C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0 – Modern Cross-Platform Development – Third Edition

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C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0 – Modern Cross-Platform Development – Third Edition 版本: Create powerful applications with .NET Standard 2.0, ASP.NET Core 2.0, … Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code By 作者: Mark J. Price ISBN-10 书号: 1788398076 ISBN-13 书号: 9781788398077 Edition 版本: 3rd Revised edition 出版日期: 2017-11-30 pages 页数: 786 C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0 – Modern Cross-Platform Development, Third Edition, is a practical guide to creating powerful cross-platform applications with C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0. It gives readers of any experience level a solid foundation in C# and .NET. The first part of the book runs you through the basics of C#, as well as debugging functions and object-oriented programming, before taking a quick tour through the latest features of C# 7.1 such as default literals, tuples, inferred tuple names, pattern matching, out variables, and more. After quickly taking you through C# and how .NET works, this book dives into the .NET Standard 2.0 class libraries, covering topics such as packaging and deploying your own libraries, and using common libraries for working with collections, performance, monitoring, serialization, files, databases, and encryption. The final section of the book demonstrates the major types of application that you can build and deploy cross-device and cross-platform. In this section, you’ll learn about websites, web applications, web services, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and mobile apps. By the end of the book, you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to build modern, cross-platform applications using C# and .NET. Contents 1: HELLO, C#! WELCOME, .NET CORE! 2: PART 1 – C# 7.1 3: SPEAKING C# 4: CONTROLLING THE FLOW AND CONVERTING TYPES 5: WRITING, DEBUGGING, AND TESTING FUNCTIONS 6: BUILDING YOUR OWN TYPES WITH OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 7: IMPLEMENTING INTERFACES AND INHERITING CLASSES 8: PART 2 – .NET CORE 2.0 AND .NET STANDARD 2.0 9: UNDERSTANDING AND PACKAGING .NET STANDARD TYPES 10: USING COMMON .NET STANDARD

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