&F Modify this command VI 0220160905 10.6 AT+CMTE Modify test c nd V1.02 2016-09-05157.3AT+ CCHOPEN Modify these commands 15.7.7 AT+CCHSET 15.7.8 AT+CCHADDR V102 2016-09-05157.10 Unsolicited common Add error code description channel command < err> Codes V1.02 2016-0906627AT+ CMICGAIN Modify these commands 6.28 AT+COUTGAIN 6.29 AT+CTXVOL 6.30 AT+CTXMICGAIN V1.02 201609-06631AT+ CRXVOL Add these commands 6.32 AT+CECH 6.33 AT+CECDT 6.34 AT +CECWB SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision 635 5 AT+CNSN 6.36 AT+CNSLIM 6.37 AT+CFNSMOD 6.38 AT+CFNSIN 6.39 AT+CFNSLVL V1.02 201609-06126AT+ CGDRT Modify these commands 12.7 AT+ CGSETV 12. 8 AT+CGGETV 12.9 AT+CGISR V1.02 2016-0907915AT+ CGAUTH Modify rcad command and test common V1.02 2016-090951AT+CNMP Modify this command V1 2016-09093.21AT&F Modify this command V1.02 2016-090911.5AT+ STKFMT Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-13624AI+ SIDET Modify this command V102 2016-09-13 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Add this command V1.02 2016-09-14622AT+ CSDVC Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-18640AT+ CECRX Add these commands 6.41 AT+CNLPPG 6.42 AT+CNLPPL V1.02 2016-09-197.2AT+CPMS Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-2110.6AT+CMTE Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-21 10.9 AT+CUSBDELETEADB Delete this command V1.02 2016-09-226.43AT+CECM Add this command V1.02 2016-092215.7.6AT+ CCHRECV Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-2215710 Unsolicited common Modify the format channel command <err Codes 02 2016-09-266.25 AT+CACDBFN Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-27 15 2.10 AT+ CIPFILTERSET Modify this command 2 2016-0928333AT+CMI Modify this command V102 2016-09283.34AT+ CIMIM Add this command V102 2016-09-287.13AT+CMGS Modify these commands 7.15 AT+CMGW 7.20 AT+CMGSEX V102 2016-10-083.21AI&F Modify this command 2016-10-1296 AT+CGTFT Modify this command V1.02 2016-10-13 9.4 AT+CGDCONT Modify this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision VI 2016-10-1316.8AT+ CGPSNMEA Modify this command V1.02 2016-10-179.3AT+ CGACT Modify these commands 9. 7 AT+CGQREQ 9.8 AT+CGEQREQ 9.9 AT+CGOMIN 9.10 AT+CGEQMIN 9.11 AT+CGDATA 9.12 AT+CGPADDR 9.15 AT+CGAUTH 15.1.12 AT+CDNSSRV VI.02 2016-10-187.2 AT+CPMS Modify this command VI.02 2016-10-193.21AT&F Modify this command V1.02 2016-10-209.8AT+ CGEQREQ Modify thesc commands 9.10 AT+CGEQMIN V10220161020129AT+ CGISR Modify this command 02 2016-10-24 3 AT+CNAOP Modify this command V1.02 2016-10-243.21AI&F Modify this command V1.02 2016-10-2816,20 ATI CGPSMODE Add this command V1. 2016-11-0 4 AT+STK Modify this command V1.02 206-11-04622AT+ CSDVC Modify this command V1.02 2016-11-0416.21AT+CBDS Add this command V1.02 2016-11-0415.39AT+ CFTPGET Modify these command 15.3.11 AT+CFTPLIST V1.02 2016-11-04 15.3. 15 AT+CFTPCACHERD Add this command V102 2016-11-08 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.02 2016-11-103.21AT&F Modify this command V1.02 2016-11-1093AT+ CGACT Modify these command 9.11 AT+CGDATA V1.02 2016-11-10 15.1.1 AT+CSOCKSETPN Modify this command V1.03 2016-11-114.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V10320161:171621 AT+ CBDS Modify this command V1.03 2016-11-17 16.15 AT+CGPSINFOCFG Modify this command V1.03 2016-11-2415.39AT+ CFTPGET Modify these command 15.3.11 AT+CFTPLIST 15.3. 