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Causal productions permits the distribution and revision of 1. References these templates on the condition that Causal Productions is The heading of the References section must not be credited in the revised template as follows: "original version numbered. All reterence items must be in 8 pt font. Please of this template was provided by courtesy of Causal useRegularanditalicstylestodistinguishditterentfieldsasProductions( shown in the references section number the reference items consecutively in square brackets(.g LID) ACKNOWLEDGMENT When referring to a reference item, please simply use the The heading of the Acknowledgment section and the reference number, as in [2. Do not use Ref. 3 or References section must not be numbered Reference [3] except at the beginning of a sentence, e.g Causal productions wishes to acknowledge Michael Shell Reference [3] shows Multiple references are each and other contributors for developing and maintaining the numbered with separate brackets (e.g. [2]:[31,[4]-[61) IEEE LaTex style files which have been used in the Examples of reference items of different categories shown preparation of this template. To see the list of contributors, in the references section include please refer to the top of file IEEETran cls in the IEEE LaTeX · example of a book in[1 distribution example of a book in a series in [2] example of a journal article in [31 REFERENCES example of a conference paper in [41 [1 S M. Meter and V. P. Eiko, Laser Assisted Microtechnology, 2nd ed. example of a patent in [5] R.M. Osgood, Jr, Ed. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1998 example of a website in [6 [2] J. Breckling, Ed, The Analysis of Directional Time Series example of a web page in [7 Applications to wind speed and Direction, ser. Lecture Notes in Statistics. Berlin Germany: Springer, 1989, vol. 61 example of a databook as a manual in [ 8] [3 S. Zhang, C. Zhu, J.K. O. Sin, and P.K. T.Mok,"A novel ultrathin example of a datasheet in [9] elevated channel low-temperature poly-Si TFT, IELL Electron Device example of a masters thesis in [10] Lelt,vol.20,pp.569-571,Nov.1999 example of a technical report in [11] [4 M. Wegmuller, J. P. von der Weid, P. Oberson, and N. Gisin, High resolution fiber distributed measurements with coherent ofdr ' in example of a standard in [12] Proc. ECOC'00, 2000, paper 113. 4. p. 109 5] R.E. Sorace. VSReinhardt, and S. A. Vaughn, " lligh-speed digital IV CONCLUSIONS to-RF converter, "U.S. Patent 5 668 842, Sept. 16, 199 The version of this template is V2. Most of the formatting [7] M. Shell. (2002)IEEEtran homepage on CTAN.Online].Available instructions in this document have been compiled by Causal Productions from the Ieee LaTex style files. Causal archive/ macros/latcx/contrib/supported/EEEtran/ Productions offers both A4 templates and US Letter templates [8] FLEXChip Signal Processor(MC68175/D). Motorola, 1996 19PDCAl2-70 dala sheel, " Opto Speed SA, Mezzovico, Switzerland for LaTeX and Microsoft Word. The LaTeX templates [101 A Karnik, "Performance of TCP congestion control with rate feedback: depend on the official IEEEtran cls and IEEEtran bst files TCP/ABR and rate adaptive TCP/IP, M. Eng. thesis, Indian Institute whereas the Microsoft Word templates are self-contained of Science, Bangalore, India, Jan 1999 Causal Productions has used its best efforts to ensure that the [11] J. Padhye, V. Firoiu, and D. Towsley, "A stochastic model of TCP Reno congestion avoidance and control. Univ. of massachusetts templates have the same appearance Amherst, MA, CMPSCI Tech Rep 99-02, 1999 [12 Wireless LAN Medium Access Contro!(MAC) and Physical Le avel (PHY Specification, IEEE Std 802.11, 199

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