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Introduction Table of contents Table of contents Section I: Beginner's Level Example 1: Falling Stone Exampl ole 2: Inclined plane 14 Example 3: Lift Mechanism -Geometry 24 Example 4: Lift Mechanism -Simulation 30 Example 5: One-degree-of-freedom Pendulum 38 Example 6: Projectile Motion EXample 7: Spring Damper-Part 1 52 EXample 8: Spring Damper-Part 2 58 Example 9: Suspension System 62 Example 10: Suspension System 2 Example 11: Four Bar Velocity Example 12: Cam-Follower 0606 EXample 13: Crank Slider EXample 14: Controls Toolkit in ADAMS/View 92 Section l: Intermediate Level 97 EXample 15: Valvetrain Mechanism 98 Example 16: Cam-rocker-valve 106 EXample 17: Stamping Mechanism 116 Example 18: Robot Arm 122 EXample 19: Adams Optimization 134 EXample 20: Airplane Control Surface 140 EXample 21: More on Pendulum 146 EXample 22: Gyroscope EXample 23: Power Hacksaw Mechanism Section ll: Textbook problems 169 EXample 24: Walking Beam Indexer 170 EXample 25: Watt's Linkage in a Steam Engine 178 Section IV. Adams/Machinery Applications 187 Example 26: Open Differential 183 Example 27: Planetary Gear Sets Modification 196 EXample 28: Bearing System Workshop 200 Example 29: Simple Belt Example 206 Example 30: Serpentine Belt System 214 MSC Software Ill Example 31: Gear Train 222 Example 32: Windshield Wiper Mechanism 226 Example 33: Windturbine 232 Section V: Adams/MATLAB Co-simulation 241 EXample 34: DC Motor EXample 35: Airplane Control Surface 250 Example 36: Bridge Crane 256 Example 37: Windshield Wiper Mechanism 262 Example 38: Vehicle ABS System 266 Section V: Vehicle Dynamics 273 Example 40: FSAE Flex Body Tutorial 274 Example 39: FSAE Full Vehicle Simulation Events 282 Example 41: Adams/Insight Example 286 Example 42: Humvee Durability Analysis 292 Example 43: Mini Baja example 298 Example 44: Adams tor Vehicle Dynamic Course 304 Example 45: Custom Template Modeling 314 Section vil: Adams for robotics 325 Example 46: FIRST ROBOTICS Model Part I 326 Example 47: FIRST ROBOTICS Model Part ll 330 Example 48: FIRST ROBOTICS Model Part 334 Example 49: FRC Robot Instability Test 338 Example 50: Industrial Robot Arm 344 IV MSC Software MSC Software V 6 MSC Software Section I: Beginner's Level This section introduces you the fundamentals of Adams/View with 14 examples. No previous Adams experience is needed to go through this section and detailed guidance is given for each example. You are encouraged to work through this section in sequential order. In this Beginner's level, you will learn How to create bodies How to connect bodies with joints How to create motions How to measure displacement, velocity or acceleration ● How to view results MSC Software 7 Supplemental Adams Tutorial Kit for Design of Machinery Course Curriculum EXample 1: Falling Stone 8=9810mm Software∨ ersion Adams 2013.2 Problem Description Find the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of a stone after one second, when the stone with zero initial velocity, falls under the influence of gravity 8 MSC Software Section I: Beginner's Level Example 1: Falling Stone Step 1. Create a New Adams database Step 2. Build the Stone a. Click on Create a new model a. From the Main Toolbox right-click the Rigid body tool b. For the Model name change it to Falling_ Stone stack, and then select the sphere tool C. For the Gravity choose Earth Normal (-Global Y). b. Put a check on Radius and set the radius to 5.0cm d. For the Units, set it to MMKs-mm, kg, N, S, deg e. Then click oK Eib Edit yew S:lli剧~兴回园就围回型2卷线mm Hydes Canrectrs Motions I Faces Elaments Le: ign bxpicrstion I +lugs I Simulaton esults 事国A·六NePD● 可唱∩●冒 Flexible 8 Bodies connectors I Mmions Forces Elerrerts Design Explo rat an Plugins Simulation|Results 写围∩如矗口国 小Pan lexiblD-diesCunslnuLlu Adams Step 3. Renaming the Stone To use the zoom Box shortcut B[业IM义却回守默围国型号线Mn美N Eodias Connectors I Moions Forces Eemants I Esign Esploration I Plugins I Simuls: on I Resuts a. First right click on the stone then choose 事00君·六N四号 Part: part 2 and click Rename FleziblsBodissCoratructian b. For the New Name type in. Falling Stone Choose Field info and click validate d. Click OK for Field validation was successful and click Create Mev: Model OK again Ele Edit Yiew Setinas Iocs Bk/的回回国型国@卷线hTn Working Directory h: Dcaltop\\dams 20: 2 Cur culamkita Bedies Connecters I Matins I Foces Elements Design Exsloration Pugins I simulatian I Results 900甸题·人Np号 O 划A唱∩A● Na NamR Faling-StnR Bowse Groups I ■上口面γ占①◎ Search MSC Software 9 Supplemental Adams Tutorial Kit for Design of Machinery Course Curriculum Step 4. Set Mass to 1 kg 地9吗1以义色也回家国看国0号迎。2 Culs commelis I Muius I ruves Cements De iy, Exyluialiun I Pluits 3ir wle iun Resull: I 事00 MPDE a. Right-click the sphere, point to Part: Stone, and then select Modify b. Choose User Input on the drop down selection for Define Mass by poroma C. Type 1.0 for the Mass and click OK E59~火回,翻国幅。e6hm 事00甸君少·∴N画P号 公日A卩围∩c%目 Defire Saab[四cs ■国面① UT- DIGonal erms 404594 Too, coxon DAdhmsewAdams 2012 nte-of Mass Marker cm 可X国四回的圖国到围8中难mm MatHe Badis Connectors I TEam nts Design Eapla ation Flugns T Simulaion Results MarkEr: NAFKCER 事⊙0。甸·六P四净● →日AA∩ Solide Nake fle Cele:e Rename ⊙m [De)actiatE ■二圍画占① ■二画占①◎ 10 MSC Software

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