15 AT+CFTPCACHERD V1.03 2016-11-2415.73AT+ CCHOPEN Modify these commands 15.7.6 AT+CCHRECV SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision VI 03120161212 9.3 AT+CGACT Modify this command V1.03 2016-12-219.4 AT+CGDCONT Modify this command V1.03 2016-12233.21AT&F Modify these commands 5.11 AT+CNBP 5.14 AT+CPSI V1.03 2017-1-49.12AT+CGPADDR Modify this command V1.03 2017-1-116.10AT+ CGPSFTM Modify this command 03 2017-1-125.14AT+CPSI Modify this command V1.04 2017-1-2015.76AI+ CCHRECV Modify this command V1.04 2017-2-9 6.26 AT+CPCMREG Modify these commands 6.43 AT+CECM V1.04 2017-2-9 15.7.6 AT+CCHRECV Modify this command V1.04 2017-2-205.12AT+CNBP Modify this command V1.04 20172-213.12AT+IPR Modify these commands 12.1 AT+IPREX VI. 04 2017-3-83.21AT&F Modify this command V104 2017-3-2817.24AT+CLBS d this command V1.042017-4-13 17.9 AT+CGPSNEMARATE A—AA this command V1 2017-41415.5 Https this chapter V1 2017-4-1917.25 AT+CLBSCFG Add this command V1.04 2017-5-4 4.23 AT+CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command VI 2017-5-11 17.26 AT+CASSISTLOC this command V1.04 2017-5-17 16 AT Commands for Open/Close Add this chapter Networ V1.04 2017-5-24 18 Audio Application Commands Add this chapter V1.04 2017-5-2515.7SMTP Delete this chapter V1.04 2017-5-25154FTPS Add this chapter V1.05 2017-6-19156 Https Modifyhttpscommands V105 2017-7-3 16.4 Unsolicited CNETSTART/ Add this command CNETSTOP Codes V1.05 2017-7-317.24AT+CLBS Modify these commands 17.25 AT+CLBSCFG V1.05 2017-7-10 14.2 AT+CFTRANTX Modify this command V1.05 2017-7-10 13 AT Commands for File System Modify the description V105 2017-7-11 6.44 AT+ CPCMFRM Add this command V105 2017-7-14 15.8.9 AT+ CCERTVERIFY Add this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision V1.05 20178235712 AT+CMGR Modify this command V1.05 2017-9-55.15AT+ CNSMOD Modify this command V1.05 20179-5514AT+CPSI Modify this command V1.06 201710-131.1 Scope Modify scope V1.06 2017-10-1317.24AT+CLBS Modify this command V1.07 2017-10-1615.3.2AT+ CFTPMODE Modify this command V1.07 2017-10-16 15.6.4 At+chTtpsclsE Modify this command V1.07 2017-11-379 ATICNMI Modify this command V1.07 20171:7122TCR Modify this command V1.07 2017-11-1317.25AT+CLBS Modify this command V1.0720713158NTP Add this chapter V1.07 2017-11-13 17.23 AT+CGNSSINFO Add this command V1.07 2017-12-144.23 AT+CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.07 2017-12-1517.25AT+CLBS Modify this command V1.08 2017-12-1817.8AT+ CGPSNMEA Modify this command V.08 2017-12-1817.24 AT+CGNSSMODE Add this command V1.08 2018-1-1017.26AT+CLBS Modify this command V1.08 2018-1-2417.21AT+ CGPSMODE Delete this command V1.08208124172AT+CBDS Delete this command V1.08 2018-1-2415.8.2 Unsolicited NTP Codes Delete this command V1.08 2018-2-815.10.1 AT+CCERTDOWN Modify this command V1.08 2018-2-9 15.8.1 AT+CNTP Modify this command V1.082018-2-28 13 AT Commands for File System Modify this chapter V108 2018-3-2 15.10.1 AT+ CCERTDOWN Modify these commands 15.10.2 AT+CCERTLIST 15.10.3 AT+CCERTDELE V.08 2018-3-1315.6.5 At + ChttPssend Modify this command V1.08 2018-3-201551AT+ChttpaCt Modify this command V1.08 2018-3-28 15.6.9 Unsolicited Https command moDify this command Kerr> cod V1.08 2018-4-2 17.8 AT+CGPSNMEA Modify this command V1.08 2018-4-2 17.22 AT+CGNSSMODE Modify this command V108 2018-4-2 15.6.5atIChttpssEnd