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STAR-CCM+ Product overview Contents i Contents Product overview Geometry: Import, Modification, and Creation Mesh: Generation 日日里日日国日日日酒日面面面 Physics 6 Solver: Solution of Discretized Systems 14 Data Analysis 16 Design Exploration Framework Interaction with CAE Tools :日国 20 CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Product overview 1 Product overview STAR-CCM+ is a Computational Aided Engineering(CAE)solution for solving multidisciplinary problems in both fluid and solid continuum mechanics, within a single integrated user interface STAR-CCM+ Simulation Environment The STAR-CCM+ Simulation environment offers all stages required for carrying out engineering analyses, including Import and creation of geometries Mesh generation Solution of the governing equations Analysis of the results Automation of the simulation workflows for design exploration studies Connection to other Cae software for co-Simulation analysis Contents: Gcomctry: Import, Modification, and Creation Mesh: Generation Physics Solver: Solution of Discretized Systems Data Analysis Design Exploration framework Interaction with Cae Tools CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Geometry: Import, Modification, and Creation 2 Geometry: Import, Modification, and Creation STAR-CCM+ imports gcomctrics from, and integrates within, leading CAD and PLM systcms STAR-CCM+ also offers a built-in capability for modifying and creating Cad geometries directly Geometry Import STAR-CCM+ reads geometric data as follows Native formats: CATIA V4 and V5. Siemens NX. SolidWorks. Autodesk Inventor. PTC Creol and rhino 3D Neutral formats: IGES. STEP Parasolid. IDF, and JTopen Triangulated formats: STL, CATIA graphics cgr, pro-STAR dbs/ inp, Nastran and Patran shells. nas & pat. Medina. bif, FELISA. ro, VDA-FS PLM formats: 3DXML PLMXML CAD Clients CAD Clients are available as STAR-CCM+ add-ons embedded within leading CAD systems CAD Clicnts providc bi-dircctional and associative gcomctry data transfer. Thc supported cad systems are CATIA V5, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, and autodesk inventor Geometry Modification and Creation 3D-CAD is a parametric feature-based modeler that is built upon the Parasolid kernel 3D-CAD works on both Linux and Windows, and is fully integrated within the client-server architecture of STAR-CCM+. the extensive suite of cad functions include All relevant operations for creating parametric feature-based solid and sheet bodies Sketching, extrusions, revolving, lofting, sweeping, and imprinting Body operations: patterning, transforming, Boolean actions, and imprinting Defeaturing and sewing tools for imported geometries automatic blade slicing tool for rotating machine geometries Automatic removal of small bodies or surfaces irrelevant to simulation Requires add-on module CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Geometry: Import, Modification, and Creation 3 Flow domain extraction CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Mesh: generation 4 Mesh Generation STAR-CCM+ provides a complete set of capabilities for both surface and volume meshing operations Mesh Topologies Surface: triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons Volume: tetrahedra, hexahedra, prisms, arbitrary polyhedra Mesh framework The STAR-CCM+ mesh framework provides a flexible environment and repeatable processes The general features of the framework are Sequencing and re- ordering of mesh operations Serial, concurrent per part, and parallel mesh generation Projection of surface mesh to CaD Conformal tetrahedral and polyhedral meshes across multi-part assemblies Surface Meshing The surface meshing tools in STAR-CCM+ are designed to provide high quality triangulations on arbitrarily complex and dirty geometries. Available surface meshing tools include Surface preparation: to manually repair and prepare surfaces ready for meshing Surface wrapper to provide a closed, manifold, non-intersecting surface when starting from poor quality cad data Surface remesher: to provide a high quality starting surface for all volume mesh types 2D mcshcr: to crcatc triangular and polygonal meshes on 2D gcomctrics Volume Meshing Core Meshes o Trimmer Polyhedral, tetrahedral Prism layer mesher CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Mesh: Generation 5 Specialized meshes Thin part mchc Generalized cylinder mesher Extruder mesher Offset mesher Directed mesher for swept Cad geometries Manual or automatic creation of patches for sweeping Control of layer count and distributio Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Physics 6 Physics STAR-CCM+ is a multiphysics platform that solves systems of equations derived from the fundamental laws of physics Fluid mechanics STAR-CCM+ core capabilities for modeling fluid flow and energy are Flow characteristics Inviscid. laminar. or turbulent Newtonian and Non-Newtonian viscosities Incompressible and compressible Multi-component mixtures Multiphase mixtures Porous resistance Gravitational acceleration Passive scalars Temporal discretization Steady Unsteady(explicit and implicit) Equation of state Constant density Idcal gas law Real gas laws(Peng-Robinson, Redlich-Kwong, Standard and Modified Soave-Redlich- Kwong, Van der Waals, Equilibrium Air, IAPWS-IF97 Polynomial density User-defined CD-adape Version 11. 04 STAR-CCM+ Product overview Physics 7 Materials STAR-CCM+ comes with a database of common materials in categories of solid, liquid, gas,and electrochemical species STAR-CCM+ installation comes with standard and extended databases Add or modify user-defined materials and material properties within the user interface XML format allows direct creation of user-defined databases Heat Transfer STAR-CCM+ can simulate all modes of heat trans fer in both fluid and solid materials Conduction Convection Radiation(Surface to surface(S2S)with view factors for both gray and multiband, solar loads discrete ordinate model (dom) for participating media) Turbulence STAR-CCM+ provides a choice of turbulence models for modeling different flow behaviors Reynolds-Averaged Navier Stokes(RANS)models Spalart-Allmaras(standard and high-Reynolds number K-Epsilon(standard, realizable, two-layer, low-Reynolds number, elliptic blending, Abe- Kondoh-Nagano, and V2F) K-Omega(standard and SST Reynolds stress Transport models Linear pressure strain(standard and two-layer) Quadratic pressure strain Elliptic blending Large Eddy simulation Subgrid scalc modcls( Smagorinsky, dynamic Smagorinsky, and WALe) Synthetic turbulence initial and boundary conditions Detached Eddy simulation (delayed and improved delayed) SST K-Omega Spalart-Allmaras Elliptic blending CD-adape Version 11. 04

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