Modify this command V1.09 2018-4-17645AT+ CPTONE Add this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision VI 2018-4-1815.3.16 AT+CFTPSINGLEIP Add this command V1.09 2018-5-21724AT+CLBS Modify this command V1.09 20185-315.2.,1AT+ CIPCCFG Modify this command V1 2018-5-4 17 25 AT+CLBSCFG Modify this command V1.09 2018-5-7 15.6.5 At+chTtpssenD Modify these commands 15.6.5 At+chtTpsrecv V109 2018-5-9 15.10.2 ATICCERTLIST Modify this command V1.09 20185-2115.81AT+CNTP Modify this command V1.09 2018-5-31 4.23 AT+CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.09 2018-6-5 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.09 2018-7-10 15.2.10 AT+ CIPFILTERSET Delete this command 2018-7-1115.8.1AT+CNTP Modify this command V1.09 2018-7-25 15.9 Common Channel Service Add mbedtls 15.10 SSL Certificate Key Management V1.092018-8-3 15.6.5 At+cHttpsSend Modify these commands 15.6.6 At+chTtpsrecv V1.09 2018-8-3 15.99 AT+CCHMODE Add this command V1.10 2018-8-1 6 4.23 AT+CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.10 2018-8-22 18.3 AT+CCMXSTOPWAV Modify these commands 18.5 AT+CCMXSTOP V1.10 2018-8-24 15.9 Common Channel Service Delete these chapters 15.10 SSL Certilicate Key Managcment V1.10 2018-9 I7.25 AT+CLBSCFG Modify these commands 17.26 AT+CASSISTLOC V1.10 2018-9-1215.2 TCP/UDP Delete these chapters 15.3 FTP 15.4 FTPS 15.5 Http 15.6 Https V1.10 2018-9-1717.11AT+ CGPSFTM Modify these commands 17.13 AT+CGPSXE 17.16 AT+CGPSINFOCFG SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08 SIMCon Smart machine smart decision Contents Version history. Contents ·+ I ntroduction 16 cope………… …16 1.2 References 16 1. 3 Terms and abbreviations 1. 4 Definitions and conventions 17 2 AT Interface Synopsis…… 19 Interface settings…… 19 2.2 AT command syntax.…… 19 2.3 Information responses 20 3 AT Commands according v.25TER 21 3.1 A/ Repeat last command 3.2 ATD Dial command 3.3 ATD><mem><n> Originate call from specified memory 3.4 ATD><n> Originate call from active memory (1).......... 24 3.5 ATD><str> Originate call from active memory(2) 3.6 ata Call answer 26 3. 7 ath Disconnect existing call 7 3.8 ATSO Automatic answer incoming call +·“““+““ 27 3.9 Switch from data mode to command mode.........................28 3.10 Ato Switch from command mode to data mode 3.11 ATI Display product identification information 9 3.12 AT+IPR Set local baud rate temporarily 3.13 AT+ICF Set control character framing 32 3. 14 AT+IFC Set local data flow control 3.15 At&c Set dcd function mode 34 3.16 ATE Enable command echo 3. 17 AT&v Display current configuration 3. 18 at&d Set dtr function mode 3. 19 At&s Set dsr function mode 36 3.20 ATV Set result code format mode ....................................................................................................37 3.21 AT&F Set all current parameters to manufacturer defaults 38 3.22 ATQ Set Result Code Presentation Mode.... 3.23 Atx Set connect result code format 3.24 At\v Set CoNNECt Result Code Format about Protocol 3.25 AT&e Set CONNECT Result Code Format About Speed 3.26AI& w Save the user setting to me…… 42 3.27 atz Restore the user setting from me..……42 3.28 AT+CGMI Request manufacturer identification 3.29 AT+CGMM Request model identification SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.10 2018-10-08

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